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  1. Notice how DbD announces their patch plans prior to implementation, than the collective community can have a chance to absorb and discuss? It just kept Freddy from getting nerfed, why can't Gun Media do the same? Everything has to be shock and surprise with them, even at the community's expense. That amateurish behavior needs to be addressed immediately.
  2. How do they not realize that with the combination of nerfs they fed Jason, plus the Perks being a tad overpowered, that is basically a survival fest anymore? There is NO tension at all with this game, and escapes no longer feel accomplished, more like a given. They have absolutely 100% broken the core element of this game, and that's Jason as the ultimate killing machine. Way to go devs, round of applause!
  3. When can we expect an update that fixes this broken mess? I am at the end of my road in regards to patience with this title, it has been a hot mess since launch. Numerous updates that break core game play mechanics, no dedicated servers that were promised to us before launch. The complete joke that ended up being "single player late summer" when we still have NO offline bots. Digital players still don't have their bloody Jason skins. $400 level backers never got their counselor database reward tier (thievery) Game play nerfs that completely make Jason underpowered( why do counselors get a speed buff when I hit them with a throwing knife???) You owe it to everyone that backed this game, made it financially possible, and supported you through all the BS to help you sell more copies. That time is about at an end, and I seriously hope that by me just listing a tiny bit of the issues with this game (albeit the more Important ones), that you'll actually respond to our criticism and concerns, as these are not just mine. But I feel, all of ours, as a collective whole, feel this way. Make it right GunMedia, the ball is definitely in your court, but you only have time for one, maybe two more shots. Make em count...
  4. Not seeing him on xbox is more an example of the game not being fixed, as Savini is currently neutered on xbox without the hotfix.
  5. Wes finally discussed this on Twitter, doesn't look like anything will ever happen.
  6. Almost criminal the way in which the xb1 base has been treated since launch. And it shows no sign of ever changing, smdh.....
  7. Yeah, and the fact that things have gone silent again is worrying. I know they said Xbox wasn't getting the hot fix, but they need to offer us up some information if that's the case. Are we going to be stuck waiting for the update when it goes live on ps4 and pc? Why do we keep getting left behind (don't blame Microsoft, I've never seen a game worse with cross platform updates than this one)
  8. The amount of these game breaking bugs and glitches is getting ridiculous. We are almost 4 months since launch, and this game is riddled with these. I appreciate everything you are doing in remaining vocal with the fan base, but at this point, it's just not enough. Delayed single player with no announcement, Xbox getting screwed out of hot fixes, updates basically breaking the game play, etc etc. How much crow are we expected to eat as the player base? I'm guessing my reply will be "soon" which in it of itself now is a fn joke. I'm about this close to calling it quits, balls in your court Gun Media.
  9. And than once the new patch launches, is it going to be across the board at the same time? Since we got no hot fix, I'm gonna be pissed if ps4 and pc gets this magical patch weeks before Xbox. If Xbox isn't ready, hold all versions till it is.
  10. Gone awfully quiet since labor day. You guys are back to work, how about an update for Xbox users? (here we go again with this nonsense)
  11. Seems like the flood of Savinis has been addressed.
  12. Tim Voorhees13 Have a mic, as well as Savini Jason. Let's do it guys, our day is finally here!
  13. Not only is the game live, but I'm now here on the official forums. Add me if you would like a mic'd player who intends to have the best time on this. Gt- Tim Voorhees13