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  1. NightofthePodcast


    Been here since launch (not super long), but as @Slasher_Clonesaid, most only check in...like me
  2. No Fricken Idea because I'm on PS4, but I would love to know. Been playing since release and used to spend 4+ hours a day playing. I actually haven't played for the past 2 months or so because reasons.
  3. NightofthePodcast

    Packanack Roof glitch is back!!

    Well that is upsetting. I haven't played the game in awhile because I got burned out, and this makes me not want to come back. Don't get me wrong, I like the game; I just can't stand crap like this.
  4. NightofthePodcast

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Isn't the fact that his name is Jason something that would potentially cause problems. Mrs. Voorhees says "his name was Jason" in the first movie. They would have to change it to hockey masked killer or something if a deal isn't reached; that's just speculation of course.
  5. NightofthePodcast

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I hope the same, but I mean the man didn't want to settle with Miller in the 2 years prior to the cutoff date. I'm putting my money on him appealing. I don't want that to happen, but given the circumstances and his apparent stubborn nature I feel that's the way it's going to go down. ? Please let me be wrong.
  6. I agree, but it will be a good time while it lasts. At least the month of October will be an enjoyable one for F13 fans!
  7. With F13 being one of the free games for the month of October, who's ready to slash away/murder at all the new players? Should be fun!
  8. If they bring back the original load screens get ready for the "I thought there was no new content...Why are there new load screens" people. Also, the content I miss the most is the AJ crab walk when she was running away in the opening Packanack scene. Just saying. Made me smile every time.
  9. NightofthePodcast

    Pinehurst Glitch/Exploit?

    I guess I should have been more specific. Play the game the way it was meant to be played. You're not meant to be stuck in a chimney or on a rock where you can't be reached and objectives can't be accomplished the way they were intended. If you want to stand around and dance in a cabin, go for it.
  10. NightofthePodcast

    Pinehurst Glitch/Exploit?

    I have not seen this one. I don't understand people that use exploits. Standing around and dancing or just staying in one spot is boring AF. Why not just play the game?
  11. NightofthePodcast

    That moment when even the servers doesn't work.

    The gameplay is super smooth, which is nice, but in my first game as Jason I got disconnected from the server. Just saying. The other five games I played were good, but that first one...
  12. NightofthePodcast

    A Question About Balance

    I agree with @HuDawg. This is where DbD got it right IMO. You have checkpoints when healing; you can't just use med spray for 2 seconds and be healed. In DbD the killer is OP because the killer should be OP. In horror movies, the killer is typically always OP. Don't get me wrong, I love F13; I like it more than DbD, but the F13 Devs dropped the ball when too many people were complaining that Jason was too OP. They caved in and made it easier to beat him up and took the fun out of being Jason. You're not playing as young Jason in this game. He shouldn't be getting bullied like he does, he should be feared.
  13. NightofthePodcast

    A Question About Balance

    I've been playing a lot of DbD lately and not F13 so much because I got burnt out and tired of hosts quitting. I enjoy both games, but they are different. I feel it's more fun to be Jason in F13 than the killers in DbD, but it is more fun to play as a survivor in DbD due to the upgrade/perk system. Overall, I'm more of a fan of F13. The game, although far from perfect, just plays better and is a more enjoyable experience, if with a good party.
  14. Uber. Definitely Uber. I mean, he's already in the game. Duh! Hahahahahahahaha. I agree with you 100% BTW.
  15. NightofthePodcast

    Can't hear the boat?

    All people want to do is complain.