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  1. i have done every kill numerous times and I'm still at 94%. I was at 96% before a previous patch, and someone how lost 2%. I wish they would just give us the damn list of kills. Every list you see online is wrong in some capacity (has a lot of extra kills you dont need, or missing some i definitely got % for) xbox by the way and im really sick of grinding the same kills over and over to run through the long ass list
  2. I have tried many times with buddies and we must be blind, but i keep seeing this as a confirmed other face slam kill. Can someone direct me to the exact location of it please? Also, awesome I log in today and i've lost 2% of my kills for the phd.. xbox one.. was at 96.. now at 94... great...
  3. Saw there was an update, with a mention of fixed kills that werent working but not sure that was related.
  4. No no. There is a clear distinction between pointing out flaws in a civil manner, and refusing to acknowledge that any of said flaws exist, OR acknowledging flaws exist, but being absolutely insistent that they are being fixed as fast as possible, when no such communication or acknowledgement has even come out from the actual company. The 2 latter are people being kiss-asses. You have to admit, that there are a lot of people in this community that clearly have blinders on.
  5. I'm going to be that guy and say, I hope we can purchase this "actual" skin. I honestly would have much rather bought the physical copy over digital, but because of the fact that physical didn't launch at launch date, I pulled the trigger on the digital one anyhow. In hind-sight, I probably could have waited for physical, but who knew that at the time. That said, it would be nice to buy it and not have another Savini situation (though yes, I understand this is actually a skin and not a new Jason).
  6. Is it actually on the market, or are you referring to the method people use to get it for free? I saw in the patch notes they supposedly fixed it, which is what I was initially referring to. Exploit for backer thing comes along, patch comes out a couple days later, when folks had been waiting for ages before that.
  7. *wonders how many people think the patch finally releasing is not a coincidence related to the Savini skin hijacking that started only a few days ago, and that it didn't really address anything.
  8. just some: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter Gremlins Goonies Friday the 13th A New Beginning (although brief) Stand By Me The Lost Boys License to Drive The Burbs Dream a Little Dream Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rock N Roll High School Forever Meatballs 4 Bordello of Blood (guilty pleasure lol) South Beach Academay Lost Boys 2 and 3 also Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys a ton of other B and C movies that are at least entertaining.. usually.
  9. This dude is in some of the greatest movies and somehow a lot of people still think he's a joke. That's a damn shame. I will watch anything this dude is in lol. No lies.
  10. ....There is no extension of illustration... players are frustrated because its a bunk ass game. The problems don't make the Devs look bad... the Devs make themselves look bad. The hate is no misplaced what-so-ever. How can you even say the hate is misplaced? The game is broken as shit on xbox. Where should xbox players place their hate? on Microsoft? On the coding language? On the Xbox store? On the players who keep having crappy game problems? Pretty sure the only place it can go is on to the people who made the game...right? If you honestly believe what you are saying about misplaced frustration, then there are a lot of people with bridges to sell you.
  11. Ok so I have 94% and I'm pretty sure the other percent or few I'm missing (other than the glitch) is just kills I've already done but game crashed. Here are my notes (sorry if this has been said in the comments someplace) Repair Shop (Face Slam) [Crystal Lake]** - I'm going to try this again, but I am pretty sure me and some friends tried this and it didn't not increase our percent. That said, there is a third wall kill where you punch their pace in. You can do all 3 walls at the main lodge on Higgens Haven if I recall. You can definitely do 2 of them on teh outside of the building. The face punch (if you cant do it in the house) can be done in pacakanack lodge, inside, against the wall where the stairs are behind you and there is a poster on the wall next to you. Bed (Need to Do With Each Jason with Different Weapon?)* - NO Just once Wall Inside Cabin** - Doesnt matter if its inside or outside. You can do the same kills in or out in different areas. Just depends where you are. Usually outside its the back breaker, but there are places to do others outside Boat Kill (Tip Boat then Drown Counselor)(Torpedo Badge) - Isn't this the glitched one? I've done this one, and gotten no percent increase There is a closet inside the barn on Higgens Haven. Killing someone hiding in there does in fact count as an additional kill. I've confirmed this myself (upvote me for ruling!... oh wait..) bolded that bit because a TON of people miss that
  12. I didn't technically double post. I replied to someone. Then later saw another comment and replied to that. Just so happened that I was the last poster (though I didn't know it at the time) Fair enough though. Thanks for merging.
  13. It's not that they are slow. It's because they won't let bullshit patches get on to their system. That's a good thing. They will keep kicking it back until it's good. yup... same here. As I've been saying for weeks now; I'm pretty sure the only reason xbox folks have held on as long as they have is because of the subject matter. If this was still Slasher Camp, people would have bailed the hell out in like the 2nd week, and definitely by the first patch...
  14. serious question. can i get refund and does my save state stand.. so if it works it self out i can buy again and come back to my level 50ish dude?
  15. Well I'm on Xbox... and it is definitely not playable lol. Still get someone crashing every couple matches, which usually crashes it for everyone else
  16. To be honest, I actually think people were more friendly because of how broken the game was. You had to like actively try to make a full lobby and pray the game would finish. Now that it's been like over a month, and the same problems still exist, I think people got frustrated/fed up/etc and literally started being more dickish to make the game worth still playing.
  17. The perk slots themselves are jacked up. If you put hte start with firecracker perk in your first slot on the left, it "may" work, but then whatever is in slot 2 and 3 may not work. It's really shitty.
  18. There is a trick to it. If you have 2 counselors at the objective, you can have one stand next to the trap. The other one who will actually complete the objective can stand next to the first counselor and hit the button prompt. Now instead of being slid over on to the trap, you fix the objective from that location, because the first counselor stops you from sliding into the trap. Now you can do every objective without setting off any traps.
  19. I'm on Xbox Unfortunately, I have literally been checking my achievement progress every time I get a new kill that I am 100% positive I hadn't done before, and there were a few times where the progress did not increase, until the match completed. When I checked again while in the lobby, I then saw the increase happen, so while I believe the kills "should" count as they happen, they don't always. I was monitoring from about 57% to 93% so I'm pretty confident that it sometimes takes a complete match. It also happened for a buddy I was testing with. It's kind of like the achievement where if you drive the boat out, you don't get that achievement until the match actually ends, so if you sit there for 10 minutes waiting, and then get dashboarded, you don't get the achievement (this happened to me and we tested it in private with a few other people, and it never popped up for anyone until the game actually ended. (I'm not saying it can't, I'm just saying we never had it happen during the match) Kill Spoiler as an FYI below p.s. there are 5 hiding spot kills that I've found (bed, closet, tent, outhouse, and actually the closet in the barn on Higguns Haven also counts as it's own kill)
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