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  1. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Give Jason back his power.

    Those animations have slowed down, and they suck. I also don't like having to wait until a counselor is completely through a window before it can be broken. It just slows down the chase. Jason can' t hurt counselors through windows, but counselors can stun Jason through them. They need to do things to speed up the anxiety in chase scenes, not slow it down.
  2. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Give Jason back his power.

    Yeah, I guess so, but it still would be good to have shift grab easier along with a longer stalk. It would create scarier jump kills.
  3. Then for all counselors that use hypochondriac as well, they could effectively drop an extra spray into the game, correct? That would mean an additional 7 sprays across the board if every counselor did it at the beginning of the match. I still think there are a lot of sprays in the game. Just last night, I had a few matches where I was loaded up with three health sprays across my slots. I think they could cut some more out of the game.
  4. I play QP almost exclusively now that they've killed the join through profile on Xbox, and player behavior is consistent. In most lobbies, counselors go through a few cabins, collect what they need, and then go after Jason. They need to do something to make Jason harder to kill and more menacing. What I would suggest for QP lobbies is for shift grab to be easier to execute, and stalk to be slower. Allow Jason a full, uninterrupted minute or two of stalk time in the game, and an alert goes out to the campers letting them know they are being stalked. It will put the scare back in the game.
  5. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Still Undefeated

    Jason is definitely the victim in the game.
  6. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Cop Exit Glitch & Hilarity

    That's a hell of a story.
  7. x OLd ScRatCh x

    That song on the radio in Higgins...

    When I first started, I never bothered with the radio, but after a while playing as Jason, I realized that the pings they gave off was a nuisance to me to the point I would smash them, so I started turning them on regularly when playing as a counselor.
  8. Does anyone else hear the lyrics as, "burning hot, sodomy" instead of "burning hot, inside of me?" When I first played the game, I thought the dev's were being sarcastic having over the top lyrics like that.
  9. I have a similar thought process in regards to punishing jerks, but slightly different in that I slash dancers and show offs to death. They don't get the privilege of a nice cinematic kill to watch. They get killed with zero consequence and no fan fare. They are not worthy.
  10. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Still Undefeated

    Wasn't really meaning to brag as much as I had just gotten through with the match and was kinda shocked they didn't get the kill in the end because they probably should have. My adrenaline was kinda up when I originally posted, but I can see how the post I made looks like I meant it that way. Anyway, I've been a Jason main since I've owned the game. I may have changed it once or twice when all the rooftop glitching was going on, but it has been set for Jason ever since. On the other end of the story, I usually play Quick Play without my mic, and last night I picked up the sweater, and toward the middle of the match Tommy had tracked me down with an unmasked Jason in tow. Jason quickly morphed out nowhere to be found. I just so happened to have the fuse, so with the flashlight I motioned the others to the fuse house. Tommy tripped the trap, and I started purposely failing the mini-game to lure him in. It went off perfectly, and we got the kill. Talk about the hunter being hunted. I have to say, that was a little satisfying. I wish I had video of it.
  11. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Still Undefeated

    Sometimes I will go through an entire lobby and slit all their throats. I don't know why, just the swiftness and cleanness of it all amuses me.
  12. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Still Undefeated

    I always forget to block. The button presses for it get in the way for me to want to do it. It was just a good match, and had me ramped up quite a bit because I was really hoping they wouldn't get the kill in. I haven't had a game like that for a while. Overzealous, I guess. Sorry.
  13. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Still Undefeated

    Just talking, and I will take that cookie.
  14. Just got out of a quick play match on Xbox with some heavy duty Jason killers. I have to admit that they were pretty skilled. A Chad, an AJ, A Bugzy, and Tommy. Got me unmasked and even to the sweater in Packanack Lodge. I tapped out and finished them off. Tommy just wandered off into a wall for me to clean up, and AJ got her neck slit. They were pissed and all quit the lobby immediately thereafter. Success! Still undefeated over a year.
  15. Merchandise and game content probably fall into different categories within the law.