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  1. I'm still salty that Randy never streamed Road Avenger on yall's twitch. I mean, it has the best intro to a game ever.
  2. My numbers don't lie made me laugh, I'm sorry, but it seemed so fishy and if it was a true issue, shouldn't have been handled here. It took me a lot and held back from saying "back in my day, we had 64k followers, and 3-4K viewers per show with 100 million views (note: the first channel on twitch to ever hit that number). Sorry, but seeing someone complain because they had 1500 followers and 20 +views a show about streaming the game early really doesn't give the FULL potential of grass roots marketing a product. You're phishing basically and you probably should just leave before you cause any rep damage to yourself " Good on you guys, just remember Party Positivity. Salt is Salt, but what you guys have is hard work that shouldn't be passed around like a 2 bit whore.
  3. streamer channels? I'm curious. I mean, numbers do lie at times with twitch, a problem that has never been fixed since 2010.
  4. Long time supporter and day 1 or 2 backer. Again, I'm not pissed at your practices, as a "mythical streamer/retired legend" of, I understand how all this works. We use to get so much crap for streaming something a few days early because developers would send us codes. (note: still waiting to hear about details on Xbox/PS4 backers codes) Not throwing any shade at you and your team, I'm more or less disappointed with the Twitch Streamers as majority have no real knowledge of the franchise, possibly getting on Wiki or seeing a film or two as their backbone. I was cringing a lot from this. One of the guys I wish you would have gotten early access to would have been King_Foom as he is a super fan and another OG legendary Twitch Streamer. I understand he probably didn't reach out due to reasons I don't know of. But yeah today hearing Ben Jarvis just made me realize that that current Twitch Streamers, really have no true drive or care for the details of things. When I use to put on "shows" it was a performance, and entertainment, which I was crafted from the wisdom of Jon Carnage (former Destructoid now Twitch TV's Ric Flair.), but I always did my research and planned everything before I even hit the live on twitch servers. I think as far as good press, giving the game to people who respect the franchise and may not be the biggest front page cam whore, would be better in the long run for the aspect of putting out a real review and thoughts. I left game journalism due to all the paid opinions and knit picking that would ruin people from actually purchasing a game that could really be a fun gem. Prime example: I reviewed WWE 2k14, put out a passionate review and justified my high rating. People tried to shit on me, but I responded to every single comment in a civil manner as well as explaining it might not be the most crisp thing ever, but the point is the love for wrestling and being able to create Mr. Peanut or the Gordons Fisherman and have amazing fun. The franchise went to crap, and people still talk about how fun 2k14 is, of course they still have this weird boner for No Mercy. I mean Evil Dead didn't get an Oscar, but it's such an amazing film and a cult classic. But it's a double edged sword when it comes down to it. You're gonna have your lovers and your haters. Just remember, you guys have a title, that will undo the thing that was released on NES where I still haven't managed to figure how to beat the stupid thing. the game will do well, you've got the support from people who care about the series, and you've got a passionate fanbase. So my advice honestly, is sit back, take a breather because it's gonna be a wild weekend. See you on the killing fields. -Lucha p.s. If the game is wonky, who cares, the soundtrack is fantastic and Chad is love, Chad is Life.