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  1. Sounds like you have your mind made up. I happen to agree with you that they knew, but that’s speculation. But here you are, once again passing your personal opinion off as fact. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but the truth is the truth. There are legal issues here, so there are promises that can’t be kept. What I DO agree with is that those promises shouldn’t have been made to begin with, given what I think they already knew. But bitching about it now? You’re beating a dead horse. You’re flogging nothing but bones. I’m not defending them, I’m defending what I think is right. While you say that you weren’t saying what I claimed you did, and you were just quoting them, you were clearly using their quote against them to justify why they should keep their promises. All I did in my original post to you was point out that quotes like that aren’t meant to be taken at face value, and that the situation is a lot more complicated than members here are making it out to be.
  2. Again, common sense. I’m speculating as well, but at the very least, I own it, and don’t make radical — and in some cases — ridiculous claims that Gun and Illfonic have plenty of money to get the bills paid based on zero facts. Furthermore, I also don’t expect people to work for free because they said, “This isn’t about money”. Just because someone says that a project is, “A labor of love” doesn’t mean that they’ll put paying gigs on the back burner to work for nothing so that a few people will have a new model and map. A new model and map, BTW, that people will just bitch about the instant they’re released. I think there’s a lot you can complain at Gun and Illfonic for, but the way the community chooses to communicate it is doing more harm than good. I have my own beef with their lack of transparency and communication but, after seeing the way fans act in here, I’m not surprised they treat us like we loaned them money. Why would they WANT to answer our questions? The community isnt satisfied with any answer they’ve EVER given, and fans just blatantly make up their own answers anyway.
  3. Truthfully, I think people believe they have money rolling in because of the community saying they do with zero evidence to back those claims up. My argument from the beginning regarding this mess is that people are making claims and passing them off as fact, when in truth, what’s being presented aren’t facts at all. It’s all speculation that spirals out of control. Most of the content they released has been free. Dedicated servers are still coming, and it’s not cheap. Mostly everything they’ve sold has been bought already. At some point, that steady stream of revenue stops and, for Illfonic especially, they need to be working on something that can make money, because eating is good. Im not arguing against all the complaints, just the ones that either defy common sense, or the ones that have only speculation as its foundation.
  4. Regardless of what has been said, a person still has to get paid for their time. Saying that something isn’t about money isn’t a statement that they’ll work for free.
  5. From what I understand, the Grendel stuff was old, dating all the way back to the start of the year, and the graphic depicting the Jasons was fake.
  6. That’s not what I meant. My bad, I should’ve been more clear. I mean, how do any of us know what is/isn’t clear within the bounds of the law? Several people have stated that they know how the law works without having any credentials in which to back those claims up and, as it were, they really haven’t proven to know much about the lawsuit — and everything involved — at all. Gun doesn’t have to be directly involved in the lawsuit for this to happen. As long as they’re creating content for a license that’s currently in dispute, there’s a lot that could adversely affect the outcome of the case if things are mishandled. I don’t know where people are getting that Gun can do whatever they want, because none of that is true. Handling anything under an IP that doesn’t belong to you is a delicate thing and, if said IP is at the center of a legal dispute, moving forward can be very tricky. And if Gun were to do something that they aren’t legally supposed to do, they’re liable. Also, there has been a lot of posting regarding the Uber content, where members are claiming they know what released vs. unreleased is in the eyes of the law, how content already in the game (but locked away) is defined by the court and how they would rule on the matter. But I haven’t seen anyone produce credentials that prove that they know what they’re talking about; just a lot of pissed off fans that are talking out their ass.
  7. And you know this factually how? Serious question, because a lot of people are claiming they know how the law works, and it’s already been confirmed that they’re wrong. Theres a lot that can be speculated about, but no one knows. And the majority of everything that’s been coming out has proven to be fake.
  8. As long as it’s illegal to do so, they won’t. And it is, so that’s the end of that.
  9. Unfortunately, YouTube content creators aren’t the most trustworthy of sources. Even small creators make, tag and title their content for views, and F13 has been a very YouTube-friendly game. In fact, F13 gave these smaller creators a jump start, and they’re a one-game channel. If the game dies, their channels are in jeopardy and they know it. News videos that are sourced straight from Gun or Illfonic are trustworthy, but theory and rumor videos, while well-intended, are no different than us in this forum. It’s all just talk, with no solid facts.
  10. JackTV

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Cracks me up that people can’t sit still. Gaming has gone the ADHD route of Call of Duty players. They probably want to respawn. Its just so different now. Waiting used to be a thing. The SOCOM games of old were like that (but rounds were shorter); you had one crack at it. If you didn’t want to wait, you had to play smarter. I suppose that’s one reason the battle royales are so popular. Pop in, last as long as you can, and jump into another game. I actually think it makes attention spans worse, as players start to expect it in every game.
  11. JackTV

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I’m seeing counselors limping around the map more often since the health sprays disappeared. Only for a sec though. They die much quicker. not sure how I feel about that yet.
  12. I’m convinced the stun lock will never be fixed. Ever.
  13. Whatever it was, it’s reasonable to believe it happened between April and the engine upgrade release in May. When they announced the engine update wouldn’t make an April release, they claimed it’s because, “It wasn’t ready,” assuming that bugs still needed to be worked out. But it releases a month later, still buggy as hell. If it’s not ready in April because of bugs, it wouldn’t have released in May containing the game-breakers it has now; they’d have waited until the critical stuff was worked out. This suggests to me that something happened between their April “update isn’t ready” announcement, and their release announcement May 24th.
