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  1. I take back every negative thing I've ever said about these developers. I love you guys! I will annoy SO many players with Shelly! I don't care how horrible his stats are, he'll be my main forever.
  2. Debunking Part 7 Jason Voorhees

    That video was from a long time ago, before Jason was nerfed. He is breaking windows with regular swings and has a "force grab" at the seven-minute mark. Part 7 is definitely the weakest Jason. I've gotten 7/7 with him before, even since the nerfing; but that was at least partially luck. This video is totally irrelevant to current conversations due to the time in which it was taken.
  3. Part IV Shift

    Yes, I've never missed a boat that I knew was moving and could morph to. In other words, the only way I've ever missed one is because I wasn't paying attention or I had just used a morph and couldn't get there.
  4. Part IV Shift

    I welcome counselors attacking me as Part 4 Jason. I've made entire lobbies rage quit when they try to gang up on me as Part 4. Chop, chop, chop away...watch the bodies stack.
  5. Part IV Shift

    This is what I was about to say. Part 4 also has weapon strength, so he has two of the best advantages in the game along with destruction. The weak shift and 3 traps are pretty strong disadvantages, too. However, with traps being unable to stack, having 3 traps doesn't seem nearly as bad as it once did. Regular Jasons (and especially Part 2 Jason with his 7 traps) could make the phone pretty much inaccessible, but that is no longer the case. Because Part 4 is so good at pursuing counselors, his trap weakness isn't as big a deal and like someone else said, his slow shift can be more accurate if you are close to the player. My strategy with Part 4 is to tunnel counselors and force them to make mistakes, but you have to keep morphing near cars. Because if one gets started, you can kiss it goodbye.
  6. Serious question: where was Deborah hiding the bat while she swam?
  7. There are several completely useless perks, several more with limited use, and only a few that are really viable. This is why I have suggested that rather than nerfing Jason to appease players who complain about how OP he is, keep him OP but significantly boost the perks and/or replace the useless ones with ones that are cool and useful.
  8. I shared this exact idea with a friend of mine. Even though I will occasionally teabag Jason (what can I say, I have a very immature sense of humor!), I think it would be awesome if there were perhaps a 20% chance auto-kill when you are that close to Jason while he's on the ground. It would be a great jump-scare, and who doesn't like a good old sack-slash? It would probably make me teabag Jason even more.
  9. The sloppy speed looting is probably my biggest pet peeve. Oh, you like to run through cabins leaving the doors wide open, looking only for pocket knives and ignoring the battery/gas can in the corner? Well that's REALLY helpful to everyone involved. Not sure what's more annoying: having to check every single cabin on the map for parts that some pocket-knife-hoarding douchebag couldn't be bothered to even pick up and set back down OR scrambling through a window to escape Jason, who shifts right through the wide-open door.
  10. I don't think the perks are what have shifted balance away from Jason in the first place. The gameplay mechanics have done that. For instance, Jason can be hit through doors and windows while his melee attacks often don't even hit counselors standing (or crouching) right in front of him. All I'm saying are that the perks (other than the aforementioned ridiculius Thick Skinned at the beginning) are NOT what are making Jason underpowered. The gameplay mechanics and bugs are doing that.
  11. In the upcoming patch notes, the devs indicated they were nerfing the heavy hitter perk. While I have been critical of the counselors' combat advantages recently, I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Outside of the first thick skinned perks (which made counselors ridiculously hard to kill), I think the perks SHOULD be powerful. The gameplay should heavily favor Jason, but perks should be useful. Some perks are basically totally worthless (like the swimming perk). Find ways to make them viable. The developers realize the game is skewed too much towards the counselors but nerfing perks while allowing chain stuns and instances in which Jason has NO defense (busting through doors) and making counselors invincible during window exits/entries is ridiculous. It's like increasing the number of lifeboats on a sinking ship rather than just fixing the hole.
  12. I think you're misreading it. I read it as "an increase in items on the map [as opposed to in cabins]." In this case, "on the map" and " in cabins" seem to be mutually exclusive, even though obviously cabins are on the map. It would be less confusing if "on the map" had been replaced with "outside of cabins" or "at campsites/graveyards, etc." EDIT: After re-reading, I'm confused too. Maybe there are more items overall. I share your frustration if this is in fact the case.
  13. I don't agree with the nerf to the counselor perk in the upcoming patch. In general, I think the perks SHOULD be powerful. Otherwise, what's the point? The base gameplay should favor Jason immensely, with only the perks giving power to the counselors. Maybe it's just me though.