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  1. This glitch happened while having the car keys in my pocket i stepped into a trap when i hit "E" it opened the car door and put me inside, let me start the car then it gets stuck on this screen. You cant do anything until jason pulls you out of the car.
  2. no worries i just try to screenshot them when i see them.
  3. This bug (which is easy to recreate) happens when jason grabs a counselor as he's starting the boat at the last tick. The boat is unable to be used at this point.
  4. if you hate using mic/talking you make the game boring Sorry! I would TK you.
  5. This area of the map where Jason can't reach the counselor is being abused heavily. https://gyazo.com/d2ea067083b96458be6891ebde6f7923
  6. Exploit. with any weapon when you enter combat stance, hold shift + ctrl, you can glide/ghost around the map without any penalty. (This is major). Bug 1: Items dropped from dead bodies often cant be picked up again, and some simply vanish. Bug 2: Car physics, car will randomly flip over on collision of small objects (like a small rock). Issue: Servers and Server Pings, the regions dont seem to be defaulting correctly. Asia is being dropped in NA servers,so on. Issue: Lost CP Points All over the place, from end of match not ending correctly, to rolling perks and not receiving one and still losing your CP.
  7. Yes i know Lirik played yesterday as i watched him and crew play, my point was he could make a case that he (and others like him) could drive hype for any game. In regards to your data that is completely false, influencers on twitch do not have anywhere near that type of confirmed sales. Cheers.
  8. Someone with the lifetime followership of 28k on his stream will not create a "fuckton" of new people to the community. And sadly that is one of the higher numbers some of the streamers who had EA didnt even have over 10 viewers. This is the part that is not acceptable (to me as a backer), these are not sodapoppin, lirik, so on where you can argue yes those streamers have some influence and deserve "press kits". People have a right to be upset, is it the end of the world? Of course not. But they (we) should be heard because it was nine to five jobs that made marketing even possible for you (F13) to think about. If you want to pose questions I pose this one. Would you rather have our backer cash, or would you rather we downloaded obs for free, loaded up some free overlay and streamed to 8 of friends for a free copy? . I'm not sure how crowdfunded games would get made then but i'd sure rather be playing the game before everyone else.
  9. Wes, I believe you have good intentions. However, you guys would have no interest in your game to give to 'content creators' without the backers. This is a common mistake alot of indie developers are making. And we are simply letting you know we notice. It doesnt feel good to pay 40 dollars (or more) for a game and then see someone who didnt even support it in the first place play it before "us". When the hype train dies, its the 'backers' who will decide if your game stays alive or not, the content creators will move on to the next hype train as it benefits them just like you benefited yourself by doing this. Dont act like your actions werent selfish because they were , even if soaked in good intentions. Places like kickstarter/fundme need to stop existing if you just use our money to be sellouts. -bilbo.
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