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  1. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Xbox xTruthBeToldx
  2. Good Times Ahead

    Hello all . Name is Lou Scal and I am very excited about backing this title . I am 38 and I remember my father taking me in the 80's as a child to watch The Friday the 13th movies and coming home to play the Nes title . As a long time gamer and fan of the franchise ,when I saw they were starting a Kickstarter to fund a new title , my wife and I couldn't resist . Great idea and opportunity to turn this into one hell of a game , and a great team behind it making it happen. I am honored to help make this happen . Looking forward to eventually getting a beta key one day . I am on Xbox ( xTruthBeToldx. ). And Ps4. ( xTruthBToldx ) . My wife is on Xbox ( ShadyGrl18 ) Add us and will gladly talk about this title in the making and anything else .
  3. Gamer Tags for F13!

    xTruthBeToldx. Xboxone