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  1. I'm annoyed that the only way to get it is seemingly through Twitter. I don't do social media. I come to this forum for the purpose of discussing and learning about this game. Why should I have to join the latest attention-whore-hub to get the "full experience?"
  2. Honest question: How many times does this have to happen (info being released by another source) before y'all decide MAYBE y'all should just tell us here first? Like @Bropollocreed79 said, it really doesn't even bother me anymore I guess. I'm used to it. But if it IS the intention to have this be the site to find info first, y'all need to reassess your strategies.
  3. When's the last time y'all actually announced something on this forum before it was announced, leaked, discovered, etc elsewhere? Not trying to be a dick, but let's not pretend y'all have any intention of giving information in this forum first.
  4. gtdjlocker311

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

  5. Fair enough. I just know that the best groups are always pushing every objective. It's the best way to beat Jason.
  6. Your logic falls apart in reality. If a gas can is near the 2-seater, put it in there. The gas for the 4-seater will be somewhat near it. And if the rest of the party is too stupid, lazy, or dead to find that gas can, you don't need 4 seats anyway.
  7. When I play QP, I find that basically no one ever attempts any fixes no matter what. Half of the time, the other counselors don't even attempt to call Tommy. Way to get that pocketknife, you speed-looting asshole...good luck surviving the whole match with that as your only objective.
  8. No, I don't think they'll ever come. Furthermore, I don't really care. I haven't played a game in which I wasn't host in months...it's just part of my usual routine with the game now. I spent enough wasted sessions just to have the host quit within he first couple months of the game's release last summer. I won't let it happen anymore.
  9. Me neither. I know a lot of people will think I'm an idiot, but Part 6 is among the weakest in the series in my book. But I suppose I can see why they wouldn't have Jason putting a spear through a young Corey Feldman's head.
  10. gtdjlocker311

    An Idea...

    Gun's biggest strength is in making those, IMHO. The Paranoia trailer was awesome...I have no clue what the mode was actually supposed to be (and they may not either), but damn was that a well-made hype video.
  11. gtdjlocker311

    Just a random thought

    Count me out for a Sleepaway Camp-themed game. That ending screen would be far too disturbing.
  12. This article does a good job summing up the frustrations of the fanbase. The first "staff" comment below the article does an even better job of adding some context as to why many of us are so disappointed. With a little bit of transparency, along with patience with and gratitude to a fanbase who made them a lot of money, the developers could have avoided the shitshow the community has become. @Bropollocreed79 wrote a mini-novel in the "off-topic" section which summed up very well just how poorly the circumstances were handled. If you have a few hours, go check it out. 😉
  13. This is what we expected, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say we wished this would have come with increased legendary perk drops. @ShiftySamurai, do you have any idea how tedious rolling perks is when you have 100,000+ CP and you keep getting the same awful perks? Not to mention having to stop to sell back the old ones every few rolls due to the 30 perk limit? I know you're just the messenger, but all we want to do is enjoy the game. Rolling perks is about as enjoyable as a colonoscopy.
  14. gtdjlocker311

    Exp increase is now in effect

    Well, they did the absolute minimum anyone would expect. Not even increased legendary perk chances. Great...so I can spend all my CP to earn a bunch of worthless perks.