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  1. Your taste in movies is bad and you should feel bad.
  2. I thought Jason X sucked. On the other hand, I love A New Beginning. At least it has a sense of humor.
  3. gtdjlocker311

    Status screen

    Yep. This team has told us they can't even add a rock or a tree, but they've managed to make some really unnecessary and annoying changes. Par for the course.
  4. Good that you're in no rush. No one involved with this game is in a rush either, except for those rushing off to work on another game.
  5. I'm expecting only bugs. If dedicated servers are so difficult to implement that it has taken them ultimately nearly a year and a half after release date, then I would fully expect that they will be absolutely broken in every fun way imaginable.
  6. Yep, there should be something every month. When you've stretched your customers' patience as thin as Gun has, the least you could do is occasionally toss everyone a bone. But that would assume that there is even a shred of integrity and pride among the whole lot of them...might be too much to ask.
  7. I played for the first time in about a month this morning...first since the update. I could not shift grab to save my life. It was similar to playing with terrible pings, but I was host. Was I just really rusty, or is the grab yet again nerfed?
  8. Not much of a stretch to imagine that...I doubt they'll ever be implemented.
  9. Birthday Boys reference -- #HowDoYouFreshy? Guess I'm the only fan here...
  10. I like to flip them buns and CHOW IT DOWN!
  11. Now I have to wait until late September to not buy this edition.
  12. Glass Joe? C'mon...he's not THAT easy. You can beat Glass Joe by just mashing buttons with no strategy. I'd say Jason is more like Soda Popinski...he seems nearly impossible the first time you meet him, but then you learn the strategies to defeat him. He can still take you down if you get sloppy, but he's really not that tough. Plus, I always thought Soda Popinski would have made a good horror movie villain...his laugh when he defeats you is terrifying.
  13. gtdjlocker311

    Why the Lack of Communication

    So...next week?
  14. This has happened to me a few times. It's only been since the "new engine" update, and I suspect it's just the salt mines being glitchy and poorly programmed. Shocking, right?