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  1. Good job guys, game is much improved and I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming content, far cry from how I felt a couple months ago. Good work.
  2. "I'm mad that I'm not allowed to buy the exclusive character so I'm going to argue that he shouldn't get any cool new features coming to the game" Grow up dude.
  3. Yes, let's turn this awesome news into another Savini discussion.
  4. MKX Gold Scorpion skin is a good example.
  5. Jason buff fucked up Buggzy

    Good, it shouldn't be.
  6. Because they always bring one or two whiners from generation entitlement who think they're owed something simply for breathing.
  7. Yeah? And look how well this is now going for that person, major gaming websites are picking up on the story and I would imagine that if it is someone from Gun, they're probably looking at not having a job anymore If Gun gives even a tiny squirt of s**t about their reputation, regardless if they knew it was happening or not, the cat is out of the bag. So much for your theory that people wouldn't be outraged.
  8. And the requests will continue to be ignored.
  10. Shoulda known you'd show up at some point to once again try to turn this into why you should be able to buy an exclusive. You are thirsty as f**k for Savini Jason bro.
  11. Too hard to escape?

    Then go back to the Steam discussion forums where the rest of the idiot counselor homers will agree with you, you're not going to change anyone's mind here.
  12. Too hard to escape?

    He's really not, his grab was simply fixed to a fraction of what it was at launch, and he got a minor speed boost and 2 knifes which in no way are guaranteed hits if your aim sucks. He still has no reliable way to defeat a group of coordinated counselors. The counselor homers are just upset that they lost their ungodly amount of med sprays and pocket knifes so they can't dance in front of Jason and then slightly jog away with no worries.
  13. Two handed choke, that kill is just mean spirited. I love it.
  14. Meh, best thing in there is Kenny's hawaiian shirt.
  15. WHAT THE FUUUU***** ??????

    Loving the new patch, they did a great job with it, Jason is actually scary again and not someone you wanna run into.