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  1. gtdjlocker311

    Double Event Extended!

    @mattshotcha said he will be sure to take care of this in a timely manner from now on. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.
  2. gtdjlocker311

    Double XP?

    No problem dude. I realize I'm in the extreme minority as a guy who doesn't do Facebook, Twitter, etc. I joined this forum specifically because I love this game and franchise. I just want to be able to continue to receive good info and lively discussion here.
  3. I prefer using grab kills and I prefer being grab-killed (if I have to be killed). But if these counselors wanna be tough guys and gang up on me, I will slash every one of them. Yeah, being slashed is not very fun. You know what else isn't fun? When a group of 5 counselors run around together and constantly stun lock me when they don't even have Tommy or the sweater (so no kill possible). They are making no attempt to actually escape so I'm under no obligation to "show them a good time." And calling me a pussy for refusing to grab you is the quickest way to get slashed to death.
  4. gtdjlocker311

    Double XP?

    Figures. I don't do social media. I wish Gun didn't hate their own forum so much.
  5. gtdjlocker311

    Double XP?

    Was this announced on this forum? Because I can't find anything about it.
  6. I just got double XP in a match. I didn't know anything was going on. Anyone got clarification?
  7. gtdjlocker311

    Mystery of the week

    Not hard to figure out...Jason stalk+shifted into the cabin. As for why he went for the bed, either he thought you or someone else was hiding there. He guessed wrong...it happens. That was just a really good Jason who tried to kill two counselors in quick succession, but only came up with one.
  8. gtdjlocker311

    Community Events

    Agreed. It's not really a competitive game in that sense. I'd rather community events have some sort of special theme, like LaChappas only or no first aid sprays or Shelley comes in as Tommy. In other words, goofy stuff that would add some fun/silliness to the game. That's what this game is really all about...having a good time while being killed.
  9. The question is in the title. I played this game for the first time in a month or so a few days ago. I had a great time. In fact, taking time off and coming back makes me appreciate what a fun game this really is. But there are still a lot of things that need fixes, and I would LOVE some content updates (although I know this might not be possible right now). Is there any indication that we might receive a bone anytime relatively soon?
  10. Savini is, objectively, the best Jason in the game. I know I'll be met with people who downplay this, but it's not really debatable. He has three top strengths with none of the worst weaknesses.
  11. gtdjlocker311

    Perk/stats question

    I think that is correct too. Also, the "faster movement speed" is negligible, if any improvement at all. You still move slow as crap when crouched.
  12. It happens every few games, no matter which Jason was selected.
  13. Yes, Tinker is currently a pretty horrible perk. The ONLY way it would be helpful is if you wanted to be able to quickly get through repairs and don't care how many times you fail...against even a decent Jason, failing a repair check will bring him straight to you. If Jason won't be brought with a fail, then why would you care how fast you complete it? Increasing the size of the skill check would be an advantage; nothing else would really help a poor repair character.
  14. gtdjlocker311


    Strength is not tied in any way to stun chance. If you want a guaranteed stun chance, run the "Sucker Punch" perk with a baseball bat. It is still not 100% stun chance, but close.
  15. First off, thank you @wes. I and a few others have been asking for exactly this. While I would really like a total perk overhaul, I realize that the legal issues keep this from happening. The increased chance for higher-level characters is a great Band-Aid in this case. Rather than nerfing existing perks, I think the better idea would be to increase the effectiveness of some lesser-used perks, many of which are almost entirely worthless as they currently stand. For example, "Easy Listening (?)" -- the one where stamina regeneration increases within a very small proximity of the radio if it is activated: I would like to see the proximity span across the map, and even stack with multiple radios. This still wouldn't be a GREAT perk, because it has better alternatives and radios are too sparse, but this would at least make this perk VIABLE, which I think should be the goal here. Yes, it's kinda silly to imagine that a counselor can hear a radio clear across the map, but it's also silly to think a counselor magically has thicker skin. Another example, "Quiet Swimming:" what if the swimmer became TOTALLY silent while swimming? Yes, this would definitely be exploited, but at least it would, again, become VIABLE.