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  1. I’m on the side of the buff for Jason, and have shown support for that. Jason needs to be threatening. When players are in the pre-match lobby, talking to each other about how they’re going to kill Jason THIS TIME, there’s a problem. That said, I didn’t need a buff. This isn’t me tootin my own horn, but I put the work in. I became good at Jason because I learned. You only learn from playing against people who are better. Over time I learned the counselors best tricks and practiced my own to counter them. So when people say the buff is for Jasons that aren’t very good, I have to admit, that makes me feel a little torn. I only support the Jason buff to keep Jason from being helpless, NOT to give below-average Jasons an advantage over counselors who did their part to put the work in. That shouldn’t be the case on either side. It takes practice like everything else. I don’t need either side getting a “win” button, and wouldn’t support it.
  2. It’s a game about teamwork. Very few players can do it by themselves, but it can certainly be done. The design though is to work as a team. F13 is an interesting social experiment. Will you try to help as many players as you can, help only your friends, or are you entirely out for yourself? Will you help those who are contributing? Will you offer a seat in the car to someone who spent the whole match under a bed, or leave him behind? Seeing this player dynamic is one of the reasons I love the game. I can see how people look at it and figure it’s not a team game, most especially if they’re only out for themselves. But the lone wolf typically doesn’t last against an experienced Jason.
  3. And perhaps some not seeing it as a team game has always been part of the problem. It still amazes me how many people work alone, then complain when they die.
  4. Personally, I don’t believe Jason needs perks. If people think the game is unbalanced now, add all-new play mechanics and watch what happens.😂
  5. Thought about what you said. No, I don’t think so. Who goes for the kill in a game about escape? It’s reasonable to think some will try out of curiosity, but why would they make it a regular thing? I said what I did because it seems logical. Their ego keeps them from running.
  6. Yeah, I thought you made yourself pretty clear on this one.
  7. This buff leads to something deeper, IMO. These players don’t want to escape; they want the kill, because they’re typical, testosterone-driven males who can’t fathom “running from anybody”. They don’t adjust their play style because they’ve got the ape brain. “Me strong! Me brave! Me smash!” Have you guys seen how these fools act when a chick enters the lobby? It’s hilarious. Call it a conspiracy theory, call it ridiculous, but I think it’s true. And it’s not just counselors either. I’ve seen players in both roles talkin shit throughout the match like they’re somethin’. So you can only imagine that getting the kill on Jason is giving them raging e-boners.
  8. Does it come down to those two options though? I’ve been surviving just fine after Jason rages. That’s why I didn’t see this buff as a big setback for counselors. It’s really not that hard. One-on-One is certainly harder, but a counselor can survive without combat. My thing is, adjustments can be made to what’s been done and, to be fair, some parts of the buff don’t make a lot of sense. Firecrackers, for example, should work regardless. It’s already pointless to hit a raging Jason; at least give them firecrackers. Good Jasons can avoid a firecracker stun anyway, so there’s no reason to be immune. Besides, it makes firecrackers more valuable.
  9. Maybe. I’ve seen it before. I know a couple of players on my friends list who quit when they spawn in and don’t find what they want in their cabin. I had to stop playing with one guy, because he’d quit out at the beginning if he didn’t get the set up he wanted. Dude spent more time in the lobby and loading screens than he did playing. There are multiple reasons players quit, but my bigger point is that these are toxic players who mess up the game anyway, so I’d rather have them move on from the game entirely. These players aren’t just unhappy with a single patch, but they’re players that bring most of the bad playing habits with them. F13 isn’t Fortnite and Call of Duty, and we’re not conforming to their toxic community.
  10. I’m not sure what the huge problem with the buff is. Personally, I didn’t need one, but those unhappy with the patch have been quitting matches. That just tells me these are the same people who quit when they’re killed anyway.
  11. According to the developers of Killer Puzzle, they too, are affected by the lawsuit, but what they can add is supposedly linked to the simpler nature of the game’s visuals and mechanics. Rather than being modeled after the movies like F13 is, Killer Puzzle just uses the Jsson/Mother concept; everything else is just made-up stuff, not taking much from the IP. Take it for what it’s worth. Black Tower was hired for bugs and maintenance, and nothing more. They’re smaller than Illfonic, who was small enough themselves. GUN is a publisher; they can have as many projects as they can handle. They don’t need to abandon one project to take on another.
  12. Overall, I’m in Jason’s corner on this one. I’ve been here since the beginning, and I’ve watched as patch-after-patch weakened him more and more, while counselors grew stronger. It’s been the counselors who appeared to be OP for a long time now. In a way, I’m thankful though, because an OP group of counselors forced me to get better as Jason. I easily tear through experienced groups now. Better players exploiting the game WILL make you better. That said, I think this change is only “for the moment”, and will be adjusted in time. This is a blunt, untested change and, those always get adjustments before it’s over. So Jason mains that believe they’re taking over the game, enjoy it now, because it won’t last if it’s imbalanced. I still think the BEST way to handle the rage stun immunity is to replace immunity with resistance on a sliding scale. When Jason hits rage, his stun immunity chance gets a big boost, and that percentage chance increases every time he gets stunned. If he gets hit enough, he’ll become immune to the stun altogether. This will give counselors a fighting chance, while it’s up to the counselors to choose their battles wisely. It’ll discourage gang beat downs on multiple levels (especially together with the Battle Chads’ greatest bane, the multi-slash), without making counselor players feel like their situation is completely hopeless. This creates greater strategic play and everybody has more fun.
  13. If he’s not dropping to his knees, that’s likely a bug in the patch. The ability to kill Jason is still there, albeit harder to execute.
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