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  1. Don't get mad when someone in the car runs you over for not contributing.
  2. I've been waiting to see you in QP just to see how your claims hold up. But for how "small" the player base is, you sure dont run into the same people too often
  3. This. @badassgixxer05 Its all good to have a "battle buddy" or whatever you want to say, but in the first 5 minutes or so, you should be spreading out to gather objectives and fully explore the map. Early game for counselors should be prep and searching for objectives, not following someone like a lost puppy because you cant be bothered to loot a cabin by yourself. Trust me I know this is a team game. I've been around for quite a bit. Don't assume I was mistaken with my statement. I know what I said.
  4. If there is still that many alive when trying to kill you, you've messed up somewhere. Jason has an instant kill. Its called his grab kills. Now yes there are PKs but there are only a finite amount. You just have to play smarter if your mask is off. Don't make excuses for people's cowardice. An instant kill range weapon is a dumb idea and thats from someone who believes Jason should be strong in this game.
  5. You know he has throwing knives right? And they do the same damage as a +Weapon Damage Jason. I could argue for more throwing knives to be on the map, but thats a different story...
  6. No idea, I've heard it several times but no idea when the first was.
  7. Even if you bait a cocky hider to the shore and get him to his knees, because theres not enough room for the animation/it'll cause you to swim, you can't interact with the killing blow prompt. Think this happens with certain hills too. The whole killing Jason mechanic seems a little borked lately.
  8. I can relate with a LOT of these scenarios. Biggest ones for me are: 1. Taking the Keys or Fuse when they're sitting next to the objective. 2. People escaping alone (Tommy doing it is the biggest peeve) 3. Dumb characters putting in objectives when a smart character is right next to them. 4. People who have done nothing all game wanting a ride or stealing an objective you've fixed up by yourself. 5. People hiding the whole game 6. People waiting at an exit the whole game after cops are call. 7. Doors wide open. 8. People searching the same cabin as you. 9. People following you 10. People bring Jason to you when there are other places to lead him.
  9. Had a game about a week ago where this happened. I was playing smart and grabbing throwing knives to peg them from afar. At one point I had the girl with the sweater limping and Tommy used his heal spray on her to keep them going. Eventually, the cops had arrived but I knew they would go for the kill instead of the escape based on the amount of dedication they'd already shown by this point. The eventually tried to avoid my knives by going into a cabin that I had already broken the window to. As Tommy went through I hit him with a knife and he started limping. I made my way in with stalk and waiting for them to get a little space between them and threw another knife at the sweater girl, this made her run out of the cabin, however because Tommy was limping, he couldn't keep up so I slashed him. As I went for the grab on the sweater girl the game started to lag. Tommy was apparently the host and didnt like the fact that they got outplayed. The lose of experience was worth the rage.
  10. April 13th

    I'm not going to disagree about the guy being full of shit, but as you kicking people out of private parties, its been a thing in other titles. The one I can think of off the top of my head is COD doing it for the Search and Destroy gamemode (might have been a different game mode)
  11. I still think the game needs to do what some of the previous CODs did for specific game types and just make it so you HAVE to be in game chat. Granted there are work arounds with messages and things like Discord and so on but if people are forced to do that, due to people generally being lazy, they're less likely to troll. It would take much more dedication to do it. When my friends and I play QP we're always in game chat because to us thats the way the game was meant to be played. However, I won't lie and say I've never sent one of my buddies a message about something. I just don't continuously feed info. Being dead is suppose to mean no more communication for the team.
  12. Best way to counter is join with a larger party. Have majority. Yes there are trolls but they'll exist in any game you ever play. With my regular group of 4 to 5, we've run into people like this, but we have our fun and get back at them until the either rage or stop. Fact is that even if there is a group of trolls, if some of the solo ques see there's a larger group trying to "police" the game so to say, they'll actually help. I've gotten several messages from people thanking us for the laughs when we "anti-troll" or deal with people that don't do anything the whole match (hiding under beds and trying to steal a car they didnt work on, coming back as Tommy to try and steal a way out without helping, so on). I know in QP I'll sometimes come off as an asshole (dunno if I've run into any forum members on PS4) but its usually only when provoked. I usually try to help the newer players that are actually looking to get better. You don't get to hear too much about people doing that but it does happen. The only time people are really vocal is when they have bad experiences or somethings wrong. How many posts do you see of people thanking others for help vs complaining? Its the same in any media from games to movies to Youtube.
