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  1. Yeah, my first time I only lasted about 5 seconds...oh wait, you meant in the game?!
  2. Your current thoughts on Gun & Illfonic

    I totally agree, but here's my (surely off-base) theory: 1. The game launched way more successfully than they anticipated. -- this is 100% confirmed 2. Because of #1, they were caught off-guard. The game in its original state was a cool 7-on-1 multiplayer experience, mostly faithful to the series. Fans were pleased, even despite glitches. People who bought it as a game only (meaning they had no connection to the franchise) saw potential, but wanted more. 3. Due to #2, the team panicked. They sold way more than they thought, and were not ready for what came along with this kind of success. The team was very small. They realized, maybe for the first time, that this game had the potential to be turned into a big-time (AAA) game. This left them with a dilemma: pocket the profits and leave the game alone, OR put more money into it and make way more money down the road? 4. (this is where the real speculation begins) The team waffled between the two choices for a while, half-in and half-out. They provided updates, DLC, and listened to feedback, but they dragged their feet on investing in things that would make big improvements (new engine, dedicated servers, etc). 5. In the meantime of deciding whether to go big or go home, they made some poor decisions. Giving in to whiners (Jason is too hard!) severely threw off the balance of the game, and meanwhile they were stretching the truth (or outright lying) when it came to where they were on some of the major improvements people wanted. 6. At some point, someone (or maybe the whole group) understood that this could go down as one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. They had created something so awesome and through poor decisions they were seeing their dedicated fans and backers abandon the game. This is where they turned around and decided to go all-in on creating something that will last. I think this is why we have seen the recent transparency (Paranoia wasn't what it was cracked up to be, our engine is insufficient, we're putting in dedicated servers come hell or high water). Again, I could be way off here, but this is my speculation based on what I've sensed so far. I hope I'm not being too unfair here. I really do love the product and what the developers are trying to do.
  3. Your current thoughts on Gun & Illfonic

    I am with you. I am more optimistic than I've been in a long time concerning the game. When we get the new engine and stable dedicated servers, I'll be very happy. If the updated engine also means better AI for offline (and single player challenges), I'll be ecstatic.
  4. wepon swap pairing

    The machete seems to have a quicker door-breaking animation. Putting it on Part 4 or Part 8 would make their +Destruction even more awesome.
  5. Thank you Shifty and development team for giving us these more frequent updates. I'm very much looking forward to the engine upgrade.
  6. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I shared this several months ago, but it's still the funniest thing that's happened to me in the game: So I'm on Crystal Lake, trying to find supplies/objectives/anything that will help me escape. This was during the early days of the game, when survival was pretty darn tough. A counselor runs up to me and sounds really angry. He's a talkative one, and is going on and on about how angry he is because he was the one who installed the battery and poured the gas in a 4-seater car, and then 3 guys ran up and drove it away without letting him ride. I'm occasionally "mm-hmm"ing and offering a bit of sympathy, but I'm focused on finding a phone fuse and being quiet in case Jason shows up. The guy follows me as I exit the cabin to search another one across the way. As I reach the street, the 4-seater pulls up. The car stops, honks the horn, and I jump in the last spot, leaving the angry guy behind, still fuming. He was calling me all sorts of names in the post-game lobby. The best part? I was Chad. I felt like a jerk, but hey, I had to role-play, right? Deal with it, peasant.
  7. EXCEPT that because Jason is a giant undead monster AND is actively chopping through the door it makes sense that a counselor standing on the other side of it might get hurt as the blade breaks through the wood. And since the counselor cannot break through the door no matter how many hits they put on the door, it makes no sense that a weapon would somehow hurt Jason through the unbroken door.
  8. Perks you think are dumb?

    Perhaps I didn't explain it well enough. Yes, there are plenty of walkies. Yes, there are plenty of maps for that matter. But if a coordinated group each starts with a walkie and a map, they are much more powerful. How many times has someone died early on, knowing the location of the phone house or some other pertinent information, and couldn't pass it on? The Psychic and Preparedness perks are great for early-game coordinating. For every time I start with these and immediately find a walkie/map, I've had matches where I couldn't find either and died without giving/receiving any communication.
  9. Perks you think are dumb?

    The walkie is actually very helpful for a group that is coordinated and uses microphones. You can immediately give info to your fellow counselors. I wish the game could somehow disable private groups so that mic use would be helpful in quick play, but I don't know if that is possible on PS4.
  10. Perks you think are dumb?

    Anything related to swimming. The one that lets you bar doors faster. The one that gives you a stamina regeneration boost when you're near a radio. The one that lets you climb through windows faster.
  11. No, just a person who tries to be considerate and appreciates it when others are as well. Also, I doubt Mother Teresa would have liked this game very much. Apparently she was a bigger Nightmare on Elm Street fan.
  12. Even when one or two people are cheating or being obnoxious, I won't quit if I'm host because: 1. it ruins the experience for everyone else who was not cheating or being obnoxious 2. it will further the cycle of quitting as host -- the more people experience a host quitting, the more normalized it becomes, and the less people feel bad for doing it and the more they will try to rationalize doing it If everyone else in the match is cheating, and will not stop, I would quit as host. This happened a few times during the Packanack roof glitch days and the Higgins Haven "secret attic" days. Even then I'll send people a warning and tell them to quit it or I will report them to give them a chance to cut it out. The only other situation in which I've quit is if I'm Jason and I get glitched very early in the match. This happened the other day in which I killed two people within the first minute, they both quit, and I got stuck holding the dead body of one of them with no way to morph, shift, swing, or interact with anything. To let the match go on for another 19 minutes would have been ridiculous, so I cut bait. Even then I felt bad about it.
  13. You get 500 points just for not quitting early.