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  1. After being grabbed and using my pocket knife on Jason, my weapon disappeared and could not be found.
  2. @Jason Todd Voorhees Thank you for the invite. I'll be there! I also hope to find a group for semi-regular F13 private match sessions.
  3. If you are Deborah or AJ, your goal is to escape QUICKLY. The stealth and avoid sense perks are great early-game advantages, so find parts and get out ASAP. If Jason hits Rage and you're still around, you're kinda screwed as one of those characters. Just take your lumps and hope for better luck next match.
  4. They're working someone else's code with a tiny team. Give 'em a little slack, dude. Also, calling for Matt's job is TOTALLY uncalled for. He's been polite and helpful throughout his tenure here.
  5. @mattshotcha Thank you so much for the info and clear (and entertaining!) style which you used to deliver the info. I appreciate that you guys are continuing to work; like many, I've been frustrated by many things related to this game (because I love it so much!), and I've been as critical as anyone in the past. I understand the challenges and limitations the team is facing, so I appreciate that they continue to grind away on this. I especially am psyched to see improvement on single player challenges. I have not tried the new change yet, but I'm happy so see any effort on improving the AI in that mode. My biggest frustrations with that mode are the pathing (seemingly addressed here), and the AI field of vision. I seem to get spotted through cabin walls and sometimes across the map. I'd love to see more of these improvements; the Missions mode is a great idea whose execution fell just short of being really fun due to predictable yet erratic AI. I'm excited to try 'er out. EDITED TO ADD: Matt, PLEASE tell the team to put back in the ability to dance out the exits from a police escape.
  6. Haha I'll be here til the end. As I've said before, this is the only online game I enjoy; and I check fairly often for new info. Although I've slowed down a lot on that over the last year or so. Also, OP is a really specific type of troll. Someone here made him mad, and he won't rest until... I don't know, he'll get off on something, I guess.
  7. Haha, touché. I'll try it out when I get home. Thanks for the notification.
  8. The balance was actually pretty great when the game first came out. Jason had a (fairly cheap, I admit) suction grab which made counselors rightly very afraid to be near him. Jason was very rarely killed, but escaping via objectives was definitely possible. During these early days, I would tend to get 5-7 kills as Jason consistently and escape probably 1 out of every 4-5 tries. This seems like a pretty fair balance to me. The reason this game got so damn unbalanced is because: a -- people started gaming the system and essentially only used meta perks (Thick Skin was especially powerful early on; glad it got nerfed) b -- the developers started listening to players who thought that counselors ought to be just as deadly as Jason. I guess it's because I'm not a typical online player, and I play games to -- get this -- HAVE FUN, but I never minded getting killed as a counselor because at least I got to see a cool kill animation. That's the reason I bought the game. I also didn't get too upset when I was Jason and counselors escaped, because I recognized and appreciated the skill, patience, and strategy used by those players. What is annoying is when you get killed by a group of counselors for really no greater reason than that the mechanics kinda suck and you get locked into situations where you really have no way to fight back.
  9. It will come next month, until next month gets here. Then it will actually be coming the next month.
  10. Yep. There have been plenty of "fixes" that actually made the game worse, but this was the most pointless in my opinion. There was nothing wrong with the original window interactions.
  11. I would be mildly shocked if client-side saving were even implemented...ever.
  12. If the developers had included some toggles similar to ones that were technologically available and implemented in at least one game from over 20 years ago (Perfect Dark), we could test stuff like this. Imagine giving all players the "Cutthroat" attribute, in which they will willingly sacrifice (and even sabotage!) their fellow counselors in an effort to escape. We could see counselors crippling each other in order to make their "pal" an easier target for the Jason player. Seeing as how this is not really "new content," I have hope that this is something that could still be implemented as the game's life draws to a close. It would certainly make the single player more interesting and varied.
  13. Based on what seems to happen in the video, I wonder if the "supersize" effect is limited to how the spectator is seeing it. I say this because the Deborah player does not attempt to hit Jason from a long distance. It makes me think that the weapon was still normal size from the perspective of the player. I know if I saw my counselor wielding a 15-foot long machete, I'd try hitting Jason with it from 15 feet away.
