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  1. 1) haven't experienced any crashing 2) Seems it's still P2P only disconnects I have gotten are from hosts who quit because they don't get to be Jason
  2. future patch I am hoping ? Quick Matches seem to be working fine now other then host leaving .
  3. I don't really keep up with FB or Twitter has there been any talk of adding Host Migration?
  4. So every PM I have tried to join (about 20 ) has given me an error . Could not retrieve game connection details.
  5. How is that hand holding if they only show on map when the person gets close enough to it ?
  6. Maybe have it so dead bodies , objectives or objective items you walk by show up on the map till they are moved/completed. Then again doing that could open the door to cheaters/hackers to find a way to highlight everything on the map .
  7. I too like this idea of not duplicating the counselors , would definitely help with realism and balance .
  8. So I got a rare Nerves of Steel which states " Loss of mini map with high Fear does not occur . Overall fear is also reduced . +8% Fear Resistance Bonus, -3% Sprint Speed Deceeased . After equipping I still lose my mini map , am I miss understanding how this works or is it bugged ?
  9. I do think I would rather see someone hide instead of running circles around a fence or car for 10 minutes .
  10. They "kinda" did ? No it's either they did or didn't . Yeah they would rather post on Twitter , Facebook and basically everywhere other than their own website .
  11. No offense but the game isn't even stable yet . With time and money being an issue for any added feature I doubt this will make it into the game anytime this year and really at that point why bother .
  12. Why wouldnt they post this kind of info on their own forums for their loyal follows to see ? Honestly it's probably just more bs to stir pots and get views.
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