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  1. "Trophy Kill" repeatedly slam a counselors head into a wall or door, until you force it through to the other side as if it were mounted on display.
  2. I completely understand, I've had a number of deaf friends and family members that have had similar experiences while gaming. I know there will be the Jason music as he gets closer, outside of that I couldn't imagine if there would be any other critical audio tones. As far as decent headphones, amazon has had several for good prices this weekend. I'd imagine we'll continue seeing them on sale for the next few weeks.
  3. The way I look at it, not every stream is necessarily about the game being played... there are some games that lend themselves beautifully to becoming background noise allowing for more opportunities to chat with the audience. Damn, I'm not sure how I managed to miss the P.T. stream... talk about life getting in the way. haha. Anytime someone wants to get a Dying Light Co-op session together, just let me know... I'm game.
  4. The biggest thing that comes to mind is the degree of interactability players will have with the environment, the ability to utilize their surroundings as a means of survival or dealing death... It's been confirmed that we'll be able to open, close, and lock the doors to the cabins. Imagine running from Jason with a few other counselors, you manage to get ahead of the others and run inside the nearest cabin, you close and lock the door behind you preventing the others from gaining entry. Perhaps buying you time as Jason might be focused on the now scrambling counselors outside. But what if Jason decides you're a fish in a barrel, would the counselor be able to open or break the window as a means of escape? What if you're Jason, imagine throwing a counselor through a closed window sending the counselor crashing through the glass. Would you be able to pick up a broken shard of glass to use as a weapon? Will you be able to hide underneath the beds or rearrange the furniture inside of the cabins in the hopes of barricading yourself inside? If the cabins are raised off of the ground, will you be able to hide underneath any of them? Can you temporarily hide under the surface of the water in the hopes that Jason will pass you by? Could you break a low hanging tree branch to use as a weapon? There is truly an endless array of environmental what ifs, surely it isn't going to be possible to incorporate them all into the game simply because of how complex that'll really become. However I'd love it if there is some degree of interactability with the environment to further pull you into the game, allowing you to put yourself into your characters shoes as you make potentially life or death decisions is crucial. The more you're able to relate with your character, as you fight for your survival or stalk your prey, the more addictive and intense the game will become which will be key to ensuring the game doesn't lose it's appeal.
  5. This makes perfect sense and would add an element of tension that most might not expect to find.
  6. What about... Manhunt (this one simply needed to be mentioned again) Lone Survivor Clive Barkers Undying The Suffering Condemned: Criminal Origins Penumbra Amnesia System Shock 2 Silent Hill 2 Newer Titles... The Evil Within P.T. (I'd be happy to share play it on PS4, if you don't have it) Dying Light Slender
  7. I couldn't agree more, this is the reason that I don't typically play many multiplayer FPS games because it can be incredibly difficult to identify the enemy unless you're close enough to see the character details.
