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  1. So....where's this leave the backers who are still waiting for the soundtrack & art book? I mean, I just ordered the digital so can you guys, you know, just send what you got and upgrade us later when Miller stops being a jerkoid?
  2. I was stoked to finally play a match as Savini Jason. Unfortunately, none of my grab kills worked at all. I had to kill everyone the old fashioned way which resulted in more counselors to break free and stun me multiple times! Mama taught me better. It might be a one off but it wasn't pleasant.
  3. Has anyone been successful with inviting a friend located in a different country on PS4? I'm in the US and my friend who is in the UK cannot join. He is given the option to view gameplay. We also tried this vice versa with no success.
  4. I backed this on Kickstarter back in October 2015. Bummed that I took Friday off to maximize my playtime on this. However, as long as my code is in my inbox by 8:30am PST, I won't have a problem. I figure I'll watch a F13 movie or listen to the vinyl until 10a (CST) and evaluate the situation. I have a friend coming over to hang out and play the game since we bond over horror. I'll be pretty pissed off if I'm still checking my email for a code at Noon CST.
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