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  1. The devs couldn't give a shit, too busy making underwear to sell as DLC. I tried all forms of social media and got no response what so ever. Do what I did and move on, ain't worth the effort.
  2. Exactly this, the devs replied on Facebook saying "It's fixed follow this guide" treating a workaround as a fix and 9 times out of 10 workarounds only work for some users, not all, since given up on this shite anyway, things like this show how much the devs care about their game. Picked up Project Highrise in the sale, thought I'd come across a bug, posted it in steam discussions and had a reply within 30 minutes by two devs. That's commitment.
  3. I think we have a better chance of DayZ being completed than this being fixed.
  4. Wasting our time even trying, they couldn't give two shits clearly, they should be refunding AMD users at this point or anyone with this issue, it's beyond a joke now.
  5. Next match, right after this one, two Russians same as above selling out team mates until they are last alive and then just went around farming points, also knew exact location of all the car parts etc. Good thing is this match was someones first time playing so he's going to refund, steam should be fucking extending the steam refund policy, it's beyond a joke this.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198252477530/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/ANIMU_DILER/ Public lobbies are just a joke, 3 games in a row all they did was sit on the road waiting for everyone else do the work then "Light" gets Jason, his friend tells him where everyone is, tries to teamkill with the shotgun (misses) then follows Jason around letting him into houses etc. Done with this bollocks.
  7. It's an issue with the engine, not the drivers, a quick google shows multiple games that have the same issue, with devs responding saying they're aware of it and have either fixed it or are fixing it, meanwhile the F13 devs have said it's not a priority.
  8. Not a clue, fed up with this shite now, ain't doing the devs job by trying to fix it or debug it. It's an absolute joke that they even released the game in this state considering this had been reported in beta and now they're saying it's not a priority.
  9. It's related to EAC. Dunno why I am bothering to post anymore.
  10. Decided to play with some friends, got two games in with the usual message along with this one: I feel like a steam achievement is in order at this point "Get D3D 1,000 times"
  11. Congratulations you know how to ruin fun in games. Pathetic.
  12. I think this has to be the worse idea that has been posted on here, like others have said he has more than enough at his disposal.
  13. Already been discussed, nobody gives a shit apparently and are happy for the community to be butchered.
  14. Pointless even trying to discuss any form of changes on here, too many people who think the game is perfect how it is for some bizarre reason.
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