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    If you are reading this #GunMedia #Fridaythe13thTeam I would love to be a part of your team I have many ideas for future updates to the game as well as some movie ideas but I don't expect to message me but it's a dream to become part of the Fridaythe13thTeam

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  1. Soooo where’s our steelbook collectors editions at? I still yet to receive my copy...
  2. Gotchas gotchas, well I guess imma have to wait and see if I get the Bloody Jason skins with my Steelbook Edition...
  3. Sooo whenever we received the, Friday, October the 13th Update, wasn’t everyone supposed to get the Bloody Jason skins??? Or am I wrong??? I’ve been backing the since Kickstarter, basically the beginning, where it all began, but anywho, just a question, do us backers get the Bloody Jason skins??? I thought everyone was getting the skins, or do I gotta buy a Disk Copy of the game, get the code for the skins, download the codes, and take back the game to get half my money back??? The skins shouldn’t be only for the people who just bought the physical copy of the game released on Friday October the 13th whenever us backers who originally preordered the game day one shouldn’t have to wait, I preordered the Physical Machete Steelbook Edition REV 2, and won’t receive that til next week due to shipping issues or something like that said in the email Randy Greenback sent us, but I feel like the skins should be an update similar to the Retro Jason update. I don’t think that I want and have to wait another full week to receive the skins, if the skins are in there with my copy, whenever there free now. That being said I just feel like all us backers should receive these skins now instead of waiting for our physical copies since we don’t have ours.
  4. Hey guys, I’m back with another idea for the game. You think we can try to add/include Adam Sessler as a Camp Counselor with tons of dialogue?!?!?! Please! I’d think that this would be interesting as well as entertaining to play and hear our boy Adam in the game. Let me know whatcha guys think, please leave a comment or question, I don’t know if this was brought up to y’all but yea let me know what y’all think.
  5. Hey guys I think I was 2nd or 3rd person to get the P.H.D. in Murder Trophy ? for PS4! I gotta pictures to prove, but only problem is that it won’t allow me to upload the photos on here ...
  6. Hi y’all haven’t posted anything on here inna while, but anywho, thought of some more stuff to add on my Dream DLC List I had on here awhile ago, starting with... Part 4 Tommy Jarvis, have him as a playable character and for whoever plays as him can throw on his child Jason makeup on an can work just as same concept as the Pamela Sweater for the girl counselors, that being said it can lead to a story or Easter Egg to find all the materials scattered around the camp to make his mask then to kill and defeat Jason with the machete, as in the film. Also have another radio system, like Tommy Jarvis, to call in the mortar strike team as in Part 9 that “kills Jason,” but this can only work whenever players are playing as the Part 9 Jason. That being said you can end the session there, or add Jason’s body transfer/morphing thing as a new ability to transfer/morph into a counselor. But yet again once this happens then Jason can be killed off alil more easier than normal but to an extent so then if a counselor kills that new Jason, then Jason can transfer/morph into another counselor. Also add the characters from Part 9... All of the main characters and the people that Jason transfers/morphs into. I already said to add the Voorhees House and the Diner from the movie in my last list... For Christmas add a skins/outfits for Jason and the counselors, as well as add Snowfall to each map. Have each weapon of Jason’s to be throwable, if he misses then he’ll have to go fetch it unless he’ll use the grab and/or environmental kills to kill his pray. Also new weapons for both Jason and the counselors. More from each film. Have the real Camp Counselor attire with patches an the yellow coat, everything about the attire should be clothing on the game. Have Jason grab the counselors three the windows like he does in the movies. 2009 Friday the 13th Jason and Camp as a map. Enough said there hahaha. Ummm I think that’s it for now, love the game since day 1, keep up the hard work f13th Team! Feel free to comment, question and answer, and add on the list, let’s keep the list going guys, and ladies too, but yea that’s what I got for now, if you gotta question bout my old list feel free to ask about that too I asked for a lot more stuff this is an add on to the first list.
  7. I just now downloaded the newest update for the PS4, and have used the Savini Jason key code and my Counselor Clothing Pack DLC key code did not work, I repeat did NOT work for me, I would really appreciate if I could receive an new code? After I put the key code for the Counselor Clothing Pack dlc, it popped up like it used to do before this new update...
  8. Ohhh man that's awesome I was wondering where an when these tapes would show if this is all true I can't wait to find my first Pamela Tape I'm level 26-27 I believe and still haven't found one but yea glad to hear that they're finally appearing! Add me if you're a huge fan of the game an wouldn't mind playing the game with me to try for a full lobby, SamazingReptar is my name, catch me on that there PS4... Hope to see y'all there, good hunting!
  9. Anyone know when the Savini Jason skin and Counseler Clothing pack will work for the PS4? I still have my codes and it still reads the same error... I just hope the F13team fixes this soon and also reissue new codes for us Backers that received the codes that have this same problem. Still love and appreciate the game but would really nice to look at all the DLC right about now...
  10. Will the F13team come out with future dlc? My other question is that, how much money did they get/receive after launch? If they did receive a lot of money than expected, then I don't see why not give them the green light to make future dlc for the game. I'm a huge fan of the game as it is, but I want more I want all the Jasons in the game, I want more maps from the movies, more weapons, clothing, just bout everything from the movie to be put into the game, i know it's a lot to be asking but I'm a huge fan of this game an to all the movies and i feel like if they have the time, then go for it because I'm sure that people will pay for the new future dlc updates, if you think the dlc should be free then you be ashamed of yourself for thinking that, they need that money to put out more dlc for us true fans, us fans would love to see more, and don't forget that this is an indie game, they didn't expect the huge amount of people to purchase the game after the launch, let them take the time to fix everything, all we have to is wait an if we wait I'm sure they will deliver, it just takes time we all know this. Love the game so far but just would love to see more.
  11. Would be an amazing feature added to the game like Grand Theft Auto V did, be a new awesome experience to run from our beloved Jason
  12. Could the tapes be from the Virtual Cabin an can link to the consoles??? If sooo man I wished I would've gotten the Vitual Cabin thing for PC for this game to see if that's true
  13. I have this same problem hope we receive new codes on the same console
  14. Gotta question about the codes, I know you all addressed that we are having issues with the codes but will we receive new codes for us people that did receive codes but couldn't receive the dlc due to the error? I have the codes for PlayStation but this is what pops up every time I try to re-enter the code hoping that the update fixed the dlc but did not... Would just like to know if us Backers from Kickstarter and Backerit would be getting new codes since the codes did not work the first time an not purchase the dlc an not receive it but yea glad the team cleared everything up with this situation at hand...
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