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  1. Enough is enough, developers! #EXPOSE.

    Also if youre whom I think you are, you liked to spam the forums and threads about the issue even when it didnt relate to the topic and then would proceed to act childish. Aldo what the person above me said. You didnt EXPOSE anything. Youve just got your panties in a twist.
  2. AS it is now, ax and machete deal the same damage. The difference is simply durability and range.
  3. This right here. Trust me Ive dont pleeeeenty of weapon testing and Strength DOES NOT effect stun chance or duration. Only the weapon type and perks do. Anyone with 7+ strength are the ones meant to knock off Jasons mask reliably.
  4. Share your proudest F13 Game moments

    Proudest moment is always when I stun Jason out of his Shift. Feels so good hitting an invisible target
  5. Too many pocket knives

    Id say 4, including Tommys. That way theres not a pocket knife for each trap verses the average Jason.
  6. Regarding Kenny

    Her repair has always had a chance to be 2 or 3. Just depends on what youre fixing I think and how many times youre willing to reset the minigame
  7. Jason would have had to have taken some damage prior to Tommy being there. Since Tommy has 10 strength like Buggzy, it takes 2 combat swings with an ax or machete. Also, stuns to Jason actually do NO damage to Jason, only the hits that do not stun do. Id link my old combat Thread but the new website hates me.
  8. Its not a bug its been happening for a long while just like when people leave in a car with the items. I think a some items still spawn on the beach but its only things like knives and sprays, not key items. It they wanted to prevent trolling I would have thought this would have been the first one they fixed not the whole showing items on map thing. Ahh well.
  9. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    You do realize that the bot matches are you as Jason against bots right? You dont have to trust anything but your own skills in either scenario. But to actually answer, I rather trust the random. Bots are usually very predictable. I like the random craziness that can happen from things being uncoordinated. It adds a bit of charm and character to each match. Can it be frustrating at times? Yes, but thats better than something being bland.
  10. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I for one dont care about the single player content or VC. Yea theyre nice and all but not what I play this game for myself and Im sure a majority dont either. I think the single player will be short lived unless somehow Gun has found the holy grail of AI programming. To me this game is about working together with people or terrorizing them. Its fun to frighten people and get their reactions. The ONLY thing it sound like that Ill be happy with in this patch is bug fixes BUT we dont know which bug fixes are being addressed. Do they consider they window interaction bug fixes? Is the hit detection a bug fix? and so on. I just hope if theyre going this route with a content patch, theyll do another update within the month, December, but that seems unlikely. New content is usually a large patch and companies try to cram as much as possible into them, which means if theres not going to be balance changes this coming patch, we wont get one until probably January. Maybe Im wrong though and Im in the minority. I just rather have the multiplayer fixed and fun again for Jason players. People shouldnt be getting upset when theyre picked as Jason in a Friday the 13th game.
  11. Im glad someone posted this. I didnt bother listing any of it when I did my tests cause I was focused on stats and damage output but I ran into the same conclusions as you guys. The one thing I cant seem to get definitive data on myself though is where the hitbox is specifically for each weapon. I know theres been debate whether its based on say the ax head or the tip of the spear on the respectful Jasons, but to me its very inconclusive and inconsistent.
  12. Tiffany buff

    Mentions how shes stealthy and a good gatherer, says she has no purpose.... Wat?
  13. As someone thats played almost every day since release I can tell you that those of us that enjoy the gameplay dont care about the content spacing as much as those stats you seem to scoff at. When you enjoy the gameplay of a game where there are such random factors, the biggest one in this case being that no two people play exactly the same, you get your entertainment out of the reactions and the things that happen in the match. Yes a steady stream of content is nice for longevity, however if you have gameplay that hooks you, you can make due. Fact is that when certain mechanics are broken or the power scale in a 1vsAll game shifts to the all it saps out the fun. People seem to have a misunderstanding when it comes to asymmetrical video games. The only time youre suppose to do really well is when the team is coordinated. With changes that make each individual stronger, thus making the group even stronger, it takes away the fun of playing the 1. There too much hand holding now that makes it so theres no communication required and dont give me the QP is a nightmare. Thats all I play because I feel Private lobbies get boring since everyone learns each others tactics very quickly. So you died as a counselor because you couldnt find an item, thats fine. This games IP is based in the horror genre. In the end I feel youre wrong. People arent just leaving because of a lack of content because we didnt have any content before really and we were all still having fun. Its tied to people thinking there needs to be balance in a 1v1 scenario in a 1vsAll game, people thinking they dont need to communicate in a team objective game, and so on.
  14. new jason VI skin?

    It sounds like the glitched skin that someone previously mentioned. Basically it takes one model but uses the skin mesh of another and puts it on it.
  15. Too many Axe Jasons...

    I completely forgot about that scene lmao It was so short you could blink and miss it