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  1. x OLd ScRatCh x

    How To Make Jason Scary In F13 The Game

    Tea bagging makes me smile whenever I see it, and it makes me be more persistent as Jason when it's done to me. Then when I do catch the teabaggers, I give them the lamest kill in the game, usually a window kill, head punch, or I just slash them down uneventfully. No creative kill for you my friend. Anyway, who cares about tea bagging. Using it with a combination of the "f u" arm gesture emote is kinda funny.
  2. Perhaps, but he specifically says at the end maybe they will then get to working on a new game. He's just being way hypothetical.
  3. If they do agree, it will be for a new movie and nothing else. Don't expect any new game assets.
  4. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Anyone here familiar with Fright Rags?

    I completely agree. I bought several shirts but never wear them because they are too thin and they shrink. I dont know why they don't use Gilden Tees. They are probably cheaper and they are better quality.
  5. x OLd ScRatCh x


    Why do you want white boots? Just curious. I usually go for dark clothes in the game. Easier to blend in with the background.
  6. That was me. We had some pretty good matches to play through.
  7. I guess it comes down to whether or not you are playing with counselors that have good stamina and can run and juke or counselors that have shit for stamina. I have two accounts one on xbox and another on PS4, and I'm about completely leveled up on both accounts, so to me the game is about the chase in the end. Very rarely do I escape anymore on my regular account. I run objectives, distract Jason, and play the game out more or less as Tommy from the start. It is about saving the others and juking Jason until the end of the match or killing him. Doors being locked and barricaded gets in the way. I understand the point of view from the other side, but eventually, they will get to the point where juking Jason is easier than waiting behind locked doors. Sometimes, depending on the irritation level of the Jason player, you can waste 5-10 minutes of his time allowing others to get objectives done. If you know Jason has shift, you anticipate it by paying attention to the static. It literally becomes a game of fighting and dodging skill between players, which is a lot better than running around from cabin to cabin hoping Jason doesn't get me.
  8. Closing doors is one thing, barricading them is another. Barricading doors is a huge waste of time at the beginning of a match, and is a sign of exactly how you will play the game... Afraid. Decent counselors, who know what they are doing, will rummage houses quickly to get objectives complete before shift even becomes a concern, barricading doors slows this down. After shift is a concern, counselors should take on their roles, runners should continue looting for parts and run them to objectives, repair people should go to objectives to fix the car, boat, etc., and fighters should have enough supplies to begin hassling Jason one on one. Once objectives are complete, the weak players can escape, and the other players can start fighting Jason and work toward a kill. I have no idea what you are talking about when you say a barricaded door indicates that a cabin might only need a double-check. Seeing an open door or window also tells me the cabin has already been looted. With the door barricaded, it cuts out one entry/exit point if Jason is tailing me. There is a reason that they programmed counselors to be able to open and shut doors quickly in the game. And anyway, if you are double checking a cabin correctly, it will take a similar amount of time as checking it the first time, so what you say here makes no sense. By the way, I didn't know calling people newbie, stupid, or foolish was a legit mechanic to advance conversation here, and saying that someone would "cream" themselves tells me your about 12 or 13 years old. Regardless, I will refrain from saying that you play like a pussy counselor in game. These "higher level" Jason players you refer to must only be level 25 or so because your play style gets you and others killed.
  9. Locking doors, unless Jason is directly trailing you, is a waste of time and makes play more difficult for others as it limits entrance and exit options. This has been discussed over and over again since release.
  10. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Stunning jason is bullshit

    Never mind. I see it. The wrench has one more block of durability than the frying pan. It matches the cooking pot.
  11. I've been playing on Xbox since launch, but now that the game was offered on PS4 for free, I figured I would start fresh and play with a new crowd. Unfortunately, no Savini Jason for me on PS4. Anyway, a of couple weeks into playing, I noted that the game has better visuals on PS4 than on Xbox. There is more fog throughout the camp, there are bugs flying around on porch and street lights, and the overall experience is much smoother. My question is this: Why?
  12. Killing Jason really is easy as pie at this point. Did it today on PS4 with a rank 9 player with no mic. Grabbed the sweater, found Tommy, a few flashlight clicks to change weapons, and off we went to hunt down Jason.
  13. x OLd ScRatCh x


    Of course there will be no new content, but "Uber Jason" as he is named and referred to, should be able to be added. It does not relate to the first movie. They just aren't going to do it.
  14. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Stunning jason is bullshit

    I actually find using the frying pan quite hilarious as I am guilty of grabbing a frying pan to taunt Jason on purpose, and the follow up "You want some more" from the counselor puts me into a laughing fit. The stun potential for the frying pan is equal to the wrench and better than the lead pipe. It's actually a weapon people should reconsider passing up, and I think it was done on purpose by the devs for humor. And honestly, if you get knocked upside the head with a frying pan, you probably won't die, and I guarantee you will be stunned for quite a bit.
  15. x OLd ScRatCh x

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    I'm going to say something nice here about illfonic, wait for it... Since the hotfix on Xbox, I have noticed a substantial improvement in getting from lobby into game. In some instances, I see the second lobby screen only for a few seconds. It also seems the game itself is smoother. There are still a ton of bugs like interaction locks, etc., but whatever they addressed with that hotfix was absolutely needed.