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  1. lol that scumbag former admin from reddit works for Illfonic....Wow the big picture is crystal clear now. For me personally I'm done; I am tapping out Gun/Illfonic you have beat me into submission. Enjoy the 65$ its not much money as there were a ton of others who put up much more at the end of the day. In the end it is not really about the money at all, its about how you have decided you were going to handle yourselves as a business. I personally will never do business with anything associated with either company as they stand right now. Trust between a customer/business is something I do actually think matters and you have a very very long road to climb back up. Nothing you guys say seems genuine to me. Responses come only after negative press starts appearing. Its like we needed that Septa from Game of Thrones following you guys around saying shame so we can get some dialog going on the current state of things. I get that you don't you want to hear anger, criticism and what you consider people being haters. I understand this more than you could ever know as I have dealt with that at my job just not at volume of people you get it from. At one point in the whole 2 month debacle I was hoping to see something resembling a person being real. Something like "Look we fucked up; we weren't ready for this. We rushed our release to bring you guys this great game asap/beat out dbd/needed additional capital(insert whatever). Here is how we are going to fix it now.(roadmap it)" Anything like that would get all the respect in the world from me as a customer and as a professional. Instead we got "We know it sucks" x1000 on the main f13 twitter account and then another x1500 on the support page twitter. I cant speak for anyone but myself. For me personally I was taken back by the early access for streamers and "press"(lets forget about the real people who helped fund this). I was then annoyed when Randy did his Friday stream on the PC version and said next week xbox! He proceeding to not stream for the next 3 weeks with a new excuse each time. Meanwhile we all knew the real reason. Maybe he will do it tonight? Everyone has tried different methods to get discussions with the devs going. Discord they kiss their asses and dont discuss the game outside of its MS/Sony/Steams fault; reddit they had a worker create the sub reddit so anything disparaging was removed; Their official forums they avoid like the plague. Here has been surprisingly the most neutral of all places....I commend them/mods for that; you have people like me who are very critical ignored, others like rskdoom(spelling?) who isnt critical(more of a defender!) pleading for some for some sort of communication ignored. Yet some hack video game magazine that ive never heard of post a couple negative articles you all come flying in! Its pretty comical... I wish the players who remain the best of luck and continue to keep fighting the good fight and hopefully these guys can get their shit together
  2. Looking forward to your update since I can't be on til Friday. I hope its good I mean if MS approved it has to be a step in the right direction
  3. Because to be blunt they dont know what they are doing. They released their game as an alpha via steam and went through the pains of development. Once again illfonic on discord(having to say this time and time again burns my ass) said of the week of July 13th patch was being submitted. So assuming they were not lying you can come to the conclusion that once again the patch did not address any of the issue and MS rejected it for what I gather at least the 3rd time. Other Dev studios seem to be able to work with UE4 and MS. So the expertise is clearly not where it needs to be and thus why XB1users say we have a beta version of the game.
  4. lol the only reason they are being thorough now is because MS said enough of this sloppiness. I'm just so fired up today about this and I cant even explain it smh
  5. If wanting a game paid for to be working 2 months post release is being ungrateful then I will gladly take the title of biggest whiniest entitled elitist privileged worstest adorable xbox customer of all time and say thank you
  6. Yea I couldn't imagine them being hardcore ball breakers like that if the badge is legit. Like I love San Diego but that event would be too much for me lol...and I was just down in Venice last week so I told my cousin he is on his own goodluck haha
  7. My cousin is taking his son down there and its a nightmare. You purchase a laminated badge with your info when you buy the tickets, but people resell them...So I believe what he is going to do is check it out and make sure they are not IDing people and if its good he will buy them from a reseller. Basically a huge pain in the ass; but for a 7 year old will probably be a fun time.
  8. No clue as to the purpose via discord as always
  9. Well you know what its unfortunate that he(they) is going through that for sure, but it still doesn't excuse them from not doing their jobs. My perception of them and Illfonic are they have a laissez faire attitude when it comes to us as customers. It is not like we are here asking them for dlc or to nerf/buff gameplay. We are simply wanting what we paid for 2 months after the fact...But hey great news guys the teams are heading to San Diego for Comic Con. There goes 5-10k wasted while the game is still broken
  10. 2 more of my friends got their refunds over the weekend...so from our solid group of 12 we are down to 3. I am stuck and the other 2 just don't care. I look at Gun/Illfonic and to say I am aggravated with them is really a huge understatement. They made me look like shit for recommending this and as of Sunday the last of the 8 I talked into getting this game has refunded. People want to point out how "responsive" they are via twitter/fb but its really all smoke and mirrors. They are just appearing to be responsive without actually being responsive.
  11. If any of you live near San Diego you can ask them in person since some of them will be at Comic Con(per an announcement on discord go figure..) I have pretty much resigned myself to this is the game we are getting on xbox; Illfonic is way over their heads and 3 platforms is clearly too much. Bringing in hired guns hasn't helped either as they still cant seem to resolve the crippling memory leak. A lot of people seem to still be putting the majority of the blame MS for not allowing them to push through patches that are still broken. For once I am onboard with how MS is handling this. Let's be honest what would the point be of having a new patch that still includes the main issue we are all having?
  12. He also said on reddit this.... So it goes from video proof to trust due to professional experience or vice versa.
  13. Well according to this there was so I am not sure
  14. well if they helped Jason to the 2 banned idiots then that's grounds for a punishment and not just a "stern talk"(whatever that means??). The logic is because one of them is friends or rather colleagues with someone from Illfonic they got a pass for their roles in this shitstorm. And that also is wrong. I will say good for the banned person on not outing the other people's names as he could really have caused some chaos.
  15. They definitely got the right people banned, but see the attached for why people are up in arms about "favoritism" @AldermachXI . Going by their own rules all 5 of them should have had a ban of some sort.