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  1. Im just going to get to the point, stop overusing Vanessa and Buggzy. When you get in a game with a full party of 8, and 6 people are using buggzy or Vanessa, it becomes a problem. When playing as Jason is where the problem starts because they can run fast AND hit you to the point where you’re stunned compared to all the other counselors. I’m not complaining about how strong of fast they are, I’m complaining about the amount of games I get in where people have those two characters on. And it kinda effects the game because what’s the point of 90% of the game having low repair and composure? That’s what makes the game fun is having different counselor’s use their different attributes to try to survive. It’s not fun when you get in a game with the same characters who do the same thing, that same thing being just trying to hit Jason and stun him every five seconds or running away the entire game because you’re so fast. What people need to do is experience different characters and form your own play style. Not put on the highest strength and highest speed characters and then when Jason can’t kill you, you think you’re extremely skillful. And it’s just not those two, it can be any character. Two characters should not overrun a lobby, people need to start opening up and stop going on video games just to put on the highest stat character just to get a win. And in this case being the strongest and fastest characters. What do you guys think? Do yo have any experiences with being in game over run with one or two characters? Do you think playing as Jason can be very frustrating when playing with just the same two characters? Do you think any other high stat characters overrun lobbies?
  2. So if the point of the game is for the counslers not to survive, why did they add options to escape? I understand that it's supposed to be like the movies but seriously.
  3. That's the problem, sometimes Jason just spawns at a cabin and starts killing instantly not giving us any time to do anything making the game not fair or fun in a way.
  4. I appreciate your opinion, but stop with the "the counselors are supposed to die" excuse, it somewhat sounds ignorant in a way. But there are many small issues that I have other than this, because you're right it's not gamebreaking now but later on will it be that's the question.
  5. I also agree. They should make it so the first 10 minutes you have to try to survive, and the last 10 minutes you try to escape. Just like the movies at the end.
  6. It's not bad to grab an early freebie, it's just not fair and game breaking for a Jason to spawn in and try to kill the whole game in such a short amount of time just to brag. Playing strategically and waiting makes the game a lot more suspenseful and fun, especially when Jason uses stalk to watch his victims, or when Jason sits from a distance and let's the music play but the counselors can't find you.
  7. I love this post. You explain how people can be better without being a crapboy. Although I've know the mechanics in the game and I learned everything when the game was still in he kickstarter, I still found this information useful and appreciate you giving your opinion without being mean.
  8. And clowns like you need to stop claiming how it's just us calling for nerds just because we die. How about looking at it from different perspectives and actually take into consideration that this is currently a tiny issue but later on in the games cycle, it could potentially be a problem for many people. And you said the most ignorant statement, "you are not supposed to survive". What does that even mean. They add objectives for a reason, I'm pretty sure they didn't make escapes an option just for us to not be able to use them. So don't give me that excuse.
  9. I do too because I know that the main cabins on Higgins Haven and Packanack are the hotspots. So do I always run straight in? No. But there are times where it's impossible to get into the house because Jason just teleports near us and doesn't even give us a chance to do anything, let alone close a door.
  10. It is bad luck but it also is a combination of people just wanting to kill everyone in less than 5 minutes which can milk the game, because if everyone is dying that fast, there would be no point in the objective because we wouldn't be able to attempt to escape or survive lol. But you would be surprised how many times it happens to my friends and I combined.
  11. Never said I run straight toward escape points, I said I run toward cabins and safe zones. I play strategically as Jason so I know where not to go in the beginning of the game lol. I'm saying it's not fair when Jason's just spawn to the nearest person instantly when the game starts and I have no weapons or anything to defend myself with, or I have nowhere to hide, and then he just kills me and talks about how good he is. I'm not doing anything wrong, it's just a simple issue I wanted to bring to light because in the future people might start to take advantage of morph and potentially can ruin some of the game for some people.
  12. I understand he needs to get to escape routes as fast as possible, which I also do as Jason, but I never go for counselors when the game first starts. I place traps near escape points and then stand from a distance and watch with my sense, and sometimes I break all the windows in certain cabins so they injure themselves when they try to jump through. But my point is sometimes people play as Jason and just teleport and immediately start killing which really makes the game frustrating and boring.
  13. Exactly, another thing that frustrates me. One game I played as Jason and these dudes spawned with all the car parts and fixed with car within 2 minutes with high repair characters. I managed to try to cut them off but they had one person stay out of the car to throw fireworks at me and shoot me. Don't understand why people want to escape so fast as counselors, and kill so fast as Jason. Games are more fun with Jason making a suprise attack like 10 minutes into the game rather than everyone escaping in 4 minutes.
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