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  1. QFT. Also, the people who complain the loudest about "lack of diversity" and "sexism" are generally those who don't even play the games.
  2. Fair enough. I just know that the best groups are always pushing every objective. It's the best way to beat Jason.
  3. Your logic falls apart in reality. If a gas can is near the 2-seater, put it in there. The gas for the 4-seater will be somewhat near it. And if the rest of the party is too stupid, lazy, or dead to find that gas can, you don't need 4 seats anyway.
  4. When I play QP, I find that basically no one ever attempts any fixes no matter what. Half of the time, the other counselors don't even attempt to call Tommy. Way to get that pocketknife, you speed-looting asshole...good luck surviving the whole match with that as your only objective.
  5. No, I don't think they'll ever come. Furthermore, I don't really care. I haven't played a game in which I wasn't host in months...it's just part of my usual routine with the game now. I spent enough wasted sessions just to have the host quit within he first couple months of the game's release last summer. I won't let it happen anymore.
  6. Me neither. I know a lot of people will think I'm an idiot, but Part 6 is among the weakest in the series in my book. But I suppose I can see why they wouldn't have Jason putting a spear through a young Corey Feldman's head.
  7. gtdjlocker311

    An Idea...

    Gun's biggest strength is in making those, IMHO. The Paranoia trailer was awesome...I have no clue what the mode was actually supposed to be (and they may not either), but damn was that a well-made hype video.
  8. gtdjlocker311

    Just a random thought

    Count me out for a Sleepaway Camp-themed game. That ending screen would be far too disturbing.
  9. This article does a good job summing up the frustrations of the fanbase. The first "staff" comment below the article does an even better job of adding some context as to why many of us are so disappointed. With a little bit of transparency, along with patience with and gratitude to a fanbase who made them a lot of money, the developers could have avoided the shitshow the community has become. @Bropollocreed79 wrote a mini-novel in the "off-topic" section which summed up very well just how poorly the circumstances were handled. If you have a few hours, go check it out. πŸ˜‰
  10. This is what we expected, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say we wished this would have come with increased legendary perk drops. @ShiftySamurai, do you have any idea how tedious rolling perks is when you have 100,000+ CP and you keep getting the same awful perks? Not to mention having to stop to sell back the old ones every few rolls due to the 30 perk limit? I know you're just the messenger, but all we want to do is enjoy the game. Rolling perks is about as enjoyable as a colonoscopy.
  11. gtdjlocker311

    Exp increase is now in effect

    Well, they did the absolute minimum anyone would expect. Not even increased legendary perk chances. Great...so I can spend all my CP to earn a bunch of worthless perks.
  12. Well, for what it's worth, I played one match and found a Tommy tape. I hadn't found one in months prior to today and today I'm 1 for 1. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.
  13. gtdjlocker311

    Events on Friday, July 13

    This is how the forum ends: not with a bang, but a whimper.
  14. They're not coming back here again.
  15. gtdjlocker311

    A New Way to Play

    @NthnButAGoodTime @Verontis Both very cool ideas! I love that you guys are keepin it fresh!
  16. @damnenchiladas First off, I LOVE your forum name. A reference to my favorite scene in the movies...a lot of people don't seem to care for Part 5 due to its silliness, but I think it's hilarious! Second, I look forward to watching your movie. I honestly didn't know about it until fairly recently (I'm not a big internet guy, this being the first forum I've ever actually joined), and I'm saving it until this Friday to watch. I totally agree with your even-keeled approach to the controversy and agree that being belligerent is not going to get us anywhere. I've always believed you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. But I take issue with your belief that the developers don't owe the community further explanation on this matter. I don't think the whole thing was a scam, but I do know that they haven't been totally forthcoming with information and that there have been several times when they have flat-out given false information (whether or not intentional on their part is not the issue). Yes, they're a company and yes they're only human, but from the beginning they have presented themselves as being different from other developers; if they truly want to be different, I think they DO owe some further explanations. Maybe they had great reasons for not disclosing every bit of information at the outset, but now that there is a lot of information (and misinformation) out there, I think they owe it to the people who made them a success to come out and be totally transparent. If for no other reason, it would be a show of good faith towards those of us who are reasonable and want to keep supporting them. Yes, some will never accept anything they say. But the most vocal are never the most reasonable, and the (mostly) silent majority would appreciate the gesture of goodwill.
  17. People that quit as they're being killed are the ultimate bitches. I mean, you really would rather spend 30 more minutes waiting for a lobby, hoping the host doesn't quit, etc, AND you get no XP? For what? So you don't have to get killed by Jason in a game where the point is getting killed by Jason?
  18. gtdjlocker311

    Shutting down

    Yep, that's me! I still play, but mostly at "off-peak" times due to my schedule. I look forward to playing with you again, bro!
  19. gtdjlocker311

    July Friday the 13th

    I hope we'll get increased epic/legendary perk drops. But we'll probably just get 130% increased chance to inexplicably find yourself in the salt mines.
  20. gtdjlocker311

    My Retirement

    Enjoyed it, brother. I guess it's just a matter of time for the whole forum. Like you, I love this game. I want to trust in the devs, because they made something great; but their actions and lack thereof have been truly baffling and it seems like they'd rather us all just leave.
  21. gtdjlocker311

    The Salt Mines Are Broken!

    Yep. The system doesn't work as intended. I've been put in several times for no reason.
  22. There was no "misquote." The quote was yours. You don't agree with the way it was interpreted, and you believe that it was taken out of context, but it was not a "misquote." Sorry to nitpick, but there are a lot of issues this community is dealing with now. We're trying to piece this thing together, which wouldn't be necessary if the devs would be upfront with us. Before I receive a "warning," I am not saying the devs lied to us. But they have not told us any of this January information. So people used your quote (again, NOT a "misquote"), paired with the devs' lack of statement on this issue, to try to "fill in the blanks." Have people been unfair to the devs, or misjudged their actions or intentions? Yes, probably. But again...what do you expect? When you have people who funded this thing, we're talking about a lot of blind faith put into these devs. Every time the community learns information that THEY withheld, it's going to result in hurt feelings and (maybe baseless) accusations.
  23. gtdjlocker311

    Womp Stomp Films Responds

    This thread will be locked like the last one was. But if the developers want to do right by their loyal fanbase, they have some explaining to do regarding the engine upgrade. It didn't turn out very well at all, and in retrospect seems like a very poor use of time and resources.
  24. Absolutely. Again, the key here is the engine upgrade. Nothing was really improved, and several new bugs came into being, as a result of the "upgrade." I want to hear from the developers what, exactly, they thought was going to happen as a result of the upgrade and what, exactly, went wrong.