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  1. Personally, I think releasing this version is a mistake and it will cause them to lose further money. The hardcore Jason fans have either bought multiple versions of the game and just feel burned by developers to the point they refuse to give Gun more money, or they have moved on to a different game. I get it, Gun is looking for a way to continue to make money from the game. Like many people have stated on here, lower the price on existing versions would of been the better strategy. It is what it is though. I personally bought the game when it was on backernet for $30 (a few days before they raised the price). Then I spent $5.99 on Savini, and another $1.99 on the clothing. I didn't want to spend more than $40 on this game.
  2. Another guess of mine is it is some kind of technicality. They are probably saying the poster is free with the game. I know companies do this type of thing all the time (pre-order and get a free poster).
  3. Sure, what do you need help with? Time management? Goal attainment? How to be a productive member of society? Lesson #1 Your opinions and research about this game (much like my own) don't mean shyt.
  4. Why do people confuse defending someone with not being negative toward someone. If someone is a complete jerk, I don't go on social media to make sure everyone knows how much of a jerk this person is. I just ignore them and chose not to associate with them. Just because I don't talk crap about gun, doesn't mean I am defending them. I personally think it's silly seeing grown adults get this upset over a video games. It's like do these complainers even have a family? A job? Do they vote? Do they help their community? With everything going on in the world, video games is way down on my list in terms of what to be angry about.
  5. You can make all the demands you want. The company is in no way obligated to proved forum members with every marketing, business decision they make. My guess is they had the ultimate edition planned from the beginning, and had the posters and masks lying around for this purpose. Since the items were already completed, they are not considered new content. That's just my guess though. As forum posters, I would just like to point out though that yes GunMedia botched their first major release and made numerous mistakes, this community hasn't exactly been sunshine and rainbows, and it's unrealistic to receive information about every little development change or marketing strategy. Many members of this community have had a sense of entitlement since day one.
  6. You and other can be as upset as you want. Guess how much it matters, and guess how much of a difference it will make in regards to the future of the game. Need a hint? 0 Yes I know I am being intensive and I am disregarding peoples feelings. The FACT is, in the grand scheme of this game, the only thing about the community that matters is how much money they spend on this game.
  7. I have to admit, I am surprised the angry forum and reddit users haven't filled the comment and review sections of the posting yet with negative reviews.
  8. O no! Gun is releasing a new version of the game to make more money to keep this game going? Those jerks. Releasing an ultimate edition is blasphemy even though almost every company does it.
  9. Lol tin soldier for gun, you must have your own comedy writer. If you think I am a gun supporter, you are sadly mistaken. Your bitterness toward gun media is comical. I am glad video games don’t effect me the same way it effects you. Game dies, I move to the next one. In the mean time, I’ll have fun playing.
  10. Lol, it’s fine when you do it to others, but don’t like when it’s done to you?
  11. Ok then, continue to wallow in your own self pity than, and hold resentment to a "truth" you cannot prove without a reasonable doubt. Even if you are right, and the developers knew about the pending lawsuit halting all future content, what do you get out of being right? Nothing....maybe an ego boast?
  12. I guess all that is left to do than is get over it and move on.
  13. Manny1985

    We should be happy

    @JasonSlasher Welcome to the forums. As you can see a lot of people have a lot of bitterness toward the developers relating to this game. Don't let it get to you. A lot of people on these forums are happy. I am very happy with the experiences I had with this game and the people I met. I am the type of person who doesn't like to focus on the negatives with this game, and see more of the positive. I personally don't lose sight at the fact that this is just a video game. The moment it's no longer fun, I will stop playing.
  14. Freddy is not your conventional stalker, so I personally thought that his presence in dbd would not do him justice. I think he’d work better in a mine craft type games where users create levels revolving around peoples fears.