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  1. To everybody that said landline phones. THANK YOU!
  2. Is it logic that counselors can hear music in their head when Jason is near? I didn't know they all shared the Hootie and the Blowfish connection with PC Principle from South Park. What I'm saying is, is that is a big flaw in the game, it's something that actually breaks it. It would be like getting in the car and starting it but you don't have the battery. Get the picture? You will always need a battery to start that car, and the same goes for a phone call, you need the power.
  3. I've noticed a problem that breaks all barriers of logic in Friday the 13th: The Game that needs to be fixed. If the Power is shut off in the area where the phone is located, meaning Jason has broken the Power Box. But still, you CAN repair and call 911 while the Power is completely off! That makes absolutely ZERO sense seeing you need the Power to make that phone box operate. Now I'd be okay with this if it was based in modern times due to the advancements in technology. But in every single horror movie, like Halloween 4, they acknowledge the fact the they cannot use the phones because the power is down, which was back in the 90's. This is all the way back in the 80's, it's almost unacceptable for me to believe in like 1984, you can call 911 after Jason has taken an axe to the Power Box and actually make a call. Please GunMedia! See the flaw in this one and fix it because it does make the game partially broken.
  4. Has anyone gone into a game and noticed after you died that almost all of the other counselors are hiding? I noticed this early in a match playing on Higgins Haven and it really bothered me. So much so that when I got lucky and was resurrected as Tommy Jarvis that I went to my dead body, and picked up the firecrackers and headed to their cabin and set them off to alert Jason over to that specific cabin. Does this make me a bad counselor? I felt it was appropriate revenge for them playing like cowards.
  5. I looked and didn't see a topic on it but I could've missed seeing I am a human. I was pondering a thought. With GunMedia and illFonic doing Friday The 13th Game. What are the chances that in the next couple years they might do another game? Another game with another horror movie franchise? What do you think the chances are of us seeing the possibility of Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger or even Leatherface get their own video game? I personally would love to be able to chainsaw someone down in a skin mask or maybe even get a little stabby on Halloween...
  6. This is a great idea but then people in parties or friends who join friends will use it to boost. So if my friend is Jason and another friend is a counselor then I need to bet on my friend and tell my other friend not to kill them...
  7. After playing a few games in Private I came across a few things that I feel should be worked with: It takes Jason way too long to recover from the flare gun and from the firecrackers. He's completely still for 10 seconds and this is JASON FREAKING VOORHEES. I'd say 5 seconds at the most for you to regain control of him. If Tommy Jarvis hits you with a blunt weapon you fall to the ground immediately which is too overpowered. I do understand Jarvis is a hero yes but no Jarvis isn't gonna out power Jason when it comes to a melee battle. The infinite running around couches, tables, cars, rocks, and jumping through windows back and forth over and over again. Either Jason should be able to destroy some of these objects like the tables and couches and some fences or there should be a MASSIVE drop in the stamina when doing this or an option to kick said troll from game. Also if a counselor is hiding way off in the middle of nowhere, not near anything. Just like a corner on the edge of the map. Their icon should pop up on Jason's map showing where they are unless they move a specified distance so it keeps the game interesting and intense. When Jason does morph to you the blurriness in the game is way too overpowering and you can't see where you are going. It just needs to be a little reduced. These are the small unbalanced issues I have noticed in the game.
  8. So far after waiting over 9 hours to play Friday the 13th on the Xbox One. I've already noticed quite a few issues that need to be ironed out ASAP. Almost impossible to find a public match. Other counselors can stand in front of the car to troll and prevent you from moving. Because they can't leave with you. You get kicked while driving the car because it registers that you've been inactive for 120 seconds. People get disconnected out of the lobbies, including Jason. The private match feature is partially broken. I was not able to join a few random people because the game said the connection failed. My game froze and crashed while trying to find a public match. After searching for a match for over 5 minutes the game self cancelled my search. These are just some of the problems I have noticed. I was super hyped for this game but now I'm feeling rather empty and filled with regret after buying this. I hope you fix these issues very very soon or it might sink to the bottom of the lake much like Jason did.
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