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  1. Those damn ragequits. I've seen hundreds of people doing them. My friend ragequits. Hell, even his mother probably would if she was playing the game! There are those just jumping from lobby to lobby, hoping to become Jason and leaving when they're not. And there are those who leave when Jason has them down to kill, sometimes even in the killing animation. Those not only take some fun away from the Jason's gameplay, but they also steal his EXP and kill numbers. The solution to this issue, though, could be really simple. (I should be hired for inventing clickbait titles somewhere.) No, what are you thinking? It's most definitely not a leaver penalty. Penalties like those are always bad since they can only punish you for your PC crashing or game freezing, but not prevent that from happening. What I was thinking of as the best solution could be described as a "stayer bonus". Basically, all that is is Jason receiving 150 EXP (the maximum amount he can get for a kill) and a kill for his kill count as soon as any counselor leaves the match. This means ragequitters may still flee, games may still crash - but it does not affect Jason negatively any more, rather gifting him what he would have had to work for if people stayed in. You might want to think about counselors getting some extra EXP when losing numbers to quitting players, but to spare Jason from leaver madness was one of the more important steps towards a game of maximum enjoyability.
  2. "Restful" works in one out of five games for me, approximately. In the other ones, it's disabled. The last time I used "Sneaky" on a bed or tent, the camera was stuck in the exiting animation position even when I could move again (due to the decreased time needed). And I agree that "Grease Monkey" does not work yet, I've tried that already.
  3. This is the first time I encountered this, but still: Jason grabbed me (playing Brandon) while I started jumping through a window. This resulted in the camera following noone jumping. After being finished, it jumped back to me being held right in Jason's hand, but not having enough time to break free from his grab since I couldn't press E while Mr. I'm-not-actually-there was being watched flying through the window. It's fine that Jason can grab you when you start jumping, but it's definitely not correct to let the camera follow its jump pattern then. Steam Name: Gunthaa
  4. Not fully back up, but it would be nice to have that extra bit of inexhaustability that lets you jump through that window instead of climbing through. Yet again, winning by exhausting the counselors is a pretty viable tactic as of now, and a refill might make the average match take longer than 20 minutes. Maybe the right way was to give every counselor a slightly higher stamina pool... but to let them start with few. After all, they've just been running away from Jason for five minutes already.
  5. Yeah, those really wanting to play Jason or counselor should be allowed to queue up only for the desired character, given that this will probably improve their playing experience. On the other hand, that will also mean longer waiting times if one out of seven or more people prefer playing Jason... but if that's worth it to them, you should let them decide so without jumping out of multiple matches to achieve their goal.
  6. It's been a while since I've been breathing the air of this forum, but bugs haven't been so scarce awhilest. To start this off: Do you know the wall on the western side of the main house on the Higgin's Haven map? 2 times now, I've had Counselors get freed right out of my grab instead of the execution being performed when I pressed E. When I tried to kill someone there again in the same match, no interactive button was shown at the wall. Also, I've been swinging my weapon through Jason's body multiple times now - and he wasn't performing an animation that would stop me from hitting him. As Jason, in return, some Counselors would be bugged so my weapon/grab wouldn't hit them. Then, I've had a Chad bugged in a closet that I couldn't press E on or hit him through, and another player standing inside of a bed, unable to get out (but still being hittable by attacks). If you use a perk that lets you get in and out of hiding spots faster, the camera will stay in the exit setting for as long as an exit at usual speed would cause it to. This means you can already walk around, but you'll not see what you're doing for a second or two. Additionally, I placed another trap on a lamp above a door the other side. They're not meant to be placed on the outside, I suppose. And every once in a while, my Jason gets stuck in front of the door when opening it with his weapon. Talking about doors: You can't barricade a door by holding E from its far left or right, similar to the throwing darts or probably the blocked executions (but it's due to a general intersection there). You will be moved by a small bit, but you won't actually act and the "E/Hold E" will be invisible. I'm sorry for coming up with so many of those, but I might even add more of them in the future. Hopefully, they can at least help the game become the best version of itself. Yet don't forget implementing some kind of blockability against the grabs.
