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  1. The explains why flares sometimes shoot off at weird angles. Ive already stated before in other thread but one of the worse offenders with some of this is campsites. Its seems the hitboxes for tent,logs, and the fire itself are WAY too big, with the fire being so high you cant throw a knife over it. Didnt know about the abundance in the middle of the road, but I can say the ones by doorways can be felt ALOT.
  2. Unmasked tactics

    Thats why Id suggest NEVER diving through a window. The getting up animation takes SO long it allows a skilled Jason to ready a knife and wait for you to stand.
  3. Exactly why I think stats need a rework, or at least some aspect of them like changing how specific ones work in gameplay. That and removing the 35 point distribution would be nice. It was a nice framework for the beginning and to start from, but now its time to evolve. Hell Id even play someone with FAR lower stats in everything as a challenge (Like how pt7 is hard mode Jason right now). Theres a reason why me and my friends play random everything. Breaks up the monotony and forces you to change up your play style. Having a challenge for the playerbase, is never a bad thing
  4. Much love to the team especially with the focus on more communication to the community. Its nice to know what exactly is being worked on and to have an open dialog. Ill will say this though, Im sure theyve heard it before though, be sure that when telling the community things that they are the relatively sooner updates or fixes. Even if its not New Content people rather hear about adjustment or, as proven recently, animations than things that are SO far out in the timeline. Yes its nice to have a timeline and to know of some of the ideas to come, BUT I feel they've learn from the whole Paranoia thing that its better to not announce something like that SOOO early. I feel the team has gotten better at listening to the obvious problems and going back to making what this game was originally envisioned as. Just know if we didnt like the team, or the game, we wouldnt give you guys such a hard time. We're all fans and just want the game to be great (some of us just go about it expressing ourselves the wrong way )
  5. To be honest I just want my punk rocker. I mean Fox kind of is but she gave me more of a biker vibe, where as Loco was more of the punk. And dont give me that Adam or AJ are. Adam's a metalhead and AJs a goth. I mean I know they were minor in the grand scheme of things buuut Id like to see one of the punks from pt8.
  6. I use to always check phone first but I do the same as you now as well, Also started just trapping driver door instead of gas since there is no indicator to let a Jason know if the gas is already in or not. I like that though. Human error should always be an obstacle to overcome in asymmetrical multiplayer. Its what makes certain people poor Jason players even though, according to some, he's "OP"
  7. Unmasked tactics

    If you find yourself unmasked and going against a Tommy and someone with a sweater, make sure to stock up on knives. At that point its safe to assume theyre not going to try and escape so time is on your side as Jason. Depending on how skilled the people are you can try to separate them. Always watch from a distance with Stalk and wait for a mistake while trying to peg one of them down. Remember as well to focus on ONE in particular. Dont divide the damage between the players, its less likely youll eliminate someone that way. Keep in mind that a throwing knife's damage is equal to a +Weapon Damage swing. Ive been lucky enough to not been killed as Jason even once since launch. Heck just the other night I ran into this situation where people were trying to kill me and then the host, whom was Tommy, raged after I killed him. Not my fault he was limping after a knife to the ass when he climbed in a window.
  8. Distance and resolution definitely play a factor but I think its also the fact that people still stack at least 2 traps at some places so it makes it harder to see the minute difference. I play on console with an old Vizio from almost a decade ago. Even though its a 60" and Im probably 6' away its still hard to spot it sometimes.
  9. Phone box glitch

    I havent run into this bug since the last patch, but Im not going to say its not happening either, Im sure it probably is. Ill have to keep an eye out during the weekend when I can play more to see if I can replicate it.
  10. Phone box glitch

    When this happens make sure to post info about it in the bug section under the current patch as well. Be sure to list which map and what spawn location the objective was at. Its just a little extra help to the devs to narrow down "where" exactly the problems are happening.
  11. Did you get your moneys worth?

    I still have more hours in this than some of my Souls save files and even my MHW file (300hrs already). Even during the rough times Ive still enjoyed this game. Yes there are bugs and it can be frustrating but, you wanna know a secret? I think because of how campy the original license material is, it kind of gets a pass at times. Remember how critics panned the games graphics, sighting Chad Face as a big offender? WTF? We all love our Chad Face here. If I didnt enjoy this game I wouldnt have bought every DLC thats come out thus far as well as 2 copies of the game for other friends to get them into it. Im sure if I would have known about the kickstarter I would have even backed the game a large bit, but thats all the past. Fact is, even if the games a little repetitive or bland, I feel like its the experiences you make each match that determine your enjoyment. From silly bugs, to rRPing Jasons and counselors, I love it all. Not to mention the fact that I never met a kid when I was little that didnt want to play hide-and-seek
  12. Im in the same boat as @Loading with this. I think they need to maybe do away with the 35 point system, since we know there will never been a high stam/high repair character due to balance, and try to rethink how to let us know how each character is suppose to play. The only other idea I can think of is something similar to what Jason has with his Pros and Cons but I myself HATE not having actual numerical data. Ive heard the suggestion of adding in perks like what was mentioned before Beta, but I dont know how I feel about giving specific skills to each counselors. I dislike the way DBD handled the whole situation with teachable perks and yada yada, and we already have a problem with alot of our current perks being useless: Potent Ranger, Heavy Sleeper, and so on. Maybe if they were to implement Stealth into effecting Sense or tweeks here or there things my be ok, but thats a HUGE ordeal to undertake and even if they implement changes they feel are ok, they have such a small team to QA the tweaks and content that they probably wouldnt notice a problem until it was introduced to a larger sample size aka Live Servers, Just my 2 cents...
  13. Phone box glitch

    Exactly what @MPREZYA just said.This is an error that occurs when there is an environmental collision happens. The most obvious of these little bugs use to be, not sure it they still are, the Barn side cars gas to the south in Higgins Small as well as the back Higgins Lodge phone spawn on the same map. Most of the time its because theres a trees hitbox thats larger than it should be. Sometime it can just be an elevation problem not allowing the animation to properly initiate. This is why the only recourse is to keep attempting sadly if yu run into this bug. Hopefully the little bit of info helps, but the fact is that its a bug and will probably get tweaked when they redo animations and hitboxes for the new engine. I mean campfires have a vertical hitbox that that makes it difficult to use a throwing knife over them and there is one particular type of bush thats used as an asset that has a HUGE force field around it.
  14. This is definitely something I can get behind. Its not an issue of more information for Jason to make him stronger, its an issue of not being able to see something properly. A good example is like what they did with the objective items. They use to blur together too much when laid too close to a map marker, and correct me if Im wrong but I believe that was an issue addressed in a recent patch. I think everyone who plays can get behind something like this especially with the game lacking a set of colorblind modes (but who's to say something like that wont happen with the engine update)
  15. Im pretty sure there have been threads made about this and I fully support the option. Buuut I think this is a system that might not be compatible with the current engine (maybe it takes up to much memory) and even though the engine is getting updating, we're also getting servers close behind which will eliminate people wanting to report those who rage. Grated there will still be problems with those who exploit, mod, or help Jason so I really wish a system for reporting will be added. Problem with report systems is that they can easily be abused though. I think the reason they ask for videos and audio is because its harder to dispute than just heresay.