  14. Perhaps they’re not now. Even if it’s true that we’re being bamboozled, it honestly doesn’t make any difference. There’s lots of unanswered questions, but I think I’m starting to lose interest in the mystery. If fans are being lied to, it’s done them no good as their name is all over this. And if they’re telling the truth 100%, it won’t matter anyway.
  15. I like the color being used here. Sign of the times. Also reminds me how old I am, as there are pics of me as a kid that have a similar vintage look.
  16. It’s not smart to underestimate Jason anyway. I’m a notorious slow starter as Jason myself. I don’t go after anyone for several minutes. In fact, if there’s something I want to do, I let those I see live, especially if they spawn at the phone box cabin. It’s just... not fair. Difference here is that I DO set my traps and knock out the power. It’s actually easier for me to go 7/7 if I do this work first. Assuming that Jason doesn’t know what he’s doing is a bad call. My situation was different, but had I not known an effective way to play Jason, the same would’ve happened to me. People are lame.
  17. What’s that matter though? Finished or unfinished, it’s content that hasn’t been given an official release, making him “new content”. And, since there will never be content released ever again, it’s over. People are trying to use semantics on them by saying he’s already in the game, so they don’t define that content as “new”. But their definition of new is not THE definition of new, so the debate ends there.
  18. Unfortunately, it takes more than just wishing a new team into the project. But it doesn’t matter who is making it. The situation is the same, regardless of who is on development duties. As for Project Méliès, if you’ve played either Layers of Fear or Observer, and enjoyed them, you’re in good shape. Bloober Team is really good at the psychological horror stuff.
  19. So... Monday (back to work day) is pretty much over, and still no reply. I always give the benefit of the doubt on weekends.
  20. Right. There are ups and downs to everything, including console HDDs. Unfortunately, games today ship unfinished because developers/publishers feel they can always patch it later. Plus, it’s free beta testing for them.
  21. I understand them too; I honestly do. And I agree with many of the arguments, though not all of them. I don’t believe this game was a cash grab. I’m an old dude that’s been gaming since the mid-80’s; I’ve seen a cash grab. Some folks have been wanting this material in the hands of someone “Triple A” and, all I can say to that is to be careful what you wish for. If the F13 property got in the hands of big players like UbiSoft, Activision, EA, etc., get ready for F13: Call of Duty Edition, featuring counselors looking like characters out of Fortnite, fighting against Jason and his machete-shooting shotgun. It would get bad. Really bad. But I DO believe Gun has a communication problem, and I think both they and Illfonic were in way over their heads. TBH, I don’t think they have anyone to test this stuff. I’m still encountering bugs that were there since launch. There’s no excuse for that. Most of what I play are indie games made by incredibly small teams, and those games are complete and mostly bug-free. So I DEFINITELY sympathize with the fans’ concerns. But some of the accusations are a stretch.
  22. I’m not attacking anyone, or what they want. If anything, I’m questioning the methods being used to communicate their grievances. Things like telling Gun that they know what’s going on, they have all the details, they know what’s legal and what’s not, they saw a video and “everything is finished, so give it to me”, they’re lying, they’re just cash-grabbing, etc. These tactics aren’t going to work.
  23. Thinking about it, I despise every film post-Paramount. I didn’t even particularly like 8 that much, but at least that was a true Friday movie. After it went to New Line, it was like they were competing to see which crew could make the stupidest film. I’m with you. But if they want to argue for Uber, I’m not going to worry about it, because Gun made themselves crystal clear that no content was being released ever again. And bitching about it on the forums — especially with regard to how they’re choosing to communicate to Gun with the accusations — is counter-productive.
  24. Star Trek Jason... you nailed it. I saw it in theaters. My sister and I grew up on the films, and it was one of those things where we were so desperate to see a horror film that we paid to see it, KNOWING it was going to be a piece of crap. Out of morbid curiosity, I tried to watch that film about a week ago, just see if could do it. I made it as far as to when they found him encased in ice. How long is that? Barely getting beyond the opening credits? Anyway, as I see it, if Jason from that film was going to be added to the roster, I’d argue for the real Jason before he was transformed to be added as well. He’s not Uber Jason for very long. But I digress. There’s a lot I’m disappointed with as well. I respect the players who really want Uber Jason, but objectively speaking, I think Uber Jason is the least of concerns. I too, would prefer to save everything I’ve unlocked. I’m just taking a guess here, but I imagine the question isn’t being answered because they have to hash it out first. How long it will take, how much time they have to do it while the bugs are being addressed, how long Illfonic can work on it before they’re working for free, etc. Not to mention, they probably won’t answer anything before Monday. Weekend, family, all that junk.
  25. I’m still surprised Uber Jason is the biggest sticking point people have a problem with. I wasn’t looking forward to his release, or the Grendel map, at all. But that’s just me; I don’t count anything past 8 being a Friday film at all. My bigger question is: Is this more about future DLC in general or about Uber Jason in particular? Uber Jason is all I’m seeing, but one skin doesn’t seem to be worth all the fan rage.