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  1. Wow, grats guys! You had a rocky start but you work you ass throught this a lot.
  2. Well i decided to dig into it during my lunch time and it turned out that Corey was indeed a little brat. But you could say that his attitude was a symptom of a bigger problem on set since it seem that the director Joseph Zito was somekind of an asshole. He was mistreaiting the actors on set and Ted White would often enter in a argument with Joseph about the way he work... or treatening him to quit the set because an actor caught hypotermia because of him... Corey also told that he had ZIto in his head during the scene where he slash Jason to pieces.... ouch
  3. JC Halloween vs RZ Halloween

    The RZ films are watchable but less scary. We have to understand that back to the original, there was a lot of mysteries around Michael and outside the fact that we knew he killed his parents during Halloween 1963, we didn't quietly know why he did that as a kid. And then.... you kind of get by the end of the film that maybe wathever lies behind Michael's eyes isn't human at all... maybe surnatural.... without explicitely telling it... what kind of evil drove a child to kill, turning him into a boogeyman? That's my take on it
  4. I lolled a lot ! Well my bad, i meant Part IV of course, but i'm kind of amused right now about Graham asking any director if feldman play in any of his future movie where he would do some stunt ! 'Ted White warned me about that little prick ! I must be carefull !' The funny thing is that it doesn't seem that Corey was all that bad really, it's more like that Ted wasn't used to work with young actor.
  5. Kind of remind me of the stunt man, who played Jason in Friday part IV, having issue with Corey Feldman.
  6. I had to deal with a pre-teen little punk during at least 3 games. I don't know what was his issues with me but he wouldn't stop being needlessly mean to me and would keep saying 'SHUT UP HUDON! YOUR'E GETTING ON MY NERVE!' blah blah blah. Sound like it was personnal or something... something about killing him when he didn't wanted to during a past game i guess.... i nearly lost it and told him to shut up and find another lobby if he wasn't happy and then i put him on mute, that little punk was seriously asking for a slap in his face if you ask me. Oh well... i did slap him in a way, with a machete during a game, that was fun ! Well anyway i get it, kids are kids and myself used to be quite bitchy during my early teen years but if you can't behave yourself in a community and if you start to be disrespectful toward adults, you shouldn't be allowed to play at all... beside, it's a M rated game no? (... well, i discovered DooM 2 when i was a kid but... oh well...)
  7. My ps4 tag is Hudon_lol and there was this kid with i dont know what nickname who was needlessly rude with me with no other reason i guess than showing that he can rule adults around... ...i really enjoyed killing that little punk as Jason during a game OH god yes...

    Well... the way i see it, Roy isnt Jason anyway.
  9. Servers are trash today.

    It work!!! Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
  10. Servers are trash today.

    Im in Canada and i got the same problem as well. This la frustrating...
  11. Seriously... i gave a 6,5 out of 10 for this game when it came out but as it is now... it's a 8 out of 10 for me.
  12. What kind of music do you like?

    I'm mostly the metal type guy and i have a very huge record collection. And i am into all kind of metal from traditionnal Heavy-Metal to Black Metal... Death Metal.. Thrash Metal... you name it. I also enjoy music score, John Williams in particular. I listen to some video game score too, i enjoy some punk rock a little bit...
  13. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    And what about that hulk hogan dlc where you get to bodyslam every counselor as the hulkster?? Ok jk, i made that... ... oh my god... the goofy police phonecall during a session!! 'PLEEEASE, HULK HOGAN IS PINNING DOWN ALL OF MY FRIENDS WITH A LEG DROP!!!' ....ok ugh... im really really tired today....
  14. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    That's a lot of content, can't wait to ses the virtuel cabin 2.0 and. But first thing first, i want that damn part 4 Jason with the new map already!!!!!!!