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  1. Question on killing counselors as Jason...

    Sometimes you just have to hack them up. Plus I find the random chance of dismemberment a rad change of pace from the canned death animations.
  2. Why kids are not that bad.

    Exactly. It's also sad when 42 year old men who trolls forums like this and live at home with their moms all while claiming to be successful use it. XD Inside joke.
  3. Ghostboy20 is a celebrity!

    That's my boy! Whoo!
  4. Why kids are not that bad.

    Can I just say that I hate how haphazardly the term "kid" is used on the internet? Especially when I've seen it come from literal children and adolescents, not to mention barely 18+ youths. I know I'm old and decrepit but jesus it's annoying.
  5. Why kids are not that bad.

    That escalated quickly.
  6. Kotaku article on teamkilling

    Why do they like the term kid so much? Is that the way of establishing dominance?
  7. New counselor emotes

    We go now live to exiled corespondent CampMurder
  8. New counselor emotes

    We go now live to exiled corespondent CampMurder
  9. New counselor emotes

    Make it so! I wonder what the emote that proceeds a team kill will be?
  10. New counselor emotes

    One question, can I emote like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFSen7DRQWU
  11. Fast paced variant maps

    I remember when the game was in development I thought it'd have a more close quarters hide and seek element rather than Jason having the heat vision esque sense ability, maybe we're going to see some variants in play style?
  12. We're trapped like fucking animals!
  13. Dealing with the fuse box

    Now I'm imagining Jason as an old timey butcher chasing dogs away with a broom...but it's an axe and they're teenagers. I've got your back though, swinging away is just more viable in a mob situation.
  14. Accusations of Cheating

    Don't feel bad TC, people pull that crap all the time. Twice I've been accused, once for being a Jason with an effective patrol route, and another because the guy looking for me asked "where are you my friend?" You know, because that means we actually know each other. ? Its as old as gaming itself, accuse someone else doing better than you of cheating. Don't even try to explain yourself, those willing to make such blatant accusations won't listen.
  15. Toxic and ill mannered! Ha! That's nothing, we're also racism anti American pro Nazi alt right SJW retard beta male cuck kids...that is if you believe certain users here. ? Seriously though good post, I'm very curious about a lot of this stuff myself, I had the flare block happen and wondered if it just was a fluke.