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  1. Yeah, that's (for me at least) one of the toughest parts of being a dad. I know what sort of trouble I got into as a kid, and the stuff I snuck off and watched without my parents knowing. I know I can't shelter them forever, but the tough part is deciding when they're mature enough to handle it. My basic approach is I don't outright ban much of anything, but everything they do or try has to be through me.
  2. Haha, no problem. It's not much different on PS4, unfortunately. My kids are pretty sheltered...I'm old-fashioned, I suppose, but I believe kids should be innocent as much as they can be. IF I buy it and IF I let them play, it will only be when we can do it together. Too many crappy parents out there let their kids do whatever and don't pay any attention.
  3. I play on PS4. My 10-year-old and 8-year-old boys have an Xbox. I may consider buying it on Xbox, but not sure if I want to expose them to this stuff quite yet. Also, I'll want to hear the developers' long-term plans first before I spend any money. Are they planning on supporting servers for a long time? The fact that they've pre-emptively decided to never add new content no matter what happens with the lawsuit makes me worry they won't go out of their way to keep up servers. @wes and @ShiftySamurai: Are you guys planning on making any long-term statements/commitments for people who buy this edition or is it just "buyer beware" at this point?
  4. gtdjlocker311

    Well, this is Fun...

    Host can't kick in quickplay.
  5. For simply annoying people, I agree and do the same. I kill them quickly and unceremoniously. I'm referring ones who REALLY piss me off, like teamers who pull ridiculous stuff several games in a row. I will ignore everyone else in the match until they are dealt with, slowly and painfully. I'll slash them until they limp, then pick the most brutal environmental kill nearby; if they break out of my grab before I can get there, I'll try again. And again. And again. They've had a laugh wasting my time, so now I'll waste theirs. If they end up quitting, so be it. At least I don't have to deal with them anymore.
  6. I try to give everyone a cool kill, because I appreciate dying by a cool kill when I'm a counselor. That being said, I do keep choke or head punch (not both) on every Jason for those tight spaces/uneven terrain/groups. I will also slash if they insist on ganging up on me. For players who REALLY piss me off (Jason teamers usually), I will make sure to give them the longest, most brutal kill possible. I'm talking two handed choke, how to split a coconut, birdbath, swirly, etc. Then I'll slash them til they limp and keep bringing them back until I give them that kill. If others escape during that time, oh well...I'm level 150 already.
  7. Fair enough. Please understand I'm not intentionally being obnoxious, but I feel that a lot of us here are less annoyed by things that are out of your control (lawsuit, glitches, etc) than we are a lack of communication. You have been fair and usually pretty much on the spot, and I appreciate that. It just seems that we're constantly chasing information on this site, and I just think of how cool it would be if this site felt more exclusive and groundbreaking. Again, I hate social media. I guess that's a "me problem," though
  8. Honest question: How many times does this have to happen (info being released by another source) before y'all decide MAYBE y'all should just tell us here first? Like @Bropollocreed79 said, it really doesn't even bother me anymore I guess. I'm used to it. But if it IS the intention to have this be the site to find info first, y'all need to reassess your strategies. @The Milwauking Dead I'm annoyed that the only way to get it is seemingly through Twitter. I don't do social media. I come to this forum for the purpose of discussing and learning about this game. Why should I have to join the latest attention-whore-hub to get the "full experience?"
  9. When's the last time y'all actually announced something on this forum before it was announced, leaked, discovered, etc elsewhere? Not trying to be a dick, but let's not pretend y'all have any intention of giving information in this forum first.
  10. Fair enough. I just know that the best groups are always pushing every objective. It's the best way to beat Jason.
  11. Your logic falls apart in reality. If a gas can is near the 2-seater, put it in there. The gas for the 4-seater will be somewhat near it. And if the rest of the party is too stupid, lazy, or dead to find that gas can, you don't need 4 seats anyway.
  12. When I play QP, I find that basically no one ever attempts any fixes no matter what. Half of the time, the other counselors don't even attempt to call Tommy. Way to get that pocketknife, you speed-looting asshole...good luck surviving the whole match with that as your only objective.
  13. No, I don't think they'll ever come. Furthermore, I don't really care. I haven't played a game in which I wasn't host in months...it's just part of my usual routine with the game now. I spent enough wasted sessions just to have the host quit within he first couple months of the game's release last summer. I won't let it happen anymore.
  14. Me neither. I know a lot of people will think I'm an idiot, but Part 6 is among the weakest in the series in my book. But I suppose I can see why they wouldn't have Jason putting a spear through a young Corey Feldman's head.