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  1. It's not just you having frustrations with connecting to dedicated servers. Here's the only advice I have: Only let it search for around a minute. At this point, cancel and try quick game again. I've been successful EVENTUALLY getting a lobby using this method, but sometimes I'll have to repeat the process around 4-5 times. The issue seems to be either: a. the playerbase has dropped off significantly b. GUN has scaled back on its servers c. some combination of the two
  2. Savini is best all-around. I play as Part 3 when I know I'm facing a kill squad. I probably have the most fun playing as Part 9.
  3. Lighten up, Francis. I wasn't calling you anything. I was giving my opinion on a hypothetical situation, before you came in throwing a tantrum about how no one gets to tell you what to do.
  4. Guaranteed tape spawn in every match according to the post made by @mattshotcha. This is pretty cool. Hopefully I can get my FINAL Tommy tape! I would much prefer higher epic perk chance, but at least this is something different.
  5. I think Part 8 is the worst. It's REALLY slow and boring. The last time I had a marathon I made that one watchable by playing all the dialogue scenes at 2x the speed on my PS4. It made me giggle. Also, I feel that Part 5 is really underrated. Yes, it's goofy, but to me that's the fun of it. Don't tell me you don't smile when Demon has to run to the Port-a-Potty, and then is serenaded on the toilet by his soon-to-be-dead girlfriend. Also, Reggie the Reckless is an all-time great character. His tough-kid persona mixed with his girly scream, oh man! Also, Debi Sue Voorhees. That is all.
  6. @mattshotcha Don't leave us in suspense, bro! Will we get any special events for tomorrow??? In case you're taking requests, a higher percentage to roll epic perks would be much appreciated.
  7. How do you bypass the sweater animation? I seem to remember in a previous patch, I could stun Jason with the sweater then stun him with a bat. Nowadays, by the time I can move again, he's already out of his sweater-stun animation.
  8. Listen dude. I'm not trying to offend you. I'm sure you're a perfectly nice guy. And trust me, I've played with plenty of shit lobbies who do NOTHING to help the team. You presented a case wherein the other guys had everything set up other than the one thing they needed to accomplish their goal, which you had. You asked if we agreed with your decision to go your own way instead of helping them out with their goal (which again, they couldn't accomplish without you). I personally think it's a dick move. It doesn't mean I'm insulting you, it doesn't mean I think you're never a team player. It's my opinion. I don't see why we can't agree to disagree on this.
  9. Poor analogies. No, it's not like those, because the person is only asking you to use it for the betterment of the group, not to let them have it. A better analogy would be this: your friends and you are on a road trip. You call shotgun, and then you refuse to work the radio. Your friends in the backseat would like for you to play them some sweet tunes, but "NO!" you say. "I can do whatever I want in the passenger seat, and I choose to sleep! None of you can tell me what to do," you say, probably as you cross your arms and exhale loudly to prove your childish point. Your friends can't operate the radio from the backseat, and you refuse to use your seat for the betterment of the group. Sure, the front seat is more comfortable, but you could sleep in the backseat allowing your friends to do what they want as well. Just like you can survive the night without the sweater (GIT GUD), but they can't kill Jason without it. Yeah, sure, you're within your rights to do as you like, but gee, you're a dick. And a selfish one, at that.
  10. I'm not disagreeing that it can be used for other purposes. Obviously it can. I'm saying I side with the people who thought you were being a selfish dick when all of them wanted you to be a team player and use it for the kill and you refused. No offense, I'm a dick sometimes too. But I think in this case, yes they were right and you were wrong.
  11. But here's the thing...you deciding to keep the sweater for yourself and NOT use it for Tommy to get the kill means you're essentially telling THAT player how to play the game. The main use of the sweater is to stun Jason for the kill. When other players are set to kill, but you decided you're a special snowflake who "doesn't have to listen to anybody" and wants to use the sweater your own way, YES, YOU ARE BEING A DICK.
  12. Thanks, Matt! For the record, I don't think EVERY hidden game mechanic needs to be revealed necessarily, but I'd mostly like clarification on ones that just seem excessively confusing. It's been a few weeks since I've been able to play (work is hectic this time of year), but I'll get on this weekend and come back with some more questions. EDIT: Here's one that's bugged me for a while. Do selected perks still remain active for Tommy? For a long time, I thought they were. The medic perk certainly was, because I could verify that one health spray became two (provided you drop it and pick it back up). But the patch before last took that away from Tommy. The most recent one restored it. So I wonder: 1. Did the previous patch (the one before the most recent) mess up all of the perks as Tommy or only the medic perk? 2. Do all other perks still work as Tommy since the new patch, or do some of them apply while others don't? Some may think the answer to this is obvious one way or the other, but I really don't get selected as Tommy very often at all. I am almost always one of the last 2 or 3 survivors, and when I'm not I seem to have exceptionally bad luck being chosen as Tommy.
  13. @mattshotcha In the thread devoted to making Jason kill harder, you mention that all of the non-zombie Jasons have less HP. This has never been explicitly stated before, and is not at all indicated in the game. So I decided to start a thread where we can ask, and hopefully you can answer, questions about hidden or misunderstood game mechanics. I'll start with one that's bugged me for a while: Does "low profile" only reduce your chances of being Sensed by Jason if you are crouching, or is it active all the time? I've heard both answers from numerous people. Thank you in advance.
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