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  1. Where is everybody from...

    I remember ALOT of those places and that was like 12-14 years ago lol. I still remember those low hanging AC pipes that youd bounce off of and the stage being only an inch high. I wonder if the Bernie's Bum is still around....Still remember going out to the reservoir after a show with the crew and rolling bottles down the damn. Ah the good ol days.
  2. Where is everybody from...

    Thats the area in OH that I was from. Use to go to the Dayton Affair every weekend for RHPS and to Columbus for Punk shows at the Distillery. Was actually from St.Paris which is between Urbana and Piqua. Nothing but corn out there lmao
  3. Stalk Mode Permanent?

    I think they need to either increase the radius that it can be heard, so its harder to pinpoint where he is, or lessen it so you can actually have eyes on someone before using stalk instead of burning it for maybe nothing. Too many times have I been in a situation where I was three cabins down from a counselor and they were alerted. Also the screaming when you see Jason is more of a hinder to Jason than the counselors IMO. Music plays as first warning, static is another when an ability is used, and then you add the scream. Thats 3 warning signs for counselors for them to decide when to burn their stam. I can count on maybe 1 hand how many times a scream has pointed out a counselor to me as Jason. Usually I already know where they are before they scream.
  4. Where is everybody from...

    North Carolina, originally Ohio. Planning to move back eventually. Cost of living here is crazy.
  5. Just figured Id make a thread for anyone that wanted to share or look for VC 2.0 Easter Eggs and secrets. SO far myself Ive just found the 2 walkies and a Jason mask in a tent you cant reach. Have yet to find a way into the locked rooms, Adam, AJ, or the Jason Model room Steps: Computer Password: Mother - solved by Newspaper and Magazine word puzzles Patch 1: Dioramas- On Pt9 dio place Jessica, Jason, Steven, Higgins place Ali Jason Chris (1 badge for both) Patch 2: Place Jason masks in order of appearance, remove Roys Patch 3: Use VHS tapes to place object on Pedistools. 1- Bandana 2-Badge 3- YoYo 4-Blue Hat Patch 4: call 1 555 342 9277
  6. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    For the 1st instance, there are predetermined places, on a grid, that Jason lands when he morphs so it may have been coincidence but without footage its hard to tell. In the second instance, if you stand directly behind a car as it reverses, it will just push Jason around. There actually needs to be a little bit of momentum built up for the crash to happen. This is why I recommend that if you're trying to stop he car while its in reverse, make sure you give it enough space to actually move BEFORE it would hit you. I dont know if that latter thing has always been i game or not, cant remember since most car stops are from the front or while its usually in motion. Its one of those little things a lot of people dont know about just like how Jason cant remove a player from a car from the passenger side unless its already been started. Just for future reference, try to make sure if you're going to try and stop a car from the back, give it a bit of a room.
  7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Good to see you back! Its weird seeing a good chunk of vets in one place commenting on stuff lol Anyways, for me this game is most enjoyable with a small group, not a full one. I like that little bit of randomness, not knowing how someone plays and so on. The sound design is great, only wish that on console EVERYONE could hear items drop like the host can but thats nitpicking I guess. To me, like many others have stated, the main problem right now is Gun/Illfonic not knowing how to deal with asymmetrical multiplayer. Ive stated this several times before, but to be honest there isnt exactly a stellar template for this type of game. Out of the main examples I can think of, Evolve and DbD, it seems there is always a similar path that developer take and that is to focus on making the MANY happy over the ONE since a majority of the time, more people are playing as the MANY. To me in these types of games, if there is no organization or teamwork, the ONE should completely destroy the MANY. However, if people work together, they shouldn't have a problem escaping or whatever the objective is. I mean this same principle applies to other genres like FPS and MMOs. You're going to have an easier time winning if people work together. Thats just my two cents though. Sad to see this game, one that I thought had the aspect of asymmetrical gameplay nailed, has followed in the footsteps of those previous. As Ive said before though, with all the problems this game has, I still keep coming back to it with my friends because theres SOMETHING here. I want to have faith that eventually everything will get fixed and it will go back to a less casual-friendly type of game, but I dont know if that will happen. The bottom line is that this is a game that is here to make money, whether that be through new sales via discounts or DLC, and so the vocal minority will get heard over the people that have been around for a while. Im just curious as to when in a games life it is that a company stops worrying about trying to bring in new players and decides to keep its veteran fans happy, catering updates and DLC to what they want. When is it that a company eventually decides "Hey, you decided to try this game out and didnt like it? Well there are other things you can play.". I mean that statement could also be directed towards the hardcore as well. Kind of a double-edged way to think I suppose.
  8. Pushing Moderators to Babysit

