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  1. I would be Tiffany, because people are always staring at my ass.
  2. Absolutely the game would be better with more content. The engine upgrade didn't really do anything positive that I can tell.
  3. Agreed. Dancing out the exit is hilarious. If it was intentionally taken out, I cry foul. @mattshotcha, can you confirm whether this was intentional? I know most people here either want a Jason slaughtering, no-fun bloodbath or an all-dancing piñata party, but I like the balance. Jason SHOULD be super OP, but when I escape I want to have a laugh of relief. I jokingly say to my buddies that the biggest issue I have with the game is that you can't dance out the exit in the car or boat. But I kinda mean it!😉
  4. Who has done more damage to their own creation: George Lucas to Star Wars or Gun to F13: The Game?
  5. At this point they might as well give up on trying to fix glitches. We've gotten used to the ones that are in the game and "fixing" them seems to only add new ones. Whatever happened to the perk re-work?
  6. Savini mid tier? C'mon, man... Are we really gonna start this again?
  7. And you're not gonna get laid as a result of your overzealous white knighting.
  8. Ok, I don't really want to get into this, but my bullshit detector was going off. The incident you're referring to was for a Guinness World Record that had specific guidelines, which the woman was told before. The world record she was trying to break was a world record for running a marathon while wearing a specific uniform, including wearing a skirt. Again, she knew this; instead of complying with the rules, she wanted to make some sort of statement as to how "sexist" it was to not be allowed to break the record while not following the same criteria as every woman before her who had set the record. Maybe it's harder to run wearing the skirt the whole time. Maybe it's easier. I don't know and I don't care. I also wouldn't have the gall to brazenly break the rules of an organization and then tell them that THEY are wrong. Especially for something so silly as this. This is akin to showing up to a dinner that was described as "formal attire" beforehand wearing overalls and then crying discrimination. In other words, your example was actually a perfect demonstration of what @badassgixxer05 was referring to: the era of hurt feelings. Lastly, we all know how this will play out: the Guinness organization will most likely give in because of public outcry over this "injustice," which really isn't an injustice at all, and award this woman the new record...even though the women who broke it before will be totally disregarded. And more and more people will be encouraged to continue to whine for whatever they think they "deserve," and the snowball keeps rolling. /rant
  9. I meant guys who drive around, hit other counselors, pick them up just to waste their time, etc. A good driver wasting Jason's time is a legit strategy. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Teabagging doesn't bother me in the slightest. Neither does dancing. Glitching, teaming, and intentional trolls (like driving the car around with no intention of escaping) tick me off, but I'm at level 150...so I just quit and find a new lobby.
  11. Is the new perk re-work actually going to be in it, or is that just wishful thinking by the OP?
  12. PS4 is alive and well. I have a great time playing. Yes, there are trolls and teamers, but that's not all there is.
  13. Fair enough. I'm disappointed, but I understand. Thanks for replying and explaining.
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