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  1. whats so crazy about this post. explain. whats is so un proper.
  2. thats cool. ive just ran into alot of people who get upset over expanding the game because they want Manhattan map to b e first or what ever.but your idea of expanding camp forest green map is awesome.
  3. NO Camp forest Green was filmed in a very cool location with larger cabins. its not the same. whats wrong with these people who are against expanding the story and land of the game.
  4. well this thread makes perfect sense,others also agree.you seem to be lost yourself your ideas of troll and your perspective is weird.i never was banned i just didnt have anything to post until i went to game stop. im not going to just start posting irrelevant stuff and get banned,so i took a break. i cant wait to hear more updates about additional content.
  5. i say make the first savini skin available for purchase on the game store and give it to backers for free.then create a new exclusive savini jason skin for people who purchased the original on the backer kit.
  6. Yesterday i went to The Gamestop in Bridgewater Falls located In Hamilton Ohio Fairfeild Twp.I Waited for The Clerk to get done helping customers,then The Clerk came up to me and asked me if there is anything he could Help me with.I Said yes Do you Have That Friday The 13th game,he said not a physichal copy but digital download for sure.so i asked him how he thinks The Friday the 13th game is doing,He Said that he thinks it will win Game of the year awards,he said its selling like crazy,everyone is buying it but its getting ripped apart in video game reviews,i said thats because computer nerds hate horror games they only understand star wars and math,science etc.my opinion is that computer nerds that hate horror should not being doing horror game reviews.i cant stand when other people on the forum try to act like this game isnt that good and pretend like its not worth the money so that the creators wont charge for dlc maps.in My opinion i think The Illfonic And Gunmedia Team Should do a huge Podcast on October Friday the 13th with News on how well the game is selling and extra maps,charachters,expanded Full Campaign Story Mode with Diners,Rural Country Wooded Roads,Rural Grocery stores.Id Also love to Hear Wes Announce John Carpenters Halloween The Game Will Be Made By The Gunmedia AND Illfonic team.with funding announcements for The Hallowen The video game On Kickstarter.I would also like to see Sneak previews of The Manhattan Map on October Friday the 13th.PLEASE PEOPLE IF YOU GO TO GAMESTOP IN YOUR TOWN AND STATE PLEASE ASK THE CLERKS ABOUT HOW WELL THE FRIDAY THE 13TH THE GAME IS SELLING AND THEN POST YOUR EXPERIANCE IN THIS THREAD ALONG WITH WHAT STATE.
  7. maybe everything will be fixed and single player added this october 13th.with live podcast with questions and awnsers,video previews of new charachters and villans for the game.Halloween Game Kickstarter Announcement and plans to release and fund the game.Manhattan Map Exclusive preview suprise.
  8. well im not a game creator so me doing a podcast for this game would be insane. the creators are the only ones that know the official future plans for The GunMedia and Illfonic Game titles. other questions i have related to the Gunmedia and Illfonic gaming projects and company on October 13th are listed as follows. 1. will Halloween be designed by illfonic and Gunmedia,i hope they announce this title october friday the 13th. 2.can we get a huge preview of a possiable campaign story mode update patch on october 13th. 3.id like to see previews of other villians and charachters in the Friday the 13th franchise,id like to see previews for this october 13th.
  9. jasons grave is an awesome idea. i can tell that your a real horror fan.some people are complete idiots that are always looking for rational,scientific and special effects. but i can tell that your very into horror and have a creative mind. id like to see a complete graveyard level map dlc. with mausoleums that lead to an underground cave under crystal lake.
  10. my questios are all good questions,your sarcasm is retarted and makes no sense. why are my questions not worth awnsering.what makes your opinion better than mine.
  11. you have to have an imagination. now days everyone wants to pretend to stay balanced and professional and politically correct and smart.but on election day last year everyone said NO to all the normal,rational,crazy ,people. some people are too stupid to see a good idea when its presented.also most folks just dont want to risk falling out of crediability and loosing their face. alot of ideas i have suggested would work for story mode. a graveyard map dlc would make sense and add on to the franchise story. also Rob zombie does incredible art.im sure that modern, rational, scientific,proper,professional idiots have no clue about horror and metal culture or anything about Rob Zombie,all they know is that they hate red necks.
  12. well as a horror fan and a complete nut for anything strange,weird or gothic.id like to see something special on october friday the 13th.special revelations of future plans for the game. questions i woul;d like to ask is.when will physichal copies be available.will there be any o0ther special editions of the game in a bundle package.will we get a full campaign single player mode.
  13. bloodied weapons,jack o lanterns,hidden cabins. now that sounds like some really good ideas.id like to see a masoleum that secretly opens in the graveyard revealing very damaging items or books.id also like to see hidden cave that opens under a stone mausoleum in the graveyard revealing a cave,with secrets rooms that contain occult books and secret notes and clues about crystal lake.
  14. im hoping that they wil host a live podcast on october friday the 13th.so i was just brainstorming questions id like to ask WES or The ILLFONIC GUNMEDIA guys.id like to hear what other people on the forum would like to ask them on friday the 13th in october.
  15. 1. How many copies of the downloadable game sold on The Playstation store,Xbox,Steam store on the first day of release of the game. 2.is this f13th game one of the best sellers of the year. 3.can an extensive rural backroads,rivers and rural grocery stores,diners be added into a wooded road landscape in a full story campaign mode. these are just some of the questions id like to ask the GUNMEDIA ILLFONIC Team in a live podcast on Friday the 13th in October this year.
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