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  1. Since this update was another "we have nothing to share at this time" how about we get an update on the dedicated servers?
  2. Jason V (Roy) - Stats

    So Roy, who never ran in the movie, has "can run" as a strength, but no destruction (he broke down the door at Pinehurst as well as Hodders Jason)???
  3. Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    I swear to God, if window invulnerability is still in, you guys are beyond inept. That should of been one of the 1st balance changes done for Jason.
  4. Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    Dedicated servers? Single player challenges? Uber/Grendel? Paranoia? Updated road map? Overabundance of defensive items? Etc etc etc
  5. When can we expect an update that fixes this broken mess? I am at the end of my road in regards to patience with this title, it has been a hot mess since launch. Numerous updates that break core game play mechanics, no dedicated servers that were promised to us before launch. The complete joke that ended up being "single player late summer" when we still have NO offline bots. Digital players still don't have their bloody Jason skins. $400 level backers never got their counselor database reward tier (thievery) Game play nerfs that completely make Jason underpowered( why do counselors get a speed buff when I hit them with a throwing knife???) You owe it to everyone that backed this game, made it financially possible, and supported you through all the BS to help you sell more copies. That time is about at an end, and I seriously hope that by me just listing a tiny bit of the issues with this game (albeit the more Important ones), that you'll actually respond to our criticism and concerns, as these are not just mine. But I feel, all of ours, as a collective whole, feel this way. Make it right GunMedia, the ball is definitely in your court, but you only have time for one, maybe two more shots. Make em count...
  6. Enough is enough

    Just bumping this until we get some clarification on when to expect these magical balance changes. Someone at Gun needs to man up and address the crowds, as the daily ignoring of this forum is absurd. We demand information, and we demand it now.
  7. Okay, than what is being done to rectify that?
  8. If I recall, they redacted their plans for this as, and announced it was no longer a planned feature.
  9. 2018, and everything is still amateur hour with this development. Hot fixes and dedicated servers still soon, and telling affected users they are insignificant. It never stops around here...
  10. It's a lot easier than all that. Just make trap damage unhealable. If I'm out in the woods, and step on a bear trap, no amount of first aid spray is going to fix a broken ankle. Make it so any trap victim is permanently in a limping state.
  11. Please don't worry about useless Perks, concentrate more on the useless titular killer. Kthxbi, merry x Mas
  12. They list Jon Hedden as the writer/director of part 8, it's Rob Hedden
  13. No rain on PS4 either?

    Yeah, I think rain was only removed for online on xbox. I had numerous rounds with offline bots and rain yesterday.
  14. Ive been upset with the devs in the past with lack of communication/transparency, and not being able to deliver to the Xbox on a timely manner. This however, is nothing more than a witch hunt. Dedicated servers not existing is an issue, them using assets for AI is not.
  15. PC not getting update today

    Yeah, no hope for Xbox as yesterday Shifty said on Twitter it would be days, now, nothing. I've given up hope on this patch dropping before Christmas, and am disgusted that this continues to be an issue well over 6 months post launch. Can't help but feeling burned by these developers.
  16. PC not getting update today

    I've been able to engage shifty pretty regularly on Twitter, and going by his responses, doesn't seem likely Xbox will see said patch today either.
  17. [Spoilers] Future confirmed content.

    For real, they did. And they deserve to eat crow over it too. Not even excusable anymore for the way they handle content/updates. Amateur hour for ever apparently.
  18. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Well, at least you'll get the update today. Xbox won't have it for days, maybe even a week. So much for cross platform polarity for all updates, smh...
  19. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    My man with an Under Siege 2 quote! Friend for life now dawg. Just like you, I believe in the motto that chance favors the prepared mind.
  20. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    @ShiftySamurai any update on the Xbox patch, hopefully something other than "shortly after" which we all know means days.
  21. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Last time there was double xp before Xbox got the latest patch, double xp still counted. I expect that to be the same this time as well. Just sux to lost out on possible double xp bonus against offline bots. Pretty sure there will be a mess of that happening on ps4 and pc starting tomorrow. Make it right Gun, cross platform polarity!
  22. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Then Gun/Illfonic should of made good on their promise for cross platform polarity for all future content updates, and not announce a release date for Ps4/PC until Xbox was ready as well. Just more nonsense that the Xbox users have to suffer through (you know, since Xbox still has the most active players, let's treat them like crap...)
  23. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    As an Xbox player, I think it's best to prepare myself for not seeing this patch anywhere close to Monday. I'd feel more confident preparing myself for Tuesday after Christmas.
  24. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Shifty confirmed on Twitter that the patch will not go live today.
  25. Where we now are ?

    Pretty sure they did this so Wes could be all cool and like, "Dude, I made a bunch of kids listen to Goblin!"