    Cause trouble? Like you're seeming to try to do with this thread? There's no need to attack someone just because they simply asked you to explain yourself better. The reason why a lot of "older" member jump into some of these posts is because they clog up the forum space with duplicate threads. Most of the time what I see is just veteran members informing people that there are already threads that exist on a certain topic, and many will even provide a link to said topic. I dont know if you're making this post because some of your threads have been locked or not, but don't try to cry wolf or instigate things on the forums just because you're upset. There is enough toxicity in this community as is. If you're going to criticize, please be sure to do it in a constructive manner. Too many times do threads like this turn into name calling and personal attacks for no reason other than "well you don't agree with me, so you're..." so on and so forth.
  9. Seperate forums

    You do realize its just spam bots right?
  10. It was nice having that unintentional buff to Destruction a few patches back. Heck Id like to see things go back to that and then maybe add the current amount of wings as a Jason debuff, - Weapon Strength. Use that to maybe fix and re balance some of the Jasons so some of them could still have a normal shift and so on. The reason why 4,8, and Savini were so scary during that patch was the amount of pressure they could apply.
  11. It was more survival horror when it first came out. The fact that items could end up anywhere and you didnt know was a HUGE part of the survival aspect that I feel has been diminished with the addition of item icons for one. With more people getting their hands on Medic and Thick Skin, theres not much you need to worry about when it comes to being injured. Id just like the game to make you REALLY weight your decisions. Make people actually have to decide to use a pocket knife for a trap or safety. If med spray was scarce it would make people more likely to use knives on objectives and so on. To me asymmetrical multiplayer will always be a tricky horse to tame, but I feel like this game was close to being ideal back at launch.
  12. Im pretty sure I read from Shifty or someone that the next patch was suppose to address some of he things. Im not sure how theyll do it but I know for sure that the pendulum will swing back in Jasons favor eventually and then we'll have people complaining he's too OP (which is how it should be in my opinion.)
  13. Ive used this to my advantage sometimes. Caught someone that was with Jason. It was obvious that the guy had told Jason I was fixing the boat, however he tried to get in with me. Afterwards I decided to beach the boat and run into a nearby cabin. Instead of Jason going after the guy right in front of him, his friend, he continued to chase me while his buddy kept trying to figure out how to get the boat to work. Ill admit Ive been petty with this trick before too, Ive had someone who didnt help at all, a Vanessa, try to steal a friends seat so I just beached it when they wouldnt get out. Done the same with the 2 seater and water before as well. If you dont contribute, or rather just sit there and wait for me to do everything, youre not getting a ride. I rather rescue someone who deserves it.
  14. When a player calls you trash

    Ill call people out in specific circumstances, such as a player or two sitting in a cabin waiting out the timer/deaths to be the last one. Usually I wont instigate but I will talk trsh after putting someone in their place that thinks theyre better than what they are. To be honest a lot of my trash talk is me usually trying to help a less skilled Jason. Ive had situations where Ive come back as Tommy and Jason hasnt killed anyone, and Ill just casually walk out of range of Jason telling him things he should do/use. One instance I was trying to get a new Jason to use his run button but he wasnt, he didnt use Rage, only slashed, so on. I kept letting him follow me while telling him the different buttons (on PS4) but I dont think he had a mic in. I felt bad for running out the timer, but it was my way to try and help someone new with some of the mechanics of the game. Then again, youll have those random people that play Jason and call you a pussy for beating their face in and running laps around them at houses, using corners to beat them with a bat. I mean I dont understand stand how fighting a cocky Jason makes you a pussy(I even fixed the phone and called the cops on him cause he was too focused on chasing) but Ive been called it twice now for beating someone senseless. Heck some of them dont even realize when you decide to let them kill you cause you feel bad.
  15. Harassment towards Females

