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  1. Im ready for another Jason movie as long as it isnt done "The Hills Have Eyes" way like the reboot.._ And screw the "Origin" bulls#%t while we are at it. My children know who Jason is and what his "original" back story is. Get Jason back on screen doing what he excells at, killing people at and around Crystal Lake. Thats what I want anyway._. With good writers and no "jason jumping bodies" bs, you cant go wrong with a classic horror icon doing what he does best. #RevivetheSlasher
  2. Played just fine yesterday and cant even get in a match today. This is rediculous
  3. This sucks. Anyone who delved into the F13 name has either tarnished or just screwed it up in long run. 13 not so lucky after all.
  4. Took a long break from the game. Only lvl 73ish. Found 2 pam tapes back to back in 2 games. None since
  5. Our opinions were asked and I gave mine. No whining about it. Just truth from my end and I am not alone. You ASSuming anything just makes an ass out of yourself and I didnt get all petty and attack someone's comment until you lil trolls tried singling me out. Dont like acomment, then move on. I am free to express my opinion even if you snowflakes dont agree or like it. Everyone cannot pleased all the time. Get over yourself and move on. There is a block option. I SUGGEST you use it or I can next time i bother to visit these forums where I was under the impression we were allowed to give an opinion when asked instead of keyboard warriors thinking they run jack and shit and jack left town buddy
  6. Save your energy for who gives a shit. A questioned was asked and i answered like many others answered in their own way. Go back to your mothership.
  7. Nothing right now. PK's still run rampant. Love watching a game for 18 minutes in five diff lobbies with dumbasses who want to ruin a game
  8. My internet is fine . F13 ONLY game with shit connection. I want the devs to fix their broken game and delete anything that even half ass blames connection on us damn players. End rant
  9. I have done this several times. Known bug that just isnt cleared up yet. Items still glitching in ground though. Happened to me with fuse 10 minutes ago. Couldnt pick it up. Game spoiler right there
  10. I'd just like the game to work right and not get lvl zeroed again and lose my cp and then get database login failures again. Utterly fukin rediculous at this point in time
  11. Followed a couple glitchers onto Pak roof yesterday since one had battery up there n it was 1 car 1 boat. Other guy had shotgun n made quick work of me after i got 2 hits in on the rotten bitch with the battery._.
  12. Yep. I agree as of right now. Fix your broken game. I've had more trouble in the last hour than all of launch weekend. So anyone who says it isn't broken right now is living in a fantasy land i wanna visit
  13. PS4 here also. My net is running perfect and it keeps saying im losing connection. More like this game needs a damn overhaul! I didnt have this much trouble on launch weekend! Friggin rediculous!
  14. One game i found keys battery and gas in one big cabin. Even though i won the lottery that game i never lived to see my payday as an elephant brought Jason by while i was going for driver door and he tunnelled me hard. Its rare but does happen.
  15. Glitchers to the left of me! TK'ers to the right! Here I am! Stuck in the middle with Host has left the game! Thx for playing
  16. Yea. I hear that. Think they should have went the route someone suggested and did 10 or 15 lvl reqs for each Jason. Again though, that would have made launch crappier than it was lol
  17. Do u have to kill or be killed by it or maybe hit Jason or escape a grab by it? Seen it also but never got anything for it. Even killed 3 fence glitchers there
  18. If im Jason ill ss so i can block em n leave. If not, ill try to kill em for being exploiters and ruining game for everyone else.
  19. I have a 47 or 49 percent epic one i have a 50 percent fear in dark reduction one
  20. Higgins has a similar one at the lodge with one of the addon shed like things. I posted in the bug section about it under the roof one also
  21. I understand what your saying but im saying is that if i have to purchase a dlc to aqquire said Jason i wont ever buy it if i cant use him right away. So no more lvl unlocks for future Jason unless we get em free
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