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  1. Just had a Tommy Jarvis do this to me for the remainder of the match. It's like... You don't even get xp man, stop wasting everyone's time. Like so..
  2. Some guy named White_Brotaire or something, and a girl with Snap in her name were exploiting it today. The phone fuse was also found ridiculously quickly two games in a row, which seems suspect.
  3. Haha, I was playing a game where a guy had glitched himself into a cabinet that I couldn't interact with, and basically sat in there til the 20 mins ran out.
  4. The advantage of using the pocket knife in that particular case is that Jason is using the traps as a detection grid to know when you're trying to do the phone. A silent phone trap disarm / call could be worth the knife. I was just ticked that I felt like I had no option to call the police after Jason had hit me twice, because he laid a trap in front of the phone.
  5. I was told that's only when you are in it? But if that's the case, that would at least be something
  6. Letting him stack them on the phone and such without any way to deal with them even if we notice them is absurd.
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