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  1. I've played an entire day yesterday and i didn't encounter anything gamebreaking except these 2 times when the host left. But i have to admit, the game is way too dark now. And yeah, we should be able to skip the cut-scenes during the challenges.
  2. I've completed 3 challenges so far and i'm suprised, it's really fun ! ?
  3. I recently started to learn how to use mapedit. Here the wine cellar of a big 2 story house.
  4. So were the hands ! And at least, Caleb was still funny in Blood 2.
  5. Hehe! Thx to a nice Russian programmer, now i can play one of my personal favorite classic FPS on pc. And it look like i have a lot to go throught since not only do have the Plasma Pak and the Cryptic Passage addon chapter, but i can now try the Death Wish fan made addon who got 3 new brand chapter of over the top gore, funny horror reference and the usual tongue cheek humor ! ! ! Blood 2 isn’t too bad either but it miss something… Oh and for the record, there is a level entirely based on Crystal Lake in Episode 4: Dead Reckoning. Link for BloodGDX : http://m210.duke4.net/ Link for the Death Wish fanmade expansion pack : http://www.moddb.com/mods/death-wish-for-blood Oh and of course, you have to own Blood !
  6. 20 would be decent and realistic.... i do hope there would be at least 30 however.
  7. While the dedicated servers can't come soon enough. The game is waaaay more worthy of his price as it is right now. And with the addition of this, lets hope so, fun sp challenge mod, i dare to say that the game will finally become what it was alway meant to be, a true monument of our favorite masked killer himself . Amen
  8. Dear GunMedia It’s no big deal, not for me anyway. But it is common knowledge among Friday fans that Roy ‘isn’t Jason’ and well… hearing Pamela calling him Jason when playing Roy kind of take me out of it…. But then again, we could argue that maybe Roy is so lost in his delusion that maybe he actually THINK he’s Jason. But i would still suggest that you should replace Pamela dialogue with something else entirely when playing Roy. Perhaps he's hearing his butchered son, pleading his father to kill them all. Edit : oops about 'Royce'
  9. Caucassian, of french european descent.
  10. I have nothing againt's faith in general but i have to say that i am very anticlerical. And just watching how some potilical or religious organisation are acting, such as the Wesboro baptist church for instance, it kind of creep me out to picture what such a collective of morons would do to an entire state... should they ever be in a position of power.. brrr
  11. I wasn't too hot about the elbow either but it ain't THAT bad really. It all depend i guess on how much pain you can take and for me, there was nothing to scream about but yeah, it's not really fun either... And this time around, there was some blood here and there like if my body had a hard time to endure the stress, nothing too alarming i guess but i kind of had too much drink the night before and i didn't have a good night of sleep and i only had one meal during the day before my appointment and i was kind of tired so yeah... And indeed, the artist is awesome.
  12. Last part was today.. it hurted a lot this time !
  13. I've just preordered this little baby on LP! (i already own it on cd but the LP gatefold is SOOOOO awesome)
  14. I don't drink soda too ofter but when i do, i enjoy any Cherry Cola and Mountain dew.
  15. I rarely drink any energy beverage nowaday, not very healty like Jason4prez said. But when i do, i enjoy those with a black cherry flavor... .. but i drink these beverage like 2 times a month.
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