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  1. Just had an encounter with a team killer who would get into the car, then run over everybody consistently. Every match. DeezCashews, works with WealthyChicken. Yes I'm saying their names. Everyone needs to know about this literal mass TKing and the fact that it completely ruins the game.
  2. 1.8 gig download just kicked in. 1.8 gig means I won't be playing that anytime for the next four hours. Soooooooo yup. guess I'mma play some hearts of iron or terraria instead
  3. I would say that they do need to start working on how they handle PR. Maybe instead of saying the update would be out by the 20th they should've said "By the 21st" and then tried to get it through on the 20th.
  4. But applying cold to a burn can cause the burn injury to actually worsen
  5. I wish I got the Stalk ability before the Sense ability. In the early game sense isn't as needed, given the amount of people and the lack of range on it. However in the early game Stalk is super amazingly awesome, because people still haven't really explored all the buildings so you can actually find a building and "stalk" in it and SCARE THE JEESUS out of someone. But I'm a weirdo
  6. Well given they tweeted 4 hours ago about how they were starting to implement it.. I'm betting they hit a snag.
  7. They're just trying to hype us up and make us feel awesome and in turn it's biting them in the butt because people are inherently impatient.
  8. I don't mind if they show dead bodies...AFTER you find them. One of the best things about this game is the fact that you can actually get freaked out a bit when your character runs int oa corpse because... Jason's chasing you, you're running into a building, slam the door, turn, OHMY GOD THERES A CORPSE AHH! screams your character as the camera tries to focus on it. Loves it I do.
  9. Honestly I kind of feel the length of time you hold your breath isn't long enough, versus how LOUD YOU ARE when you breathe afterwards. I mean it's like a pack of Vanessa's just ran through the house whenever someone starts going GASP AIR AIR GASP GASP GASP.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of clock in maybe the major Lodge or something which starts at 12:00 and ticks through to 12:20. Or some such. That way there's a way to check, but it's also endangering yourself if you want to.
  11. I fixed the two seater car in one game and then tossed the keys to two of the last four survivors to go on without me. Tommy can last a looonngg time alone so I opted to try the Time Out victory. Guys were thanking me after the match, made me feel like a boss <3
  12. I've seen and caught plenty of counselors via seeing their flashlight.. but I could also catch them via sense. Personally when I'm counselor I just keep it on. I used to never use it, but I've ended up evading his "sense" check more often via having it on at all times.
  13. Boobs sell. Nobody else is putting out a solid legal front for "Adult only" games and Steam is catching on to the fact that they can make millions off of it.
  14. Jason's already overpowered so Pay to Win kind of..doesn't work. I mean you can, if you're abusive enough, kill someone in the first like ten seconds of a match with Part 3 Jason. I'd much rather take Savini over the "Can Run" Jasons any day. Those guys scare me
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/0/2741975115069695828/ http://www.esrb.org/ratings/faq.aspx#2 ESRB is voluntary. It costs money to do, so a lot of companies(Indies especially) will opt out of doing it if they're publishing via Steam. Steam in turn does not require an ESRB rating. Some companies are now using this to their advantage to put games out on Steam that would normally get "Adult Only" ratings. The Adult Only Rating is considered by a lot of developers and publishers as a deathmark. A lot of retailers refuse to sell Adult Only video games, and I believe some game companies such as Nintendo actively discourage the existence of those types of games on their system. https://www.polygon.com/2014/2/10/5397680/the-cold-war-on-the-ao-rating-must-stop-if-gaming-is-to-grow-up
  16. I'm not sure where you're getting this "Host" thing from, given that the game runs off of dedicated servers and everybody has visible pings(None of which are 0). Or are you talking about one of the Console versions? I'm a PC Player.
  17. I'm a PC Player, but that's a pretty neat thing. Didn't know the XBox live system had that in place.
  18. I'm sorry but Shift + Grab basically is a black hole. It's darned near impossible to escape if you're against a top notch Jason player. No I am not one of those. I miss half my shift grabs
  19. I'd say 1.5 - 2 seconds. 3-5 is way too long. I've had people consistently get out of my grips at around 4 seconds. I was using the Jason with weak grip strength.
  20. This link is a bit old but...y'know, tada https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/458604254458291493/~
  21. It only seems like the PSN and Microsoft systems make releasing games on them difficult, arduous, and barely worth the hassle in comparison to Steam. I also know Steam doesn't require ESRB whereas PSN/Microsoft require it don't they?
  22. I'm currently keeping two sets of perks for two counselors. I have "Sense Avoidance/Fear Reduction" for when I play Jenny. Basically I have Homebody + Low Profile + the darkness resistance one. It makes me nigh impossible to find if I go silent mode in a house. I'm probably going to trade out the homebody when I get a level headed epic. And when I play as Buggsy I'm trying out a batting approach. I have the stun duration increasor and the start with a bat, plus thick skinned. My strategy with him is to run interference for the other counselors and try to keep them alive by drawing heat.
  23. Motorboat. If there is no motorboat then I try to find the phone box. It tends to spawn in one of like three spots in every Packanack match I've played. If you spawn in the lodge turn the radio on. It can save your life! Also loot the second floor immediately if you're at the lodge. Once Jason has his "sense" ability it makes looting the entire building very dangerous.
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