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  1. As host, I was playing a match earlier. It was me, one friend who's in my party, and five other people. I was Jason. Very early in the match, I killed one of them. From there, the game ended and gave me my XP. Back in the lobby, I'm the only one there. Since then, the game will not put anyone into my lobby. I have a party with a friend and I'm host. I have invited other people and they can join, but no one else is being put in. I'm wondering if this is an unintended glitch having to do with the salt mines. For the record, I have not quit any matches, let alone enough to warrant being put into the salt mines. PS4 quickplay, by the way.
  2. The perk system is and always has been very poorly implemented. Adding a new tier of perks has never excited me, because it does nothing to solve the underlying problem. The perks should be tied to progression, not RNG. Oh well...perks issues aside, I'm still pumped to get home and play!
  3. gtdjlocker311

    Ending a lobby before it even begins

    But you don't know they were trolling.
  4. Agreed. This is why I don't even care about this content. I fail to see how playing on Grendel would even be the same game, let alone fun or doable. I am not in the least bit excited about a Grendel map. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  5. gtdjlocker311

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I caught that too. Hilarious! I'm glad the devs have a sense of humor...the game is not perfect, but we're getting a cool huge update, and I wish the "doom and gloomers" would lighten up.
  6. gtdjlocker311

    Jason teaming is now okay?

    Not if you die first. The "salt mines" concept isn't perfect; dedicated servers is far more preferable. But as a bridge from what we have now to the dedicated servers (assuming they do eventually come), I think it's mostly a good idea. Most of the people complaining about the salt mines seem to be people for whom the salt mines were made.
  7. gtdjlocker311

    Good Sportsmanship Club

    Glad to know it's not just me then! Well, either way I'll be on as much as I can. It's my birthday weekend, so the wife will just have to let me go to the basement and get my Jason fix, cuz I'M A MAN! ...if that's ok with her, that is...
  8. gtdjlocker311

    Good Sportsmanship Club

    Could someone explain to me how the group works? I am a member on PS4, but I have a hard time figuring out how to actually get on with the other people. One time, I tried setting up an event, but I'm not sure what (if anything) actually happened.
  9. Are you saying that a woman refused to admit that she was wrong, and later in the face of indisputable facts resorted to denying logic and operating solely on emotion? Nope, don't believe you...
  10. I hear you, but if you really enjoy playing, you'll grind it out and earn it within a couple months, right? If you don't really like the game, then you won't; but then, why would you complain about not having a reward in a game you don't really like? I'm not saying you are complaining, just referencing some others here. And yeah, my wife (lovingly) gives me shit about playing this, too. But this is how I spend the small personal time I have. I don't play golf, I don't go to bars, I don't go hunting...I work, spend time with my family, and play video games with a couple of friends. My original comment was more to people who claim to have been playing since day one and being really dedicated, but just haven't been able to get to 113 because they have busy lives. My life is extremely busy, but I've found the time to get there. Because I like the game so much, and it's basically the only game I play. Lastly, I definitely agree with you that there needs to be more cool unlockable stuff between 44 and 108. My suggestion is to rework the perks system to become things you earn at different levels. I've seen several other good ideas on this forum having to do with this as well.
  11. I have a job, wife, and 2 kids. I'm a football coach, so from August until November, I have basically zero weekday hours to play. However, I am at level 136. I played a lot during double XP weekend nights, and I don't really play other games. I don't understand how someone who has been playing since release can complain that level 113 is too high. It's supposed to be a reward, right?
  12. This is great news! It would also be very cool if the first weekend also had an increased chance for the new legendary perks.
  13. gtdjlocker311

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Hey, that's my birthday too! I'll be 34, how about you?