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  1. R.J MacReady

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    Ohhh.....thats not good....
  2. R.J MacReady

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I feel ya, and share pretty much the same sentiment when it comes to this game's existence. Don't get me wrong, I'm very aware that this is probably Gun's last chance to stop the sinking ship. I'd say by the end of this weekend we'll know better if this long awaited (too long I know) update helped saved the game, or accelerated its doom.
  3. R.J MacReady

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Jesus, so much doom and gloom in this thread and the update hasn't even dropped yet. How's about we give it a few more hours before we string up the nooses huh fellas? I mean shit....we've waited this long.
  4. Agreed 100% with this, as I said before in the thread, I play on both PS4 and PC. When I encounter some host quitting BS, I just switch to the PC version. Therefore, I barely play the PS4 version and am still at a higher level there than some of the so called day 1 players who claim they're not at 113. Methinks folks just want the easy route.
  5. Notice how I didn't say half the shit you just wrote?
  6. Yep, that about sums up my feelings on the subject. People are being way too overly dramatic about the level cap, it is NOT that hard to level up in this game, seriously. I've had a harder time leveling up in The Witcher 3. No ones "punishing" you and everyone can be "rewarded" provided they put some time in. And whether I'm married or not is not relevant here.
  7. Then that's tough man, I simply accept what is, if my schedule doesn't allow for me to level up in a video game then I guess I don't obtain what's set behind level locks (provided there's no paid unlock all microtransaction) I definitely don't rage at the developers to change the game to better suit my schedule.
  8. 150 on PC here, level 87 on PS4. Can't side with the folks demanding it be lower as I have over 780 hours on the PC version and I know I haven't even clocked half that much time on the PS4 version....Yet I'm somehow a somewhat high level on there as well. Which leads me to believe that these folks either: A. Are absolute garbage at the game which begs the question of why they want weapon swapping if they're possibly a crap Jason. Or B. They're simply lazy and don't want to put the time in. Regardless, I'm good with the 113 lvl cap, surprising that others aren't, weren't we crying about better unlocks in the higher levels not too long ago?
  9. Lol, the salt. This dude is so upset, he's derailing threads that have NOTHING to do with Savini. Once again bud, grow up.
  10. R.J MacReady

    Best Kills for Part 8

    I gave him free kick, the one-punch decapitation, two handed choke and the final kill as the hacking away with fire axe into decapitation. Ill probably change the weapon kill once swapping is released.
  11. Oh look.....You're back.....yayyyy. Looking forward to more entitlement posts and the same damn argument being repeated ad nauseam.
  12. I think he means the times where it was accidentally released to the public on PS4/Xbox.
  13. Maybe if you weren't so quick to question my skills in an attempt to discredit my claim you would have understood better. I could sit here and give scenarios about how high level Vanessa's can make even a top level Jason's life a living hell just with proper stamina use, and your only contribution is "Play a Jason with +Destruction and handle it accordingly, jeez." What if I don't want to use a part 8/4 or Savini? What if I random roll Jason and get a part 7? Have you ever tried to catch a top tier meta perk running Vanessa with a part 7? It's not fun, trust me, and CSing the door means jack when you have a -Shift Jason that has to rage through a door to keep pressure on the counselors to drain stamina and they're standing there waiting to hit you because they KNOW they'll get a free stun. That's cheesy s**t, and CS won't help when they know to stand still and regain their stamina. As far as me "sugercoating" Jason, I'll be perfectly frank with you, I'm in the camp of making Jason a f**king unstoppable feared force so yes I'll gladly accept Jason buffs that discourages people from RUNNING UP TO HIM AND ATTACKING HIM OR STAYING IN ONE SPOT WITH THE INTENTION OF ATTACKING HIM. This is my viewpoint and no ones gonna change it and you can check my post history as evidence of that, I enjoyed this game the most and achieved 101 during the feared "Vader Jason" era, I didn't cry when Jason grabbed me from 6ft away and go "Wah wah force grab!" I simply shrugged and thought "Well, I shouldn't have been within 6ft of Jason f**king Voorhees" I also preferred it as people during that time ran away from Jason, you shouldn't be fighting him, you should be running away. Too many damn Jason fighters and Jason hunters nowadays since the devs babied the game down for them. Let it be known that I'm not unsympathetic to the counselors, I still think the rubberband glitch is BS and they should also have more options for escapes/items, However, waiting behind a door to get a free stun on a supposed raging zombie is cheesy, I simply stated that stuns should be limited during rage, not removed. But there's no point continuing this with you, it's clear you're only arguing for the sake of keeping another advantage for the counselors when in reality they already have several.
  14. LOL f**king hell man, you're really reaching. I used the wording "issue I have" in the sense that I have an issue with it annoying me, not that I can't counter it by combat-stance and block, thanks for missing the point.