  7. You manage to escape all the time? Well, you're just lucky in that case. I, personally, almost never manage to set up a single method of escaping without Jason detecting me - and with hiding being as useless as it is right now, you're dead once he finds you. Even if you manage to miraculously outrun or outfight him, you won't have the time to fix a whole car (Yeah, I'm playing Brandon. But he'd even stop you with average repair stats.) while not getting slain. I found it impossible to stay out of Jason's view for a whole game even if you're not fixing anything. Hence, as you are unable to not confront Jason, you should have the means to at least not die at once when it's your turn to be killed in order to buy the remaining survivors some time.
  8. I thought they wanted to fix this today, or am I wrong there? Either way, the bug prevails for me.
  9. I'm now skipping from match to match, hoping to regain my belongings. Sadly, it seems like things only got worse. Are they currently trying to fix this or do new servers mean all our efforts were pointless?
  10. I've been found by a Jason while hiding inside a tent. No, not because he walked past me and heard me. He teleported right towards me from pretty much the other side of the map. Now, I can't tell if a traitor gave me away since I was the last man standing, but in general I found it inevitable to find hiding counselors as Jason. You can't even walk past their bed/closet without hearing a "HHRUUUGHH!!!!" that makes you think a rocket is starting right next to you. So, I'd not only regulate down their general noise inside hiding spots, but also give them bigger lungs OR a silent breathing mode creating few noise and using up your "hold breath" bar slower. If making them more silent is too much, do it that way: The longer Jason stands still next to their hideout, the louder he should hear them in there. This helps staying secret when he's just passing through. About markers: You should not be marked by sense while hiding outside a building (e.g. in a tent) unless Jason is in closer proximity (5 metred?), no matter your fear level in order to actually allow for it to be a viable escape tactic - since there is almost no escape from an undistracted Jason as of right now. (Yet remember that he can see you getting into those spots, depending on the situation) The "Please don't see me"s and other variants, though, are just fine since they're meant to give you away.
  11. No fear for the last counselor does make sense in that context, but it also means that Jason can't sense them, which means they will likely just wait for the 20 minutes to be over. Reducing fear by quite a bit should be fine though, and giving them a better repair stat no matter who they are might give them the advantage to outplay Jason while fixing their escape method.
  12. I agree that sacrificing your weapon to disarm the trap would make sense AND help the counselors counter them. Jason might generally need more traps though if that was made possible. Me personally, I tend to place traps in bushes around objectives and yellow leaves on the ground, which makes them much less visible and hence probably more successful at catching counselors. Looking at it, Jason cannot disarm traps either... but that probably doesn't make a difference if his leg is good enough for the purpose. Does he even take damage from counselor traps?
  13. Jason actually has to unstuck his weapon for a moment when he hits a wall, which means you can try to escape him that way. Other than that, I think the delay should not be there by default, but only when Jason's attack is blocked, Firstly, this encourages blocking and secondly, you get a chance to fight back if you try to.
  14. So, I got into a tent and back out - after the "E for leaving" hint disappeared. This wouldn't really harm my Brandon, he got out just fine and was able to do what he can usually do. My camera, though, was stuck in the tent leaving sequence setting. This meant that I could walk out of my view... which was not exactly helpful. For me, getting in and out of the tent for some more times solved the issue, but I fear people actually getting "stuck" like that for the rest of the match - and we both know Jason can sense people inside "hiding" spots, so getting back in won't save them.
  15. My game is also struggling to keep my progress saved. The switched between lvl 0 and my actual level usually happen in between matches, but gladly I keep the counselor and Jason I have currently selected, which means I can at least play them even if my EXP points I'm earning in-game might be lost (But that risk is there either way, had 2 crashes already). I hope they'll fix that so you don't lose anything, be it by saving the data on the players' PCs.
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