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  1. When I get on my ps4 I can send the screenshot. I'm not sure how to do that here
  2. I go to the trophy last night when I threw a counselor through the window from outside.
  3. I was playing on the higgens small map. And the tool shed was not on the map. I was in the building but the map was blank.
  4. Tai_6969 have mic looking for regular players add me
  5. Ps4 usa tai_6969 have mic
  6. USA player tai_6969. Have a mic
  7. Played a game where I was looking for a battery for a car that already had gas. Found the keys and a battery so I ran to the car to find another person installing the other battery. So I hopped in we drove away and escaped. And I felt bad because the other people were looking for the other battery that I had when I escaped.
  8. tai_6969 add me I have a mic too
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