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  1. Any updates? Can’t even get past the Jason killing screen anymore. Anyone up for private match? Will that even work?
  2. Yes it is, but it’s not because Jason is weaker. It’s because counselors team killed each other, other counselors hid escape items, escape items couldn’t be picked up after a counselor died with them, counselors would get stuck in closets, I could go on. The game was buggy and terrible 3 years ago.
  3. I am guessing the next update will be the last update.
  4. I suicide just to see how salty Jason gets, usually when I’m the last one alive, limping with no items. What’s even funnier is when I’m Jason next match and they suicide right away. I’ll usually let everyone else live and let the game run a full 20 mins.
  5. That is very helpful. Not sure which ones I’ve done already. I’ll probably just go through them one by one.
  6. Can anyone list the unique environmental kills in each map? I know there is the graveyard fence kill in Higgins. What are the other ones?
  7. Experienced it for the first time yesterday. Yes, it’s very annoying
  8. I like how developers are adding more customizable options for private match. Any chance you’d be able to toggle item marking on and off?
  9. Any fan events going on with the game? I’ll settle for full lobby with people who have mics who aren’t dushbags and play the game for fun.
  10. I agree 100 percent. I hate the try hard crowds, they get upset if they don’t win every time and blame everyone else. This is why I don’t like to use mics either.
  11. Anyone else having trouble getting on dedicated servers? USA here. Did Gun pull the plug?
  12. Same boat here. I don’t even like to hear what people are saying. Never understood being cocky over a video game.
  13. Sweet, I had fun playing with you. Hopefully we can start a party soon.
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