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  1. It’s not just YouTubers getting away with it. Everyone gets away with it. There is no regulation what so ever. This forum is more regulated than the game.
  2. Finally earned mine on Saturday after playing this game since launch. I think I would of gotten it sooner, but we had a period when games would end if host quit.
  3. That’s a load, it was terrible at release. I got stuck in the closet the very first game. Lobby wait times were 20 plus minutes, you couldn’t pick up other people’s items when they died, you got stuck it windows, you could hit Jason over a closed door, etc
  4. No word on a hot fix? I think that lack of actions says it all.
  5. I had trouble with a window kill in pinehurst and a knife kill in a cabin in paca
  6. I’m sure it has been mentioned a dozen times already, but environmental kills don’t work. Not a very good patch.
  7. This debate again? It’s 2016 all over again. I bought him when he was available for $5 on the PS Store. Don’t care what people think, I took advantage of an opportunity that was available to me.
  8. Sales for this game are not going to skyrocket no matter what they do. Any new content would mostly bring preexsisting players who don’t play anymore. Most casual gamers already have moved on to other games. This game has 0 percent chance of getting new content regardless of outcome. As for me personally, I’ll be playing until they pull the plug, or another company makes a better sequel.
  9. Once you get killed it’s no big deal. Yes it sucks being killed, but it will eventually happen no matter how good you are at this game. When you have 7 vs 1, the 7 have the advantage if they know what to do. I consider myself a pretty good Jason and I’ve been killed many times. The first time was right after the engine upgrade.
  10. I usually get the sweater before Jason can shift, so even if he does come after me at the shack, it won’t help.
  11. If you don’t like kill squads, don’t play as Jason. I come across rage quiting Jason’s all the time, and they are more annoying than a kill squad. As Jason, I love playing kill squads because it helps improve the way I play. If I die, no big deal. I’ll just try again next time.
  12. This is not hard to do and can be accomplished in the first 2 mins
  13. It’s not that hard to kill Jason. 75% of the time, a counselor will spawn at or near the Tommy house. Also, if you get the sweater before Jason gets shift he’s not hard to outrun. Even with the trapped shack, you only need to tank one to get in. Killing Jason really isn’t very hard.
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