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  1. This is great! Appreciating this update. Hopefully with all this new content we'll have a better F13 game by the end of the year. Make Crystal Lake great again damn it!!!!
  2. F*ck yeah!! This is great!! Now I need to see parts 1 to IV on Blu Ray... hopefully this dlc will be available by the time the physical copy gets released.
  3. Very very cool! Keep up the good work young man!
  4. LoL Sounds about right. This stuff is not supposed to happen. I mean, what can we expect from the patch since it was "glitched" from the download point? Anyway, just keep on trying. It will download eventually. Very glad the devs are working on getting things fixed!
  5. ^^this! Though it took me like 12 retries, it's finally installed.
  6. Same here. On PS4 A message pops up about an error on the server. (HTTP Status Code: 404) (CE-40852-9) Sucks to say the least!
  7. I think that Part V: A new Begging have some interesting characters that could be in the game besides the obvious Pam. Victor was a crazy unstable badass that could have some great fighting skills or even repair (who knows). Unfortunately Mark Venturini passed away but so does Gloria Charles and it seems that Fox could be on the game very well soon. Also in consideration could be Violet (though we have AJ) or Eddie or Demon... Now that I think about it, Pinehurst was kinda a rehab center and they were not counselors. But whatever, I think a rainy Pinehurst map doesn't sound bad at all. Though I prefer original, based on someone characters. Something about watchin Tommy Jarvis getting killed in some gruesome ways doesn't seem right..
  8. Definitely a daytime map is a good idea. Hell, a daytime version of any of the current maps would be cool. Hope the devs will take it to consideration.
  9. He's definitely a bad ass whether his playing as Jason or as a counselor. His videos are a good watch for sure. I hope that the new upcoming DLC awakens his interest in the game.
  10. I just found out about this new content late last night. I think it's awesome and I hope it's available sooner rather than later. Question; Is it gonna be a DLC you can download at the Store/marketplace or is it gonna be an automatic update for the game?
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