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  1. Will do, I'll be on a bit later in the day, and the evening for sure, and I have a few good players on my friends list already so hopefully we'll get something going.
  2. Please add me, I'm in Europe, have a mic: RandyShirtless
  3. Same thing happening on PS4 since the new patch. Everything worked fine before but now nobody can talk. Not just random people, I can't hear my friends in in-game party either.
  4. He says something about his mom on occasion in a surprisingly unfitting voice? What the hell man, I never even met your mom, I'm sure she's a nice lady with a fine taste in sweaters. Not sure about the spawns, I always spawn alone as AJ and that's how I like it!
  5. Hey, I will always remember my first escape, finally after getting slaughtered 5 times, blindly driving the car backwards to safety as 3 people depended on my mad driving skills. If this stuff was easy it wouldn't be special.
  6. Yeah, I don't understand these complaints at all about Jason being too powerful. This is exactly what I expected. It's so satisfying when you finally manage to escape. A job well done.
  7. Please do something about the guy in a hockey mask. He keeps grabbing me and killing me. All I want is to sing some camp fire songs but he's not having it. (please don't ever nerf Jason, you did a great job Gun Media, don't listen to those who don't get it)
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