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  1. This is what I'm saying, I mean through experience working in retail you realise that a lot of people will have a whinge about anything for the sake of it. Even grown men and women. So, don't worry too much about demands, you'll see the people who care when we prepare to help you accomplish a goal we feel should be accomplished. It's a little like how people have reacted to an attack recently, people have been saying terrible things about the police and how they aren't doing enough to protect the county instead of actually showing them a nod of appreciation for what they have done and are doing to protect the people. It's just easier to moan apparently, so take no notice bud. We want this to happen as much as you do buddy, your true fans won't talk shit to you, because we understand! We know it's really hard work and a lot to handle, with all the requests, questions, programming and all. But just remember those who are appreciative of what you have done and how well you have done it considering it was a starter project. You should be very happy with yourselves! Great job! Can't wait to play and hopefully see more.
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