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  1. Maybe. But I fell like they raised a good amount during the kickstarter and sold a ton of copies on multiple platforms. Not to mention the paid DLC. I don't know what it costs to produce a map, but it seems to me they've probably made enough to include a few more (when it was possible).
  2. Why would that have been the last map? There were more source maps to pull from and I'm sure some could have been imagined. To me, maps are more important than characters and I always thought that should have been the focus of upgrades and/or DLC.
  3. While we're at it, I think the locations of all knives, health sprays, tapes, and Jason's shack should be on the map, but only when someone goes through a window. Tommy should also be called, but this should require someone barricading a door in a cabin. Some of these things are just too difficult to find or hard to remember.
  4. I enjoy the game very much and I still enjoy playing as Jason. To be honest, I haven't seen much change in my kill rates since the new patch (typically 6+/8). With that said, my main problem with this game is Jason is always in more of a defensive position than what he is (to me) in the movies...a hunter. When a match begins, I have to teleport to the phone or car and trap that. I then wait to teleport again to the other car/phone I didn't trap first. The rest of the match is spent defending those two primary objectives so the counselors don't complete them. There's no real hunting or stalking like in the movies. It's more like "Aha! I caught you trying to put that gas in!" or "Oh crap....did they just call the cops?" I was too busy defending the car and just burned a morph... Again, I love the game and, more importantly, the franchise. But this isn't Jason...people running around him laughing, stunning him for the lulz, tea bagging, healing after being hit with a knife for the 2nd or third time, healing after jumping from the 2nd story of a house. Jason isn't feared or respected. He's a shell of what he's supposed to be.
  5. Deborah Kim because I love that repair! I've got a few stealth perks with her that makes it tough for Jason to detect me. She's also pretty good with a bat.
  6. I wish they would do this for counselors, too...
  7. How about a scare cat? You know in part 6(?) when the cat jumps out of the closet and scares the chick? What if a random cat hissed and ran across a cabin?
  8. I think it would help if the last person alive could kill Jason, maybe through an environmental kill like hanging him in the barn, getting 5 hits in with a machete and the last one kills him ala part 4, whatever. If the Tommy character was the last alive they could use a boat, have to find a chain and rock (mini-game), and drown him.
  9. I've installed and uninstalled 4-5 now and still get the game to launch. Help is greatly appreciated!
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