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  1. You can try turning the game off then launch it again I worked for me
  2. Caliph thank you for the answer I know how it works I'm just saying you know, helping to improve the gameplay. Oh Speaking about the traps, brings me back to another bug I have found : If a counselor places a trap like lets say she or he (I'm not discriminating) will be inside a house placing it in the door frame, and some other counselors want to disable this trap from outside they will get slammed into it.
  3. So the whole match she was driving like that with her hatch open, casually she escaped though
  4. Hi there, So I've been playing a while, and wanted to buy perks now but when I am trying to do so, it just shuffles for a while and then gives me an Error like : " Error! An error has occurred with your purchase. " Also another thing that I noticed is that when you're trying to place a trap near the stairs, basically any stairs and you get too close to them then after placing a trap you're inside the stairs and pretty much stuck.
  5. Logged in but I lost my experience, I am level 0 now
  6. PC doesn't work either, I am patient though, we have to be, don't spread hate you guys : "Be a Lachappa in the World of Vanessas"
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