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  1. People on the BBB getting refunds are for their other failed pc game, Revival. If you look at the dates, the refunds were done in 2016.
  2. Hell of a statement he made for us. Was blown away by all 5 sentences.
  3. This was the response Shifty said you were working on, as we deserve more than a cut and paste?
  4. My point exactly. The official Twitter as well as the support Twitter are all but ghost towns with little to no attention being paid to them other than cut/paste replies. When a community manager comes on board, and does 90% of his communications through his own Twitter, that's where people are going to go since trying to get info out of Wes/Ronnie is like pulling teeth. You have an extremely dedicated player base with this game, one that shouldn't be as big as it is with all the issues that have plagued this game since launch. All we wanted was an avenue to let our voices and concerns be heard. And you offered that with your Twitter. But, somewhere around the 3 month mark of the major update, things went quiet again, and judging by the state of the update, I can see why. Major game breaking questions like rubber banding and window bubbles would get ignored and overlooked for rain on xbox announcements and stuff like that. You were basically ignoring any concern we had, knowing full well the update did not address it. And the only way, ONLY WAY, I could get any type of response from either you or Wes, was to blast the quality of the game (rightfully so), while trying I'm sorry, but if you can't handle a little bit of heat that comes with working in a kitchen, maybe you shouldn't be a chef? If you continue to release content that breaks more than it fixes, users to going to be upset. If you continue to ignore us, it's only going to get worse in the community, and you'll lose even more respect. There's probably only a handful of people here that would trust illfonic/GunMedia with their $ again, and at this point, that's a reputation that is well deserved.
  5. Yes, he is blocking users who use Twitter to actually get some info from Gun Media and their community manager. You blocked me from your page, being the official community manager for said game, for asking about status updates on said game in a post about said game. You say we can leave feedback and get interaction here, yet you guys are dead silent whenever real issues present itself. You overlook and ignore every thing we bring to the table, and get butt hurt when we run out of patience. It's clear that the glassdoor reviews of the unprofessional work environment at Illfonic also rings true at GunMedia. I gave you guys more than enough $ on Kickstarter, I gave you more than enough time in development, and I have been beyond patient since launch. That is all but gone now, as this team can't get one single release (not monetarily driven) working correctly.
  6. Shifty would much rather ban people on Twitter than actually address them and their Completly valid concerns. I think it's time to call it guys, this ship is sinking so fast, it's past the point of repair.
  7. Cleaned up this weekend. Found 6 Tommy tapes and 8 Pamela tapes. Almost at 100% for both now.
  8. So window invulnerability is still a thing huh? smh...
  9. I think GunMedia has their ideas of finish line and carrot on a stick mixed up.
  10. Yeah, but leave it to GunMedia and it's community manager to get all bent out of shape with the fan base, who get bothered when they don't produce news. News that they have trained their fans to expect every Thursday until this magical update drops. I don't see how anyone who has grown impatient with them can be seen as the bad guy here? They have starved an entire playerbase almost to the point of death, and the player count backs that up.
  11. lol, I just realized my phone auto corrected NO to ON for some reason, so it looks like I was saying he confirmed a date announcement. It was the opposite, he was confirming no date was getting announced today. My b on the typo.
  12. Dan apparently deleted his tweet, but someone asked him "release date update info today" to which Dan replied "Nah"
  13. Shifty confirmed on Twitter on date being announced today. They do know the one year anniversary is next week, right?
  14. The only backer exclusive was Savini and the counselor clothing pack. None of the stretch goals were backer exclusive, and since we know Savini will never be released, this argument is moot.
  15. They are never going to happen, despite what Wes and Dan say. I'd love to be proven wrong, but even if they implement them, they'll be turned off within a year. I have no faith left in anything they say, none.
  16. Since this update was another "we have nothing to share at this time" how about we get an update on the dedicated servers?
  17. So Roy, who never ran in the movie, has "can run" as a strength, but no destruction (he broke down the door at Pinehurst as well as Hodders Jason)???
  18. I swear to God, if window invulnerability is still in, you guys are beyond inept. That should of been one of the 1st balance changes done for Jason.
  19. Dedicated servers? Single player challenges? Uber/Grendel? Paranoia? Updated road map? Overabundance of defensive items? Etc etc etc
  20. Just bumping this until we get some clarification on when to expect these magical balance changes. Someone at Gun needs to man up and address the crowds, as the daily ignoring of this forum is absurd. We demand information, and we demand it now.
  21. If I recall, they redacted their plans for this as, and announced it was no longer a planned feature.
  22. 2018, and everything is still amateur hour with this development. Hot fixes and dedicated servers still soon, and telling affected users they are insignificant. It never stops around here...
  23. It's a lot easier than all that. Just make trap damage unhealable. If I'm out in the woods, and step on a bear trap, no amount of first aid spray is going to fix a broken ankle. Make it so any trap victim is permanently in a limping state.
  24. Please don't worry about useless Perks, concentrate more on the useless titular killer. Kthxbi, merry x Mas
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