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  1. Quick Play on U.S. servers doesn't work for a lot of people since the last patch on PS4, and it gets stuck on "Checking Session for Room." Connecting through community boards on PS4 results in "Bypass servers failed" half the time. It seems the only logical answer.
  2. All this shows is proof of a shitty player as Jason. Nice to see the salad tossing of each other is still in full effect here.
  3. Updated link. I guess I'm such a lousy person, the mods won't let me upload any video to the forum anymore. This was in bot mode, and I didn't video the initial way to do it, by the way, so don't get your glitch panties all wadded up. https://vimeo.com/322476633
  4. Stopped by to drop you this. Back to ignoring the game until they do something to balance out the invulnerability garbage. https://vimeo.com/322476633
  5. The game was nice while it lasted, but taking combat out of the final chase has proved no fun, and the challenge of being Jason is gone. Was combat abused in the game? Yes. Do you punish everyone for it? No. There is no feeling of reward playing Jason in the first half of the game because you 100% know you are going to clean up in the second half. I like the idea of rage adding more pressure to players, and I really like the alert, but the invincibility is too much. There were other, better ways to implement it. I played faithfully for the last two years with the hope that the balance of the game would work it's way out, but after this update, I have lost faith that the dev's have the ability to make that happen. They refused to listen to any of the ideas on this board posted by players repeatedly over the last six months. Wes also came across as nothing but arrogant toward the player base in the chat, and it didn't sit well with me. Nobody cares about your mustache, Wes. What they care about is that you deliver what you say you are going to deliver, ON TIME, when you take their money. There is a reason the word "soon" became the big joke in regards to your game and company. The comments from people who support the changes in the game on this board over the last few days have been even more arrogant, and quite frankly, it doesn't inspire me to want to continue within the community or in the game. I will freely admit my last post with video was immature, but it is what it is. I've had enough of the game and players getting shit on because of some idealistic way Wes and the developers "want" the game to be played. With online multiplayer, it's the players that should be able to create the standards of game play. It shouldn't be a dictatorship that is changed on a whim. Of course, you as developers are free to do that, but it doesn't mean others will like it. This game could not have been created without people investing their faith and their money, so really, the developers should be listening to the audience before they gut any part of the game play experience. You pretty much eliminated combat in the second half of the game. It doesn't matter what you "wanted" the experience to be in the beginning, you released the game and the experience evolved on it's own as it should have because that's the nature of the beast. No matter what you do as developers, someone, somewhere will find a way to abuse the game. At some point, you just have to let the experience be what it is. I'm not happy with what it currently is, and I'm not going to waste my time to entertain others in a game when I am no longer being entertained myself. I never abused the game system, except for the last video I posted, and I did that to prove a point. You will always have shitty players no matter what you do. It's just how it is when you deal with a large amount of people in an online game setting. I want to mention this, too. When you test patches, you need to figure out a way of doing that in a semi-live scenario with players similar to those in quick play because a lot of people don't play the way you do in Gun's office. Not everyone has a team of friends to coordinate with in a private lobby. A lot of people don't like using mics because of all the children screaming in the ears of other players, chewing down on chips, and screaming racist remarks. You can't adequately balance the game because you only play test it with yourselves, and you can't get past how YOU want the game to be played versus how it is actually played by the community. The game isn't about you. It should be about the community. All of the community. You know, the ones who paid for it. You need to fine tune the game to the standards of the community, not your own. I'm sorry, but you killed the spirit of the game for me, and it's time for me to move on, which I am sure no one here cares, and I'm sure will just write me off as a troll player. One last thing I would like you to think about. You are two years into a game release where you have a killer with texture glitches that make Savini Jason look like a glittering Barney the Purple Dinosaur. That is simply unacceptable for a game that as a backer I paid more to play than any other game in my life. Get your shit straightened out. It should be embarrassing. Anyway, I wish everyone the best, and I really appreciate the effort put into the game.
  6. Yup. Bitch Jasons who need invulnerability get their masks shit on and their mom's head tea-bagged because that's what they deserve. I guess combat really is completely unnecessary, and now we can play just as the devs intended... running around in circles in the main cabins and tea-bagging Jason's mask.
  7. Jason dies and gets the shit kicked out of him at the end of every movie. The counselors even let him get drowned in the first movie. Using the movies to try to defend a non-combat nature of the game is just plain laughable. Even at the end of part 5 with Roy, Reggie and Pam weapon up to kill the bastard. To me, people defending the overkill of the patch are just plain trash Jasons. They needed viable game play taken away so they could compete without having to learn how to defend themselves. They call hitting Jason from around corners "cheap" even though it literally happens in the movies. It's just a waste of time talking about it here. The official Reddit forum for F13 has more mature and balanced discussions going on, which is a shame that it can't be done here.
  8. If that is what the forum is about, I need not be here. Enjoy your new game that caters to the "skilled Jason" influx of 3rd and 4th graders who do nothing on the mic but ask if you like to play Fortnite. That's where the game is at now. It was fun while it lasted. And by the way, if you need an invincibility buff halfway through the game, YOU, are the trash Jason.
  9. How does this serve civil discussion? There is more as I followed the thread from the beginning. Either I didn't go back far enough or some were moderated out. Point is, however, there is no need for petty bullshit like this.
  10. This certainly looks like trolling. It serves no purpose other than to inflame an argument. It does nothing to advance a civil discussion.
  11. Be honest. HuDawg is literally trolling people on the forum. What you did here was try to divert the conversation away from that point.
  12. Of course he is going to stand by his rude and disrespectful comments. The moderators won't do anything about it.
  13. I'm starting to think exactly this. All you're doing is trolling now. Why the moderators haven't done something is beyond me.
  14. But I have to say this. Jason doesn't win in any of the movies, except maybe FvJ, but even there, the teens in the movie kick his ass. There is ALWAYS a counselor or two standing in the end, and Jason is always "dead" at the end of the movies.
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