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  1. I just read an article that said Xbox One gamers may be playing the beta version of the game they sited the menu isn't what it is on PC or PS4 and the hair isn't dynamic and this could be the cause of most of the Xbox problems well if thats the case and they sold us an unfinished version of the game thats completely unexceptable and I want a refund and the finished game whenever that happens because if thats proved you will be looking at a lawsuit because i'm sick over the fact that i spent $40 and spent most of my long weekend trying to play a game i have anticipated playing since i saw the kickstarter start up and then to be sold an unfinished version that hardly works or not at all while PC and PS4 players are enjoying the game on their long weekends...... I am furious  

  2. 9 minutes ago, IH8YH said:

    its like NEVER PLAY ON PATCH DAY... release days for multiplayer only games are almost always chaotic and STILL idiots gonna complain the fuck out of everything....

    yeah well some people don't have all the time in the world to play the games they love  so when a Dev sets a date for release they really should try a little to have their game in working order on that date or don't put it out for purchasing until they do so us "idiots" wouldn't have nothing to complain about...what do you think moron


  3. yeah i watched one idiot on Gamespot on youtube saying the game isn't worth $40 yet he was laughing and screaming like a little school girl the whole time he was playing sure looked like he got his no moneys worth out of the game it makes me sick that Clowns like these get the games for free then they try to ruin them for people excited and willing to pay whatever it cost to enjoy them 

  4. hey everyone my name is Tony Mirolli 

    I live in West Springfield,MA

    and my Xboxlive SN is the same as my Forums name

    I'm so looking forward to playing this game with all Xbox players and hopefully every player if they can get the kinks ironed out for cross platform play.I have been watching the streams on youtube from the beta and recently from press early access.The one stream from Gamespot was really stupid the clown playing the game said it wasn't worth $40 yet the whole time he was playing ...well over an hour mind you....he was laughing and screaming like a little school girl. It seams to me that these so called press outlets should tell people what they obviously show people while playing these games which is even though this Clown didn't have to pay a dime for the game he had way more then $40 worth of fun out of it in one sitting .....He should be ashamed of himself for suggesting the game isn't worth 40 dollars . Well I unsubscribed to that page and i suggest everyone else do the same... Gamespot get yourself some honest reviewers  

  5. its the day before launch and I can't find the game in the Xbox Store I wanted to preorder it on Xbox but i can't seam to find a way to do that on your website either can you tell me when it will be in the Xbox store and what time it will go live on Xbox in EST

    ...thanks for making this great idea into a tremendously fun looking game and I can't wait to play

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