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  1. I am not one for witch-hunts, but until there is a report system and blocking in-game, I want to warn people of a team-killer on PC. He goes by RAGER1 (private profile) and purposefully kills teammates to tilt players. He killed myself and tried to injure and kill the rest of the players June 25th around 3am. We reported him on steam but that's about all we can do. If you see him in a lobby, I suggest leaving unless you want to troll him back. Happy playing... and killing. FreyatheFerret/SlytheCat222
  2. I actually posted this and next day received an achievement, so co-player does receive a reward, if not the entire group (although I'm not sure about that.)
  3. Thank you very much for the update. I know last night, I was feeling very exasperated and in the dark. I did finally manage to get in around 5:30am and have refused to log out since then, but I feel for my friends who haven't been able to play. Good to know you guys are working so hard and I appreciate it greatly. This is more... hindsight 20/20, so it isn't helpful now, but if you release future games, I highly suggest doing an open beta or pre-release before a full release. It's sad so many people are bashing the game, many who haven't even played and those who are angry about the log in error and glitches. I know I have been frustrated, but I haven't left a bad review because I do love the game. Obviously, no matter what, there are problems when a game releases, but it's best to iron out as much as possible before a full release and to be sure the game is as ready as it possibly can. Pre-release and open beta also help you get a better idea at the numbers of which you are going to get and there are just far less problems overall. With that, people aren't as critical because, hey, this isn't a full release. They are just testing the water, etc etc. Just my two cents. Like I said, it doesn't really help anything now. But for those later games. Make sure to take care of yourself, too! Good luck!
  4. Takes no more than a minute to give out a tweet and give acknowledgement. >_>
  5. Exactly. So now we will be levels behind and have so much less crap. The least we can get are updates, even if it isn't good news. Ridiculous.
  6. This is ridiculous. I had so much fun last night and it's incredibly frustrating and disappointing that some of my friends are able to progress and get so much further ahead while myself and many others are falling behind and not able to join in on the fun. Even if things are not fixed, we should be getting updates. Sorely disappointing.
  7. Last night, my group and I decided to try to kill Jason and we proved successful after the second try once we figured out how to get it right. However, only Tommy Jarvis received the achievement Killing Jason. While I can fully understand the campers standing around shouldn't get the achievement, it seems odd to me that the one other key component doesn't receive anything. As well as Tommy Jarvis, you need a female character wearing Jason's mother's sweater in order to distract him. Without her, there is no killing Jason. Period. I would think at the very least those two characters should receive the achievement (or some sort of achievement; perhaps the female receives a "distraction" or "Jason's Mother" achievement, something like that.) I know in our game, I had to be the one who stunned Jason, so perhaps as well as another character if they are the one to stun Jason if the girl wearing his mother's sweater couldn't manage to successfully hit Jason. Taking down Jason is not possible without teamwork and at least 2 or 3 characters playing very specific roles and causing damage. It is nothing myself nor anyone was angry about. We were simply stumped and were discussing it at the time as it seemed odd. Just food for thought.
  8. It's the difference between British English and American English. British English uses a 's' whereas in American English a 'z' is used. They were not incorrect whatsoever. No need to attack. Smdh.
  9. My favorite bug. 10/10. Would play again.
  10. Yeah, you have the option of muting them if that is your cup of tea. But personally I like to hear Jason for those creepy players. I like to cackle and make threats, myself. I think it can make for a creepy experience. On the opposite spectrum, chatting with a Jason before your death can be hilarious. I like to call him babe and compliment his mother in hopes of survival.
  11. Hey there, Reddog! I would call myself a horror fan. For a university class, we had to create zines and I focused solely on reviewing a list of psychological thrillers/horrors. I am less of a fan of F13 (although loving the game <333) and big into the original Halloween and some of the Nightmare on Elm Street films (I've seen them all at LEAST once). The latter actually got me into horror back when I was an innocent babe in high school. Rofl! Always down for discussions and suggestions on horror. Hands down the psychological subgenres are my favorite film genres. They get me all giddy. :3 Anyhow, welcome and enjoy! If you want to talk horror, I'm always down~
  12. If you have a pocket knife, you should be able to dismantle the trap. I haven't done it myself yet, but that is what I have read. Happy killing/surviving!
  13. Yeah. Sounds like a plan. Always willing to be a guinea pig in the pursuit of knowledge haha
  14. Honestly, what I have found as a counselor is to avoid the key locations, at least in the very, very beginning. When I happen to spawn near them, I move away and search elsewhere more often than not. I learned that the hard way. Lol
  15. Interesting. That explains why Jason teleported away when I hid under a bed in hopes he would be distracted by someone else. Will the color change only if a counselor is holding their breath or just by being under it? Because if it just requires you are under it (or in the other hiding holes), they are definitely more valuable than I was thinking.
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