    Ive seen a few guys do this, but as you said its not exclusive to this game. Most of the time it seems like its the younger crowd that seems to ask someones gender or start acting like fools.
  16. Quick shotgun shots

    You can be running one direction with your camera in the other, behind you, and as soon as you hit the aim button it will turn you the direction of your camera, doing a 180. This of course only works with aiming weapons. Melee will always swing in the direction your character, not your camera, is facing
  17. Letting female players live

    To me it doesnt matter who you are, I get my kicks out of the fright I instill with a good stalk. Granted some of the best reactions are from the girls in the lobby or some of the youngsters, but Ive never let it sway my decision to murder them. Its a great feeling when you can genuinely feel the fear irradiating off of someones avatar because of their voice.
  18. Being useless is being useless. Id rather you not even take up a space in my lobby if youre attitude is to not even try. Does it suck when someone rages out? Sure. Does that mean you should be able to sit their like a lump while others try? Fuck no. Get out of here with that kind of attitude.
  19. Slashing question

    You have to "adjust your footing" as it were for how the animation is, but if youre wanting to commit to JUST slashing, than yes. Keep an eye on their character model to see how its moving. Youll get the hang of it eventually.
  20. Slashing question

    Jasons swings are faster. If youre consistent enough with hits, youll actually cause an interrupt to a counselors actions. This can be anything from their swings to them trying to heal
  21. Guide to Damage Never bothered with testing ALL weapons, just did the max damage weapons since theyre so abundant in the map. Ax and Machete do same damage.
  22. Was just thinking about it to myself while watching Ash vs Evil Dead, but I was wondering if there was any plans to maybe cross these two franchises down the line in game. I know its been a loooong debate as to if Jason Goes to Hell and the whole Deadite thing was canon or not, and I think it was even brought up in the comic Freddy vs Jason vs Ash but I cant remember. I know its probably something out of reach but since Gun managed to get so much of the original people that worked in the Friday franchise, Id LOVE to see them get Bruce Campbell to come in and Voice Ash as a counselor. Problem is though I think a lot of us see Ash as a hero type character like Tommy so I could see the argument to not include him but how cool would it be to combine Raimi's Evil Dead stuff into Friday? Just wanted to see what peoples opinions are on something like this. I know there are the purist who like the plain F13, without the silly costumes and so on, who probably wouldnt like someones chocolate in their peanut butter, but as someone that likes older horror I myself would love it. Even if the connection to the two franchises is a little debatable.
  23. Im in the same camp. Im not above slashing someone down to a limp before grabbing or if theyre being cocky. Ive had to teach a few Jasons that ONLY slash a lesson though. Taking advantage of the hit detection on certain Jasons unable to hit crouching counselors and so on. Not to mention a slasher is usually caught off guard by blocking. But yea until the items get fixed Im all for making people rage like this.
  24. Stalk seems to go away for counselors as soon as they spot you and with the new "scream when Jasons near" thing that came into the game during Oct. it seems to give Jason away more than counselors. Stalk did get its little buff with footsteps being sinlent, but I feel the prox scream screws Jason over more. Also the music prompt for Jason, to me, seem to have WAY too big of a proximity considering. On Higgins, at Blairs, the music can be heard from about 2 or 3 cabins away.
  25. Another interesting bug Ive found, since more people seem to be going to campsites, is that there is a HUUUUUGE hitbox for the campfire. Went to throw a knife over/across the fire at a counselor and it was stuck in the air around the radius of the fire itself = knife stuck in invisible wall.