  14. +Shift is the best strength in the game by someone who can use it effectively. Not only can you surprise someone from a LONG distance with a shift-grab, you can (and should) use it to close the gap in between morphs as well. The speed, length, and cooldown given by this strength is awesome. +Destruction you say is "obsolete," but that is only during Rage. For the first 8 minutes or so of the match, +Destruction is a huge advantage which applies pressure early in the match. Part 2 is the only Jason who has a better early match advantage (with +Morph and +Traps), but Part 2 is crap in the late-game with his -Shift. +Weapon strength is the best defense against Jason hunters, 99% of whom are running Thick Skin and Medic. As for weaknesses, -Water speed is a marginally harmful weakness because: 1. The most effective way to stop the boat is to stalk and play "goalie," which doesn't require much speed. 2. Half the people you play in matches won't bother to attempt to repair much of anything. 3. The boat doesn't even spawn in half the maps. Lack of running is an annoyance, but even the running Jasons are a good bit slower than counselors, who can always win a foot race if they are decent at managing their stamina. And -Grip Strength is barely even a weakness. Any decent Jason will equip either Head Punch or One-Handed Choke as a kill, which are both easy and quick to pull off, negating the need for Grip Strength unless you are just in the mood to get a very specific environmental kill...which you could make easier by crippling the counselor first with your +Weapon Strength...but you probably shouldn't do anyway because many of the environmental kills are glitched anyway. Maybe Savini isn't your favorite Jason. Maybe he doesn't perfectly match your preferred playstyle. But there's really no logical argument that he doesn't have the best OVERALL combination of useful strengths and lack of crippling weaknesses. He's not "OP" or "Cheat Mode" or anything similar as claimed by whiners who can't handle dying, but he is the best overall. I find that the only people who keep making the argument he's not the best are either: a. Savini owners who for some reason are worried someone will think less of them for using the "OP" (not my sentiments; see above) Jason OR b. people who don't have Savini who practice the "sour grapes" philosophy.
  15. The fact that you're not listing any specific reasons for why you think he's "junk" leads me to believe you're being silly. Which is fine. Because obviously Savini's combination of +shift, +destruction, and +weapon damage is clearly the best 1-2-3 punch of strengths, and he has no weaknesses which really matter much. So I get it...you're looking for cheap laughs. I like it.
  16. I've heard people claim he's not the best (which is false), but I haven't heard anyone claim he's "junk" before now. Savini is objectively the best. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
  17. Don't feed the troll. I ignored this guy a long time ago...I'd suggest others do the same.
  18. I'm disappointed with this answer, but I do appreciate you taking the time to explain the situation.
  19. I just earned my 1313th kill, apparently. It was glorious. The last kill of the match, it was an AJ who had stolen the sweater and had already used 3(!) pocket knives on me earlier in the match, as well as a firecrackers and (obviously) four medic sprays. I was Part IX. I gave her a Swirlie.
  20. @mattshotcha Please elaborate on the perk situation. No one here asked for a complete re-work, although that would be great. We know this is not possible at this time, frustrated as we may be at that fact. We are only asking for the occasional perk roll percentage change, which y'all have already done once. Are you saying that it is now impossible to change the perk roll chances? You seem to be implying this without coming out and saying it directly. This doesn't make sense to me, and we'd appreciate some clarification on the matter.
  21. Thank you! They've already done it once, and it's literally the only USEFUL thing they could do for those of us who have been playing since the beginning...you know, their LOYAL fans? Double XP doesn't help us. We've all been at 150 for a LONG time. Double CP doesn't help us. We all have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of CP. Increased tape drop doesn't help us. We've all had all the tapes for at least a little while now. Increased Legendary perk rolls is the ONLY thing that is even MAYBE helpful for longtime players. And it's been requested every time there's been an event. And we're still being ignored. @mattshotcha, Is there something we're missing as to why you guys can't give us this? Please enlighten us if so, because otherwise it seems like you just don't give a crap about appeasing your most loyal fans in even the smallest possible way.
  22. Well, I was thinking that the Predator game will be an opportunity to see who was more at fault with the issues plaguing this game: IllFonic or Gun. Gun obviously threw IllFonic under the bus, fair or not, and we will see if they are capable of making (and maintaining) a quality game with Predator.
  23. @mattshotcha Will there be anything special planned for this Friday the 13th weekend, and/or the Christmas season? If you really want to give a Christmas present to this loyal fan, you'll give us increased LEGENDARY perk rolls again. That would be...LEGENDARY. Edited because I keep forgetting that the highest tier of perks is now "legendary" instead of "epic." It's been so long since I've seen one, I forgot.
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