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  1. castleoblivion30

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    So I've posted on here a few times but I've played on PS4 since launch and play with a great group of people but I just bought the steam version and have no one to join up with so hoping to join some people on there. PS4: pmm411 Steam: Castle Oblivion definitely look forward to playing with some new people. If you send me a friend request just let me know it is from here please, thanks!
  2. castleoblivion30

    "Boring" Jasons(i.e. no witty commentary)

    half the people I play with talk and the other half mute their mic when they are Jason. I mute my mic when I'm Jason because it makes sneaking up on counselors that much easier. The people who talk that I play with are awesome at it and definitely keep it interesting. I don't want everyone to play as Jason the same every game anyways because then it wouldn't be as fun, you need a variety
  3. castleoblivion30

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    I've already added mine on here once before but I'm sure it is lost in the shuffle. my psn is pmm411 exploits or cheats are not acceptable to be used and mics are definitely preferred
  4. I just want the PS4 version to be patched at least with this addon because the glitches are getting worse on the PS4 unfortunately. Love the game and play it just about every night but the glitches are ruining the experience for me a bit. Also, is PS4 actually going to get this addon tomorrow or will we be waiting a week or longer for this as we have for everything else?
  5. I'm wondering if the plan is to add him as a playable counselor down the road. With the way the intro is set up it wouldn't be hard to change the cutscene to be a different counselor
  6. I just had this happen to me as well unfortunately
  7. I can no longer connect either unfortunately. Am a little annoyed. Worked all day, get home and go to play and now I can't. So disappointed right now
  8. castleoblivion30

    Just got code for ps4

    yeah my game is currently installing. Would be awesome if we could play now but am not holding my breath
  9. castleoblivion30

    PS4 Players Please

    my psn is pmm411
  10. castleoblivion30


    thanks for the welcome!
  11. castleoblivion30

    Release times

    a bit disappointed that I have to wait so long to play this game because I got it for PS4. I get that they are restricted to what Sony does so I am more disappointed in Sony. Wish I had a computer that would let me play this game on it so I could have just gotten it through Steam.
  12. castleoblivion30


    have been a lurker since the kickstarter. Excited to finally get to play this game on Friday. I will be on the PS4!