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  1. That blows. I've seen the same thing happen with players of every level. Bottom line is that people suck regardless of their skill/level. Ha. I recommend PMs, which I haven't played in over 6 months, but that's your best bet.
  2. NightofthePodcast

    Hiding out on map undetected - Packanack

    Super weird and crappy. 😕 Hopefully someone else will have more suggestions or may know something.
  3. NightofthePodcast

    Hiding out on map undetected - Packanack

    Were they possibly in the water at the edge of the map (not the corner) or an outhouse?
  4. This right here. It's nice packaging of a game that is going to more than likely die. I understand that they've been working on this edition for months/years, but at what point does it actually matter since there will be no future content? The game will get stale to people if it already hasn't. It's great to hear that bugs will be fixed, but fixing a bug isn't new content. You want to bring in a new audience and keep a solid player base? Be openly honest with the people that support you, continually respond to questions, and don't shove repackaged products at the fans/the world for a game where it was stated that "We can’t keep building content that may never see the light of day. That’s bad business.”
  5. I'm glad someone gets it. I agree with every word you said and am happy you took the time to type it instead of me. Thank you.
  6. My best guess is the game is done (I'm sad because I love it) and anything "new" that comes out after the lawsuit will be entirely different; meaning, a new game (part 2). That's all speculation of course as I know nothing . Cool pic and thanks for the info @MrCaffeine
  7. NightofthePodcast

    Tapes collected during event

    Do you open drawers? 😂 Seriously though, that sucks. I think I have about 8 total (Level 136) and have been playing since Day 1. Though I do have the 8, I haven't listened to any of them.
  8. You can bet your ass I'm holding on to hope because I don't want the game to die. I have been waiting 25+ years for a video game where I can play as one of my favorite horror icons. Is the game perfect? Hell no, but I enjoy playing it and the experiences I have had.
  9. NightofthePodcast

    An Idea...

    I completely agree. I was super excited for that game. I remember watching that trailer and thinking "about damn time someone made a summer camp slasher video game". Oh well.
  10. NightofthePodcast

    Tapes collected during event

    I found a tape on my first match yesterday. I only played about 2.5 hours, and in that time I got a total of two tapes, which is more than I have ever found any other time.
  11. Got ya. Yeah, that makes sense. I can see that happening. Here's to hoping that's not the case.
  12. I wouldn't worry about that. If the content was created before the lawsuit it should be fine to include in the book.
  13. Ugh. Well that's disappointing. That is definitely one of the more aggravating problems with the game; Jason's inability to take a hit.
  14. Looking forward to see what actually changed despite the notes.
  15. NightofthePodcast


    I feel the emotes have their place and are fun, but people will exploit everything given the chance. I agree that the time should have been spent elsewhere, but all you really have to do to create an emote is create and animation, which isn't incredibly time consuming.