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  1. Im still running into the problem now with the occasional verify internet error. I did notice that over the weekend we werent even finding actual servers to connect to but it was back to p2p match making.
  2. Eh it might get someone but it really depends on your Jason and hw good yu are at checking on your objectives. People are programmed now to expect traps at the objectives so a wild card trap might get someone. Then again, it might go un-triggered the whole game. I dont know how often the stand gets utilized, especially if people are complaining about map drops.
  3. If someone want to rage hard enough, as stated before, they can just dashboard or even turn off their system. All that disabling the pause menu would do would prevent people from adjusting their settings, and depending on the coding, would prevent you from being able to mute people since its a sub-menu
  4. Even if they removed maps from drawers, its not that big of a deal. Each map has a stand with "infinite" maps for the players. After playing a while you get the hang of the layout of each map so the only thing you actually use a map for is to see where objectives are. Search cabins as normal, if you're missing a map or near the stand, just head there and grab one.
  5. I'm sure you get Salt. Tommy's a HUGE game changer sometimes. So you don't want to be Tommy, tough titties. If you don't want to be him, leave after you die, that's your option. There's a reason why there's a little bit of a delay before Tommy spawns. If you REALLY want points for staying the whole time or whatever, then why WOULDN'T you play Tommy for more points? Granted he doesn't get escape points but you can rack up the points you didn't get previously like setting a trap, radio, ect. If you REALLY dislike playing Tommy, just run to someone close, drop the heal, PK, and shotgun, then go hug Jason. Will people think you're a shit Tommy or a jackass? Probably, but you can always play how you want. There are options you can take, just don't get butthurt if you receive salt for leaving the game when you spawn in as the pinch hitter.
  6. I haven't had a problem, then again I haven't gotten Jason too many times since patch, but I know there is a known issue with the throwing knives in game which could be causing some of the problems. I had a friend the other night complain about the throwing knives and I had no idea what he was talking about. Guess its not a bug that everyone has.
  7. Yea sorry I would have posted something myself to prove it but no friends online to recreate it and my PS4 has been wonky about uploading to Youtube. To be honest it doesnt happen very often so I can see why people might not have seen it happen.
  8. I said a long time ago the betrayal system was helping trolls more than hindering them since, back in the day, all they had to do was step in a "friendly" bear trap you placed, even if you were already dead, or run in front of your car. I've been guilty of being in both positions. Ran someone over cause they were in the way and we were full, and ran in front of a car because someone was leaving by themselves in the 4 seater.
  9. I have about the same, I'll assume you've played since release too. I know I've seen you on the forums for ages But I can assure you its happened before. It might be super circumstantial and based on how the person was hit and the speed (a light tap vs full on plowing through) and as much anecdotal bs that get spouted in the forums I can understand the skepticism.
  10. Well it won't interrupt it per-say, the animation itself still plays out, but it will either kill the person being killed by Jason (a Betray) or if they have a Thick Skin, knock them out of his grab. On the later occasion I can't say 100% Jason gets stuck doing the animation to nothing, but I know for a fact its true for the former. I've been in both situations from the counselor side and had a kill stolen from me by a car running into me during a kill as Jason. Usually it'll happen when someone is in the middle of the road getting killed by Jason and the car just wants to skirt around the incident to escape. I rarely see people go out of their way to do it on purpose. As stated, the Thick Skin situation I've been in once cause a buddy ran into us and I was shocked that I was alive limping away. Needless to say I died shortly after but it was a fun bug/cool thing to discover
  11. Not true at all. Its possible to "save" someone in QP by running into Jason or the player they're holding with the car. Fun Fact: If the person being grabbed has an epic Thick Skin, they can survive the "bump" although they'll be limping. Edit: I mean during the actual kill animation, leaving Jason to do the kill animation without a counselor there. That is unless it was changed in a patch at some point but as far as I've seen it's still the same.
  12. I mean if you're willing to glitch into spots like that, I wouldn't put it past you to have macros or something like that too...
  13. You DO know that Legendaries are just Epics with a very small bonus to a third stat right?
  14. How is it better than the machete again? If it shares the same animation now, they'd be equal. Unless you're talking about "appeal" which again could be argued against since the machete is still THE iconic weapon of Jason. Again i wouldn't say it was "buffed". The animation was adjusted, along with many other weapons so they swing at a downward angle to hit counselors that are crouching, but not "buffed".
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