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  1. Sorry to see you go man.
  2. That's usually correct, although yours didn't have "bogus misquote" in the title to really hammer the point home.
  3. The short history of this game has shown that is unlikely to happen. Would love to be proven wrong. No doubt, but they're not going to make it easier for folks unfamiliar to the situation to find that info.
  4. Which is how they want it, gotta try and save face somehow. They know that their credibility is shot to s**t, if they ever want any hope of publishing a potentially profitable future game, they don't want people unfamiliar with F13 to see the steaming pile they left behind. They're just hoping this blows over when the people stop caring and the game finally sputters out...And dies.
  5. Nah, that can't be, I mean....We all know this game is Gun's "dream" project. Surely they wouldn't lie and run with the money? I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya. ?
  6. Nah, they'll just delete your entire post and claim you were being "hostile" and "off topic".
  7. Lol, look man, if you're gonna claim that my opinion is "heated" and "off topic" just so you can delete my posts in an attempt to silence me. You might as well just ban me, it's no skin off my nose and you can continue to alter the mood to make it seem like everythings all right at the forums. (it's not)
  8. Oh God, f**king spare me. You act like him and his cohorts haven't pulled that same trick before. F**k up the game with a dumb patch or get caught up in some PR snafu that they get flamed for, then one of them comes out with a "this is our dream, how could you even suggest we'd mean wrong?!", and then the apologists/enablers like you come out and shun the people that were (rightly) handing them their ass on a platter and holding them accountable for thier mistakes. Its the same damn cycle everytime, except this time, there's less apologists/enablers as even the most stanchest supporters of the devs can't find it in them to defend this dumpster fire of a company anymore.
  9. Dude, WTF do you expect? That after a year of broken promises and disappointment, people were going to calmly accept this announcement and have reasonable discussions? Come on now. Folks are pissed, and rightfully so, it doesn't matter if what you're saying about the reasons why Gun are doing what they're doing are true, at this point, the pitchforks are out and Gun/illfonic have earned every ounce of that ire. If there was a documentary about this game's lifespan from May '17 to May '18, I'd name it Gun Media/Illfonic present: "How to f**k up a sure thing and alienate your customers in just one year"
  10. I may be getting my horror history wrong, but if im not mistaken, didn't Carpenter actually have the rights to Halloween and willingly sold them?
  11. Well, good luck getting that now. I'll eat my f**king shorts if dedicated servers or hell, even any bug fixes come that bring the game to a somewhat working state. I think you and several others here called it.....Gun's cashing in the chips and using the Miller lawsuit as an excuse.
  12. Your math and way of thinking are strange. People are wired differently sir, just because you don't see a majority of these bugs as genuine doesn't mean that someone else's complaint about them isn't. I can tell you as a horror purist, s**t like the rainbow blood would boil my blood if it was happening to me. In short, what you may find acceptable and what you're willing to tolerate for long periods of time between patches, someone else will find gamebreaking, they'll be upset about the spent $40, and they will uninstall and walk away and NEVER purchase another Gun/IIfonic game again. Which judging from the reactions of the past few days....Is the direction we're heading in
  13. So, just gonna put here that I haven't played the new hotfix yet. But judging from the overwhelmingly negative reaction to it that I've seen, not gonna bother. Frees my weekend to other games more deserving of my time. Thanks F13 forums, you guys are the best.
  14. And to the folks saying "just go to the phone first, problem solved", have you no strategy? I make it a point to trap the phone box yes, but sometimes it's better to take out a power box or trap a car first. Morphing to a random house right at start often let's other players know that the phone is in that vicinity.
  15. Because, and I've called it out everytime I see it, the folks that play counselor preferred desperately want to keep any advantage that they can, be it an intended part of the game or not. Seriously. Look at the past balance threads of the last 2 days and its always the same damn people voting against any tweak or change to the counselors or their perks, now they're desperate not to lose their exploit.
  16. Because if you even hint at taking away or altering the litany of tactics and dumb s**t the counselors use to clown Jason, Then they have a brain aneurysm and start screeching that you only want 8/8 and to be able to roll the counselors in 2 mins. Which isn't true, but its their tried and true comeback. They're not very good at forming coherent well reasoned arguments. Granted, there are some folks on these forums that can, the ones that chose the dumbass ditz as their namesake aren't them, however.
  17. I know this, my initial response was more exasperation at Mr. Ro, as he's terrible at hiding what he wants....For Jason to be a stupid deformed idiot at the mercy of some goofball counselors in his own game. Hell, he'd be thrilled with 2 pocket knifes each, a shotgun and someone spawning in with the sweater already on for even easier Jason kills. Thats his ideal version of the game. Disgusting.
  18. I feel ya, and share pretty much the same sentiment when it comes to this game's existence. Don't get me wrong, I'm very aware that this is probably Gun's last chance to stop the sinking ship. I'd say by the end of this weekend we'll know better if this long awaited (too long I know) update helped saved the game, or accelerated its doom.
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