  8. During a Q&A I did with Wes, the Co-Creator of the game, we touched on this very topic... I've shared some of the more relevant answers below, I hope this helps... If interested here's the link to the complete Q&A http://averagenobodys.com/2015/10/22/friday-the-13th-the-game-an-exclusive-qa-with-co-creator-wes-keltner/ Q: As any fan of the franchise knows Camp Crystal Lake is the primary setting of the film series, will the game feature a single location or will there be other maps/ settings introduced? I’m assuming that the game will primarily be set at camp, will there be a variety of layouts introduced to avoid players from getting too comfortable? A: We are experimenting with different level layouts and designs to help bring some gameplay variety to each session. We want to keep players guessing somewhat, while also providing some environments and locations that are familiar to the hardcore fans. It’s important to stick to the canon of the films, so players can truly feel like they are walking around Crystal Lake. There will be buildings, locations and scenarios that dedicated fans will see, and think “Oh my gosh, I remember this area from Part III!” Q: During an episode of “Up At Noon” Adam Sessler mentioned there would be a means of escape by boat, where you’ll need to prepare the boat before you can take off. Will this be the only means of escape or will there be multiple escape options? If multiple, will they all be available every round or will there only be one per round and it’s up to the counselors to figure it out? Using the example of repairing the boat, will the parts/ tools required to complete the task be procedurally generated throughout the map or will those locations be static from round to round? A: As we continue testing map size and gameplay, we will have a stronger grasp on the number of vehicles per map. There will at least be one vehicle per map. It could be a boat or a car/truck, pending the level set. If the map is a little bigger, they could have more than one option. We’re also testing a random spawn approach to said vehicles. We are testing the randomness of how these vehicles “spawn” when a match begins. We are also prototyping how the parts to the vehicles are generated in the levels as well. It’s still a little early to commit to how we are doing to do this, or where will they be placed. We don’t want them to be in the same locations on every map. It’s not fun if everyone knows precisely where the parts are, and they make a mad dash to them. We are encouraging more of a exploration type of gameplay. This will lead to more creepy/scary moments that the player wearing the mask, can take advantage of. Q: How much will the players be able to interact with the environment for offensive/ defensive purposes? For example, will a counselor be able to open a door, lock it from the inside preventing other counselors from gaining entry, and then open a window and use it as an exit? Will there be a variety of objects/ weapons that the counselors will be able to wield in the event they’re feeling over confident and want to challenge Jason? Will any of the counselors have the ability to construct/ set traps? A: We are experimenting with a lot of these elements right now in our prototype. And what we have right now, is very fun. There’s a lot of screaming and cursing over the mics…that’s a good sign. Yes players can open and close doors, and we also allow them to lock them. But let’s be serious here…Does a locked door really deter Jason Voorhees? A lot of this depends on the success of our Kickstarter campaign. We have a long wish list here internally that we want to do with this. Each one inches the budget up, little-by-little.
  9. It's funny that you mentioned this one, I had a very similar thought earlier this month... Check out @CRiMS0NREMAiNS's Tweet: https://twitter.com/CRiMS0NREMAiNS/status/664049065009680384?s=09 I was speaking more in terms of weather effects, such as wind, rain, fog, snow, etc... Which would affect visibility, mobility, and how you try to survive/ hunt. Even if this opition was only unlocked depending on the chosen mode of difficulty, I'd love to see these options incorporated into the game. Some might argue that a winter setting wouldn't make sense for the counselors to be at camp, that's when I say make them hikers, survivalists, and hunters/ trappers. That would allow you to bring a completely different set of attributes to the characters, that would create new challenges for Jason to face. Examples of these attributes... Ability to survive longer outdoors. Ability to build traps or build them faster than others. Increased strength & endurance. Ability to use their surroundings as a greater means of concealment to essentially hide in plain sight. Increased mobility in harsh conditions. As far as how I'd envision the snowy conditions affecting gameplay, here's a quick rundown. The snow would create an opportunity that would increase Jason's ability to effectively hunt, while providing the others with similar opportunities to survive. Actively falling snow would create enhanced visibility issues, your visibility would improve/ decline as the snowfall becomes a blizzard. Perhaps with the snow, comes wind of varying speeds which can bring its own unique challenges. Imagine the constant sound of the snow crunching beneath your feet, while leaving foot prints in your wake. The sound from every footstep would alert everyone within a limited radius to your location, while the footprints could be used to hunt people down, confuse/ distract, and even a means of leading Jason into a trap. Snow drifts creating uneven terrain and areas where you'd be unable to move with any sense of actual speed. They'd also create areas where you'd essentially sink into the snow at varying depths. Crystal Lake could still be used as one of the escape point, however instead of repairing a boat you'd need to risk crossing the ice to reach a snowmobile in repair. However some areas of the ice are thiner than others, is it worth the risk? Even though the developers have said that the game will take place at night, bringing the snow could open the door to the idea of a map set during the day. This would create the potential for temporary snow blindness, spending too much time camping (hiding in the same spot) outdoors could leave you unable to see clearly for a momentary period of time. Spending too much time outdoors could also result in becoming weak and sluggish, requiring you to seek shelter so you can warm up. All that being said, I'd play it in a heartbeat.
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