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  1. Final update for the game...roll it back to the original release. Ha!
  2. Because of the "if it's in the game, it's fair play" mentality.
  3. No one has time for that. You mean you want people to do research before they complain/post?
  4. I don't feel it's a horrible idea; it's similar to DbD and the Decisive Strike like HowAreYa stated. There are times when another player is nearby and I know they would help me out by hitting Jason instead of me having to use my knife, which would definitely come in handy. That's the one benefit I could see if this feature was implemented, but no new content so...
  5. Time to come back to the game for the weekend. Ha. I'm actually looking forward to playing as it's been awhile.
  6. Welcome to online gaming. Ha. I only talk crap to my friends. I never boast or trash talk random players, even if they're being rude. I try to keep quiet unless completing an objective or just having a casual conversation. People just want to get a rise out of you. Just mute em.
  7. @HaHaTrumpWon I was wondering the exact same thing. It's super weird and crappy either way.
  8. Backed the game, played for a year, and stopped playing. It was a fun game, but the playerbase was toxic, and it was difficult to find a good lobby. Maybe I'll play again this summer just for the sake of playing. It sounds like things have gotten bad. I check the forums regally for any updates and to see what people are saying, but I haven't played in long ass time.
  9. I haven't played the new patch, but it sounds like it's back to being better again. I feel Jason should be OP. For me, it should be more challenging trying to survive/escape than it is to kill someone. The game is about teamwork on the part of counselors. Working together to accomplish an escape or offing Jason.
  10. I backed the game and haven't played in months due to the toxic nature of the player base; granted, not all players are toxic. It just became a joke playing as Jason. I'm not an avid gamer, but when Jason is getting "picked on" because the mechanics of the game allowed him to be chain stunned, and when people starting telling those playing as Jason to "git good" because he would constantly get knocked down, I put the game on the back burner. Glad to hear the issue has been fixed, though it sounds a tad extreme.
  11. Been here since launch (not super long), but as @Slasher_Clonesaid, most only check in...like me
  12. No Fricken Idea because I'm on PS4, but I would love to know. Been playing since release and used to spend 4+ hours a day playing. I actually haven't played for the past 2 months or so because reasons.
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