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  1. Hi im looking for players 18 plus to play with. Im gunna quit soon unless i find nice people. I'm sick of the abuse and idiot players or children. Ps4 gimp_fist
  2. Ive been off this game awhile for these reasons. Yesterday i had my first game in over a month and people where trying to run me over. They crashed i stole their car ran them over and escaped. karmas a bitch . I dont care anymore the fun has long since gone because people are bored now. After in chat i got nothing but abuse racially and physical threats and from adults no less. If you want to kill me feel free but when it backfires take it on the chin. These where clearly all friends in quick matches aswell.
  3. Yeah i get the connection timed out alot as well, what does it even mean? The game runs fine then just goes off.
  4. I agree my son might not be able to get a match and get upset.
  5. Ive loved horror and f13 since i was six im 33 now and horror inspired me to be the artist i am today. My son is ten and at a inquisitive age i have no problems with him seeing fictional violence as he knows its not real. He had a go as jason and destroyed a whole team of councilors on his first go. Personally i find its players attitudes id rather him not experience, not the game. It depends on the kid though i can appreciate kids being annoying but so are adults lol. To be fair there are worse things in the news these days that are real.
  6. So how does this happen, i died and whilst watching other players i got kicked.? It said i was idle for 120seconds. Do i have to change cameras at least once every 120 seconds lol
  7. I didn't know it was a region lock. The party is there and i can ask to view the match or purchase in store. Can't join a game and since i can only search in quick play etc etc well you get the jist.
  8. Wheres jason x or roy or pamela they would make decent additions. And a Manhattan and space stage. They dont want to jump the shark to soon. But if jason only had a mop at hand to kill with, he most certainly would .
  9. So when i get a match invite, the normal game invite screen just tells me to buy the game In store. So er whats that about?
  10. Maybe its part of the stranger things crossover adon, demogorgon vs jason in the upside down.
  11. Looking for players fathairypuff xbl and icelibra pls inv
  12. Took two hours for first game on ps4 and it was amazing when i actually got to play. Some dude crashed our four seater and got his ass crushed off jason as i ran off the two seater squished me into a tree. Good fun, the only game i really dont mind dying in. I also bought it for me and my friend on xbox and neither of us have even managed a match yet.
  13. Fathairypuff invites and friend requests
  14. Yesterday i got my timer to 30mins usually i just try and restart every five or so but yesterday i just give up. Private matches are the only way to go it seems atm.
  15. Fathairypuff not that i can find a match mind you. Been trying for hours.
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