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  1. I actually agree with the OP. The devs are giving up on the game anyway, so what's the point of holding on to their integrity now? If selling it for $20 raises enough to keep the private servers going for longer, isn't that a good thing for everybody? It's not like they didn't already "accidentally" leak it thousands of times already anyway, so why not?
  2. That would be logical, and it would be a quick, simple fix, but the people in charge have no intentions of doing simple things to improve the game at this point.
  3. Easy Listening. I can't tell you how many times I've been running away from Jason when I run out of stamina, and I make my way to a radio to quickly regenerate stamina. Yep, can't live without that one.
  4. One would hope we'd get something...but it doesn't look like anything is happening. I'd be mildly surprised if ANY more patches are dropped, at this point.
  5. Funny...I've been playing on PS4 since launch, but recently bought a copy for Xbox. I have the same issue. I can see that people are talking, but I can't hear any chat. Is this an Xbox issue, or something wrong with the game itself?
  6. I'm not arguing over which one is WORSE from a moral standpoint. I'm saying the counselor party is much more common and thus more of an annoyance to me personally. And by the way, they are not playing "properly." Again, they are communicating outside the confines of the game, a game which was designed to limit communication to create fear and limit teamwork.
  7. I consider it cheating because it circumvents the in-game methods of communication, and all the limits therein. You have immediate access to chat with everyone in your party instead of having to find a walkie-talkie (or use the perk to have it immediately). You also continue to be able to communicate once you're dead or escaped. Without the party chat feature, Jason kill squads would be less effective. As they are the most common annoyance in this game, I consider them worse than Jason teaming (which really doesn't seem to happen all that much in games I play).
  8. I may be in the minority, but I'm less annoyed by Jason teamers than I am with counselor groups who use party chat to team up against Jason. I consider both cheating, but I have to put up with the latter more than the former.
  9. I like it, but I'd also request higher epic perk roll chance.
  10. Playing against low-level players who actually use in-game chat sounds nice. I keep getting stuck with groups of 7 who are all using their party chats with the only intent to kill Jason and rage quit when they don't succeed. And they're not all necessarily high-level players either, because killing Jason is laughably easy.
  11. The only things that stop a Jason kill from even a halfway competent group of counselors are the following: 1. a clueless and/or Jason-teaming Tommy 2. a teaming sweater girl 3. everything goes perfectly but Jason doesn't drop to his knees Outside of these three, the kill on Jason is pretty damn easy, even with a group of randoms.
  12. This is a great game with a lot of frustrating issues which have taken an unacceptable amount of time to fix. I'm one of the biggest fans around of this game, but I have mixed feelings toward the developers, to put it mildly. Some of it is not their fault, some of it is.
  13. It's not just you having frustrations with connecting to dedicated servers. Here's the only advice I have: Only let it search for around a minute. At this point, cancel and try quick game again. I've been successful EVENTUALLY getting a lobby using this method, but sometimes I'll have to repeat the process around 4-5 times. The issue seems to be either: a. the playerbase has dropped off significantly b. GUN has scaled back on its servers c. some combination of the two
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