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  1. So American PS4 users got it and everyone else is left out. So no mather what you do now someone got the shaft.. Either those not Americsn Ps4 or those who supported kickstarter... What a fuck up of epic proportions..
  2. Its all about making him lose line of sight, One of my favorite tactics is jumping out of secondstory windows with a med spray. As for trying to trick Jason with lies, dunno about anyone else, but that hasnt worked on me yet.. Most people are bad actors, and by the first 5 mins i got a general idea of whos close to what.
  3. Happened once, I spent the following 5 rounds beating him to death with bugzy until he ragequit.
  4. They tried this on me a couple of times, I went through them like a blender in combat mode as part 3 Jason. Meanwhile they start freaking out over mics because they are dropping left and right. You just need to make one person freak out and the entire formation breaks. The bigger the group, the easier it is to hit with knives aswell.
  5. I totally agree with this tbh, if you want to que to play vs other solo players you should be able to. I havnt had a problem with this myself yet, but it is easy to see why it would be a problem.
  6. Thing you need to remeber however is most people grab those knives, thats a good 6 seconds of animations just grabbing them. As such perhaps adding a 6 second timer would not interfere greatly with his initial attack, but also ensure that counselors have a little window before getting dropped on. A good Jason with part 2 or 3 Jason doesnt need ability to force a early counselor into either jogging until out of stamina or going into a cabin and being trapped by a window breaker like me. I am not saying this from my counselors perspective as I play as AJ and got solid counters to early Jason. But as Jason I can almost always grab a early freebie if I choose to.
  7. Thing is if you like me instant morph without grabbing knives jason will be there before you can get out of the open, and unless you are a stealther jason is gonna hear you instantly trying to get out of the open
  8. You don't need to land ontop of them, as long as you can land close enough for them to not have a chance to grab anything useful before you chase them down.
  9. Been killed once by another player, he turned around and shot me at police exit. Was some little kid, he thought he was funny, so i figured it was my turn to have fun with him the following five rounds ? Not a big problem on xbox luckily, but if it was I would stick to no ff rooms.
  10. Crashing still happens, but for most it is alot less common.
  11. I already mentioned Ms, also you expect anyone to belive you spent 5 hours testing this? You post is filled with exaggerations and you clearly try to muzzle anyone of a diffrent opinion.. I also have to question you being a level 48 on xbox. After playing an unhealthy amount per day, I know about a handful of people just over lvl 30 on xbox, and most if not all got it the same way.. This is due to the database errors, and the constant game crashes that xbox had.. Also I might add that even the craziest among the pc streamers who got the game days in advance of us are just now hitting theyr 50s. I am not gonna make any claims, but just saying if I were you I would be careful throwing your level around as a badge of honor.. As for your video again, I have watched it repeatedly and from that angle she is no where near him, but if you did indeed test this for 5 hours, why not give us some better footage as a result of your testing? Edit: Infact anyone who goes into your xbox profile can check your activity feed and see you posting about looking for group to boost xp and cp, so please don't shame yourself further by using your level as validation of your opinion. Also took a nice picture of it just incase Sinful Fox, out.
  12. Speaking of barn, it needs a second floor and a hell of alot more items.. I avoid that place like the plague
  13. Composure - 10 Str - 8 Speed - 7 Repair - 3 Stealth - 10 Luck - 5 Stamina - 3
  14. I have been on the both ends of that situation plenty of times, infact likely more times then you.. That bat was no where near Jasons body, at best she was mabye 1/4th into the animation.. I must also say It is sad to see you calling me blind, and claiming my opinion isnt valid after a Admin had to step in here to stop the silly comments directed at you.. shame on you.
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