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  1. Well I trap wherever I want. Whatever amount of times I want. I also typically clean sweep most of the counsellors. I don't understand how that has made me have "Not enough skill" to be a good Jason. Must have been said by a bitch.
  2. Its been confirmed in multiple interviews with actors/ directors/ sfx guys that this very obvious difference is due to the different head shapes and makeup shape on each of the 2 actors that played Jason in parts 3 and 4. If you have a good eye and 30 ish years you can spot small details that prove this correct haha.
  3. When Jason slashes you and you have a knife.... It's annoying. Annoying and good play. Not "tryhard". When you plan to use the phone box and see multiple traps... It's annoying. Annoying and it's good play. Not "tryhard". When Jason uses the same kill multiple times it really doesn't affect me in the slightest. When Jason combines his abilities to catch you in any way he desires.... It's good play. Not "tryhard". You'd usually find those using the word "tryhard" aren't saying it because they've just had a successful match as a counselor, Q. Who the fuck complains about a player playing the game in whatever way he feels like within the rules? A. Bitches.
  4. NES Jason. Anything whatsoever that wasn't in the movies. On a sidenote: am I the only one who believes Jason In part 3 was not lifting his mask to "taunt" Chris? It was merely a necessity to get the rope over his head easily. He has gone to great pains during the franchise to hide his face. I really doubt he would willingly give someone a flash of it for a laugh. (Part 8 was bollocks so don't even)
  5. Fully agree with the OP. I am equally as big a fan of the movies and feel the game was made for me. I only disagree with the Tommy sentiments due to it being the player making him cowardly and not the game as such. We should definitely have a final survivor mechanic, whereby the last player gets a huge stat boost and gets really lucky with item finding and escapes.
  6. Had my worst game ever as Jason last night. The final 9 minutes were spent pursuing 2 bugsys around the place. I got stabbed 4 times between them!!! Each time it happened I thought "ok, surely that's the last one" finally cornered one in a bathroom without a weapon. Grab. ANOTHER KNIFE. game ends. 3/8 kills. I swear the next group is shit outta luck if they wanna play with pocket knives.
  7. And make them contract cancer. And run over their pets.
  8. Gonna try my hand at a little bit of freelance moderating here: Could the OP please try to keep all future tirades defending a games developer to one of the countless similar threads. Thanks very much. Where do I submit my CV?
  9. Although I never played the NES game and I think the the miscoloured bullshit that passes for Jason in that game is a monstrosity, I am not about to complain about free additions. Especially when it's a game that's player base is dwindling and is sorely in need of much more content.
  10. So I agree having a creation tool for a mask, limited by movie canon details would be a nice idea. I think I'd prefer a create a counsellor option. You could even allow stat distribution however you see fit.
  11. If you are the type of person who thinks "I am being a funny comedy Jason" You're not.
  12. Glitches, cheaters and teamkillers get killed by any means necessary. Wether I'm counsellor or Jason. I generally play as each counsellor is expected to and usually play selflessly unless the others are all out for themselves. As Jason I reserve cheap slashing kills for griefers and any other negative type player, and also any "emergencies" like imminent escapes or a Jason killing mob. I will take my first death as Jason very personally.
  13. This has just helped Jason helpers. I've already had to purposely run over people standing infront of the car to make sure we don't escape. Now it's fucked that way out for genuine players. After this match I had 2 more matches in a row where idiots wandered into my traps and died.... I was mad enough with the lower penalty.
  14. Last week some guy ran into the cabin I was searching. Turned on the radio then left. I turned it back off and continued looting. He returned shortly after and shot me with a newly acquired gun. I returned as Tommy and caught up to him a few feet from a police escape. You know the rest.... Next game I was Jason. I promised the surrounding counsellors I wouldn't kill them until I'd dealt with the idiot. His game lasted just over a minute. He left. Laughs were had.
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