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  1. Manny1985

    Is This Game Policed?

    Geeze, PC seems like a wreck. Glad PS4 doesn’t have these problems. Then again, we have rage quitters.
  2. Maybe you should watch so you learn how to stay alive.
  3. Personally I could care less about other peoples experience in quick play. Most people quit after they die anyway. The people I group with and myself appreciate a good chase. Watching them kite Jason has made me a better player. I am able to see when the best time to hit him is, and what type of cabins are best for hiding (single door cabins are death traps if the back window is blocked). At the same time, it has also helped me as Jason also. It shows me when the best time to throw knifes (after a counselor gets up after jumping through a window), and when to use stalk. That's just me though.
  4. A lot of people play not to level up, but just to have fun. I personally could care less what level I am. My objective is to survive. If I die, no big deal, but I am not going to die willingly. I won't go down without a fight.
  5. I disagree completely. The greater good? People don't play video games so others can be entertained. If I am the last one alive, I am not going to let Jason kill me. In maps like Higgens Haven and Packanack, people can easily run out the timers if they are the last one alive. I mean how else are people suppose to get the survive the night badge? I do agree with one point though, the shit talking is annoying.
  6. If you are the last one alive with no objectives completed, what else are you suppose to do? Let him kill you?
  7. Manny1985

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    For PS4 players, if anyone is interested, the Crystal Lake Community Agency is hosting a 1 year celebration gaming marathon. No host quits, or taunting or trolling. Just good ol fashion F13 game sessions. If you are interested, send me a message and I will send you an invite.
  8. I had an awesome instance yesterday. I’ll see if I have the video available. Anyway, tommy and sweater girl were waiting for me at Jason house. They had just knocked off my mask. At this point it was a game of strategy. I had my back to them and trapped them in the sweater room (so they couldn’t go for kill if they activated sweater). Everything they’d get close, i would swing and quickly turn back around. Eventually sweater girl became impatient, got too close, and I grabbed and killed her. It was such a cool moment. I still haven’t been killed as Jason ( although many have gotten very close).
  9. I’ll send you some invites to events. I am hosting one as part of the crystal lake employment agency. I think you’re on my friends list already.
  10. Sounds good, but then you will be faced with the dilemma of trying the single player challenges, or getting on multiplayer. Quite the quandary. calling all ps4 players, crystal lake employment agency is hosting a one year anniversary party. Join the group and check out the event page.
  11. I will start an event for Thursday for our group and throw out some invites. Hope you are able to get on this weekend.
  12. I am conflicted about that. I am I all the perks I have now, so I have to be strategic to which ones I will sell. I wonder how long it will take the roll the first legendary perk. That would be cool if they made it so everyone rolls a legendary perk on their first roll, and have it be random after that.
  13. Dang. I was hoping for extra CP, and greater chance of rolling legendary perks. This should still be fun though.