  13. Guardrail on Crystal and the river on Jarvis are the worst offenders. Id be more ok with the grid if we could see some kind of representation. Nothing like being a hair off and ending up in one of those horrid grid positions.
  14. The door thing Im so-so on. To me it adds an additional lair to the counselor's tools in this game. Even if its being used against me its usually easy to spot that person as an advanced player and adjust my approach accordingly. Window is where things gets somewhat worse since even if you attack instead of doing the weapon prompt, it will still lock you into an animation that makes you easy to hit. Id be happy if they just removed the prompt. I know it was implemented to help certain Jasons not being able to break single windows but that was easily fixed by just using combat stance to change the swing direction. The whole thing to me seems fair since BOTH parties can be hit now through windows and doors so its more about who is better at reading their opponent and baiting attacks. The trap thing is silly though. I dont see how trapping an objective is an exploit. The only time I can see using traps as an exploit is if a counselor is placing the trap on Jason's morph grid so if he morphs he instantly gets trapped. The grid imo needs to go but I dont know if that was an intentional thing or limitations due to the engine.
  15. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    Just thought this would be a fun thing to do to break up the same old threads. Keep it civil guys. This is meant more for fun and not a platform to bash anyone. Ill start with @Alkavian. Id give him the title of "The Professor" due to his dedication to testing game mechanics and theories as well as his dedication. Just pick out people you recognize and give them a title that seems fitting. Be sure to leave a reason though. Kind of pointless to bestow a title upon someone without explaining why. Hopefully this will be a nice fun thing for everyone.
  16. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Pt.8 Being a "weak" Jason
  17. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    @AdmiralJT He refuses to acknowledge that anyone else plays QP on Ps4 besides him. We both know how it is though. Im in QP right now
  18. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Well the problem is, from what Ive come to understand, is he wants to 1v1 people essentially. What he doesnt realize is that even if you're "lone wolfing" you still have other players to use as a distraction/bait
  19. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Stop using this as your excuses for everything. Myself and many others play in the same QP as you. Vanessa is in a weird position to where if you reset her minigame enough, you can get (I believe) 5 or 6 pips with a pretty decent size. Even if youre not confident with your speed at pressing buttons, just keep an eye on when Jason uses his abilities. Even Pt.2's morph doesnt recover fast enough if you start the objective right after you see him morph away. (I forget the timing but I thin its 15 seconds or so? @Alkavian can verify)
  20. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Out of all the "dumb" counselors, Vanessa is easy to repair with. You should really learn about this game some more. There are people that play ONLY Chad or Tiff and can repair without missing a click very reliably. Practice and experience my friend.
  21. Theres still a few rocks and a bed in the main lodge you can get on that Jason cant grab or slash you on. Saw someone doing it last night to a Jason so I ran up there and shoved him off.
  22. I think the reason right now a lot of people pick it is for specific glitch spots. Been seeing a rise in people abusing them again, granted not nearly as bad as back when you could crouch through walls. Its the main reason I think there needs to be more throwing knives. Can never find one when you need them lol
  23. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Ok again a big argument here seems to be about QP lobbies. As someone who has played since launch on PS4 and ONLY played QP I can tell you its not as bad as some are making out. Even if you go in with just one or two other friends, youll be perfectly fine. Ive run into several players through QP that Ive become quick friends with because they either appreciate the help I've given them or out of mutual respect of skill. If you're going to try and "lone wolf" in QP one of the biggest tips I can give you is simply this. Know the map and know the items spawns. Even though theyve altered some of the spawns, the objectives will still usually spawn in the same spot of specific cabin layouts in certain areas. Keep and eye on your map. Even if youre not communicating with people you can still see what they are trying to do and determine where you can help. I myself have been stuck without a walkie several times on Pineherst but keeping an eye on things has helped. If youre lone-wolfing use a pocketknife and dont tank a trap. If you're trying to be stealthy, why would you hold onto the knife as a get out of jail free card? Its selfish. Most Jasons dont know the trap icon changes when a trap is triggered. Ive stated all this before when someones brought up "Ps4 QP" but as Ive seen in this thread there are SEVERAL others like myself on here. Ive run into a few on the forums here in QP too. I saw someone mention JuFred earlier and I happened to find him randomly in QP QP to me is more fun than Private matches because it adds the extra element of randomness and the unknown. Its the same reason I play with random characters. Ps4 QP is fine. Pay no attention to Dorian.
  24. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Trying to challenge people to a 1v1 in an asymmetrical multiplayer game. This isnt CoD or Halo. You.....DO understand how this game is suppose to work, right?