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  1. Yea, still trying, been going for nearly an hour now, gradually getting there
  2. Oh look another problem with Friday the 13th, this is so stupid. I keep trying to resume the update, downloads a little at an incredibly snail pace speed and then stops. Been doing this for the last half an hour and only downloaded 100mb. Every time I try it now it won't even start to download, unbelievable.
  3. My bad, completely forgot about Steam Achievements, I saw the xbox didn't have the Killer Franchise achievement and just assumed he was on Ps4.
  4. Don't you mean trophies? There are 51 in total, the Killer Franchise trophy is for unlocking the other 50.
  5. Honestly, you would have to be a biggest dead set loser in life to get enjoyment out of this. Even more pathetic are the people that get enjoyment out of watching and following this loser on youtube.
  6. It is definitely fixed on Ps4 now, everybody is unlocking it. There are no obscure kills or missing kills, all i can suggest is just to go through the list of all the kills again one by one until it pops, of course I still see on true achievements that no one has unlocked it so it could still be bugged on Xbox. Here is another list of all the kills, https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6192-friday-the-13th/51-a-phd-in-murder
  7. That sounds horrible, why did they change it? Or can you still swing like normal and break the window.
  8. Same here, can't do private matches or quick play now, verify internet connection ..... sigh
  9. Graphics improved but at the cost of the framerate on consoles.
  10. Big frame rate drops on ps4, very noticeable.
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