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  1. When telling me see database error thread please link the thread. I've looked and cannot find what in the hell you are talking about.
  2. I've been able to okay for the most part this weekend. Yeah we get kicked from private lobbies often but I can still get in and play, that is until today. Now I'm plagued with the database login error. This is getting rather annoying...
  3. They released the game with servers ready to handle about 30k people. Within the first 20 minutes the servers got slammed by 75k users. They are working on the servers to get them running.
  4. Hey there is a PS4 thread jpops made sticky at the top of the forum for this. Check it out and post in there, you should be able to find a game.
  5. There is server problems right now. Lost levels and cp will return to where they were after some time has passed.
  6. There is server latency right now. It should catch up after some time has passed.
  7. Just out of curiosity why do you need one? I figured out all the controls after my first game...
  8. Your character is scared. Use someone with better composure
  9. Please use the Xbox thread for this. Jpops made it sticky so it stays at the top of the forum.
  10. I cannot help you with bug number one. Bug number two is common, and the lost levels and cp should restore themselves after a while
  11. I think they are working on the servers, we were having the same issues.
  12. How about we get the game working before we worry about DLC
  13. When you can perform an execution you will see your A B X Y buttons turn read, just press which one you want to use. And to stop a shift just press the LT
  14. Yesterday I played for the most part with no problems in private matches. Today, every single game we try to play the game keeps timing out. I've been very patient but this is getting ridiculous.
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