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  1. Who's the Final boy?

    Going with Adam, no one wants to see the cool guy die.
  2. Fix Jason

    Sadly, topics like these are too commonplace nowadays. Careful however, the pro counselor crowd will soon be here to tell you that Jason can't be too OP because "balance" and he's "fine" right now with his neutered grab-traps/broken melee combined with part marking for the counselors. Perfectly "balanced".
  3. Hell, none of them need mics and you could all survive together nowadays.
  4. Well said sir, couldn't have said it better myself.
  5. The tension when encountering Jason....Even a half decent one.....probably meant death Where I have the keys to the car and it has a battery but no gas and my teammates are dropping like flies because Jason isn't a bitch like he currently is. That tension, where Jason and thus the game are actually scary and thrilling to play. IDK where you get this idea that the tension dies once you get experience with the game? I'm lvl 101 and have been since around late June and was still immersed within the game right up until the Oct 11 patch where the tension died.
  6. Disagree, all it does is kill the tension. I don't need the game to hold my hand and tell me where stuff is. Plus, no one asked for this, IIRC we asked for something closer to grave markers, which I would have had no problem with and probably would have been a lot better recieved.
  7. What a shock that it's you with the snarky sarcastic reply.
  8. This is pathetic, anyone else wanna claim that Jason is "fine"? So the melee is horribly broken and Jason has to practically be kissing a counselor to grab them. Just.......Good job Devs......Good Job.
  9. Which platform do you play on, If it's PC then I could join you with mine, i'm not half bad with him. As far as best Jason? No, that's an overplayed meme by the salty people that don't have him. He's ok, not the best, I'd say Part 8 or 9 are the best imo.
  10. Bullshit, yes it is and no he wasn't. That should have been DEATH for Deborah. You slowing down the footage actually strengthens AldermachXI's point.
  11. I believe if I'm not mistaken, Illfonic does the development, gun is just the publisher. Could be wrong but I think that's it.
  12. Give me a break with this s**t.
  13. For speaking the truth? And doing so in a humorous fashion? That makes you a tool nowadays? Ok. Seems like the only tool here is you.
  14. Yeah, the invisible person at the exit. Look, don't believe me, I don't have video evidence so I of course Can't PROVE this encounter, but it's famously one of the games I've played where I was severely irritated by what happened. Oh, it wasn't you? Oh convienent someone has the exact Steam name with exact spelling AND same profile pic. Must be my mistake.