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  1. What @GeneiJin said above. Running damage perks on a Buggzy is pointless. He already knocks off the mask with 2 CS swings, so the difference of 1 swing isnt as good as saying running Medic or Thick Skin. Man at Arms I can argue is okay since its 2x the normal swings with his luck, but then again, you run into the problem where if you score a stun, essentially no damage is done. Strength and Damage are some of the most useless perks/stats in game since they serve 1 purpose, to remove the mask, and one that happens theyre moot. (Yes I know theres some evidence to show Strength affects Break Out, but its only noticeable with high composure, see Adam). Either way, you're better at using a Machete for damage since you wont run the risk of a stun (less likely anyways). Axe is ok as a bat substitute or for Tommy to use for the kill.
  2. It use to be that when you inhaled to hold your breath, Jason could hear you, but I think they patched it to where now he only hears the exhale or the counselors freaking out if they're not holding their breath. Although, I think some characters are bugged and won't do the panic phrases. Fox comes to mind.
  3. Thats not true at all. You must be new to gaming or only been here a few years. Most companies stay hushed until theres actually something noteworthy to state. They can put out roadmaps or do weekly podcasts, but a lot of them are subject to change and people still get butthurt. Fact is, the Devs are actually giving more info than a lot do. Bungie was in the new within the last year for being silent on what they were working on and the same goes for a lot of other companies. DONT expect weekly updates or info on a regular basis. Its not realistic. This is why when ther IS info, its usually vague, broad strokes. As to the expecting it to work properly, guess what, it did and still does. Are there bugs? Sure but that happens in any title especially indies. Do you like any Bethesda games? Theyre riddled with bugs, some occasionally game breaking. The reason why a lot of them dont get addressed is how often they occur or how many people are effected by it. This is why its important to keep reporting bugs on forums and through your designated system. Sometimes the problems are due to the game engine, which means they wont get fixed because redesigning a games engine, like what Gun/Illfonic are doing, is a HUGE undertaking and expense. How many other games do you know of that have done a complete engine upgrade? Not many I take it. Most devs would move on to a squeal before doing that. TL;DR - Stop complaining. You DO sound like an entitled millennial. You DONT know how many gaming companies/communities work apparently.
  4. I mean the ones I mentioned DO have outfits that match the colors, although Chad's Freddy sweater has yellow I think on the back. I remember how excited I was when Mitch got his Shaggy outfit. Its the only one I let him wear.
  5. Chad, Deb, Mitch, and Jenny. At least I think Jenny has the Daphne color scheme.
  6. Still too many pocket knives

    I usually do the exact same thing. I usually play with a small group in QP and whenever theyre Jason they always know when a trap gets set off its usually me. Ive gotten into the habit of utilizing hiding spots early, which a lot of people dont. Very few people realie that if youre in a hiding spot before Jason uses sense, he wont see the cabin light up (This of course changes when he has Rage). I LOVE spawning at long cabins with a bathroom when an objective is near. Just leave a window open and lock the doors, then hide until Jason shows up to trap, and morphs away. After that just eat the traps and either run, or hide in the same spot to drive him crazy
  7. No voice in game chat

    Id assume that if the mics are going off and you cant hear them, youre either in a party chat with the priority set to party audio or you have the volume turned down for that specific channel (in game chat volume or whatever)
  8. 2-7 hours with a group of 3-4 friends in QP depending on work schedules and the likes. Even been showing a newbie or two the ropes. Last thing I want is for someone inexperienced to join a lobby with my friends who have been playing since release and think theyre awful at the game. It takes time and practice to grasp any multiplayer game. I told them what a friend of mine told me back during the old Halo era, "You'l only improve by playing against better people."
  9. They just really need to implement a kick to game chat like some games use. If you dont have a mic, oh well, you wont be effected. It'd keep people from talking without needing a walkie and make it harder for teamers to communicate.
  10. You know putting people into a separate lobby isnt hard right? Its just a different hopper like a different gametype playlist in other games. Dont make it sound like it will even be as bad as people getting separated due to DLCs and so on. This is just to get rid of the trash.
  11. Did cheater/dunce cap lobbies divide the player base in GTA Online? Didnt think so. If it were up to me, rage-quitting a lobby would induce a time limit to que back up. I mean if people don't want to play the game, that could help them with that. This way I guess theyll still get to play. I just hope it takes a while to get out of the mines, thats assuming people can. I don't want them to be lenient like they were before with unbanning cheaters.
  12. -Stun Resistance is broken?

    RNG is RNG. Nothing is guaranteed as @Ahab mentioned. I used this reference before, but Ill say it again. Back in Borderlands 2 melee Kreig had an ability in his middle skill try that gave him a small percent chance to hit himself in the face and do damage and people thought it was happening more often than it should. Fact is, it wasnt. People just tend to notice more when an undesirable outcome occurs several times in a row verses when its working in their favor. Just look at the previous event we had on here where it was increase tape and epic perk rolls. Some people saw a lot of payoff and others didnt. Even now I feel I find Pam tapes all the time and never Tommy ones, but Im sure they have the same chance of spawning. Its just the RNG or one spawning, RNG of it being one or the other, and RNG of you finding it before someone else. Random is Random.
  13. DBD had survivor specific perks once....then they were teachable and became moot....How is that different than the perk system we have again?
  14. It's already starting

    I mean I hate the suicide thing but the other night we had a Jason talking trash and try to hide/glitch when we went to kill him, then proceeded to troll as a counselor. Sooo next time he was Jason everyone in lobby killed themselves, but not before he showed up to see it IMO there should be some kind of penalty to discourage it. Maybe like how a bear trap will do damage to Jason but not knock off his mask, make it so counselors take damage from windows/falling/friendly bear traps to a threshold but cant be killed by them. I dont know to me its kind of a mixed bag. I've had plenty of enjoyment from someone accidentally stepping into a friendly bear trap when trying to run to safety.
  15. Only time rain seems to bog down my frames (on Ps4) is when I'm actually the host. I know this is a common thing among the player base. Hopefully the new engine will fix things.