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  1. They already HAVE given up lol. There is nothing to turn around. People are sitting here waiting for "clarification" or some made-up glimmer of hope when they very plainly laid out the road ahead. The game was already a walking corpse before they even made the announcement, but people think it's going to somehow survive through THIS? Do you guys really think the devs are going to sit around for months waiting for this lawsuit to wrap up, hoping it goes their way? No, they are going to move on with their lives. I've noticed that most of the people clinging on either just bought the game or have sunk over 1,000 hours of their life into it. It makes sense. I get it. I've been here since Day 1. No one wants to waste money or time. The servers will be down before this time next year though, guaranteed.
  2. The Timehop thing on my Facebook just brought up an album I created and shared on this day last year. It's an album of all my favorite F13: The Game screenshots, with a description of: "THIS GAME KICKS SO MUCH ASS". It's depressing. Like a bad breakup.
  3. "We’ve now been forced to accept that the lawsuit makes future content for the game, including alternate play modes, new playable Jasons and Counselors, and new maps, unfeasible now or in the future" " So what does this mean exactly? There will be no additional content added to Friday the 13th: The Game. This includes “Uber Jason”, The Grendel Map, Jason Kill Packs, Clothing, Emotes and new Counselors. " " Deeply sorry to share this news. Starting today, no future DLC content for F13 will be released. As you know, it's been our lifelong dream to create a video game based on F13, and thanks to your support, we were lucky enough to realize this dream. We sincerely thank you. " Those statements seem pretty clear cut to me. People have a strong case of denial right now.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they saw this whole lawsuit thing going on an JUMPED at the chance to quit working on the game. It gets them out of getting trashed on the forums all the time, and they don't have to live up to anything they've talked about doing.
  5. ^ They are flat out LITERALLY saying "THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL CONTENT ADDED TO FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME". People can hope, and wish, and dream all they want to, but it's not happening. The devs are throwing in the towel. I recognize that defeated tone anywhere, because I recently adopted it too. I'm so bitter right now. Just glad I decided to save those hours of my life by not grinding out the weapon swap levels.
  6. Idk man, I feel like I'm just...done. I feel like I'm in one of those bad relationships where I keep trying over and over again and just keep getting cheated on. Like I'm so blinded by love that I can't see when it's time to just walk away. All the bugs and breaks are one thing, but the route the company has chosen to go with hackers and exploiters just doesn't sit well with me. The exploiter-amnesty last year felt like a stab in the back. This policy announcement makes it seem like they just don't care about the environment of their game. These people RUIN the experience of legitimate players and are given as many chances as they want, while we're expected to jump through hoops to report them which ultimately ends up doing nothing any way. Sometimes it feels like they are more concerned with appeasing the hackers that keep buying their game over and over then they are with appeasing the rest of us. I don't know. Maybe it's time to tear up the number (uninstall the game) so I'm not tempted to call her again. She's just so damn sexy and @#$%s like a demon.
  7. It's different than a roof glitch and can't be called an 'exploit', because the developers obviously intended it to be that way. This has been a thing since the game released. They know about it, people do it. They are aware of the fact that Jason cannot place traps on top of counselor traps. But it's never been a real issue, and they've never talked about patching it. If you want it changed that's one thing but I do not think it's an exploit, and personally, I am fine with it. It is what it is and it's super easy to work around.
  8. Just curious - Do you have any actual hard numbers for this, or just your gut feeling? Because lobbies take under a minute on PC still too. That's why I said normally 8-900 players isn't an issue.
  9. So we're struggling to break 1,000 players on PC, even during peak hours during the double XP event. It really isn't a question of why - there are lots of them covered in other topics. What I want to know is: Do you guys think it will ever recover? Is there a magic bullet the devs can fire that is going to revitalize the game? If they fixed every bug tomorrow, do you think people would come back? Do you think there is a feature they could add that would stir up interest again, and get us to even a quarter of our all-time peak of 16,000? I'm sure some will say 8-900 players is plenty for a game to operate. While I agree with that, I also feel like it's going to sink further rather than stabilize. Especially with things like the salt mines diving us further. I'm looking at the double XP event and telling myself I should get in there and get some levels while I can I just....can't find the motivation or the excitement any more. Most of the names in my Steam horror group are on DbD now and it makes me want to throw up ? . I'm stuck in this place where I can't tell if I've been white-knighting this game in denial, or if I'm over reacting.
  10. Maybe next year when I hit 113. Part 2 Jason is my least favorite, personally.
  11. It has always been like that. They wanted Jason to have that edge, I guess.
  12. I've seen people in chat sharing ways to get around the "salt" matchmaking. Methods that are not PC-specific. Don't want to spread them around, but I agree with the OP for the most part. Whether they are really able to dodge it or not, they don't seem worried about it, at least. There are probably also quite a few that don't know about it.
  13. I do this depending on the situation. I make sure I announce to anyone that will listen that I have them, though, and won't go clear to the other side of the map with them.
  14. Just curious, because I am almost in the same boat as you (lvl 71 or so): How long are you considering a "day"? When I can actually sit down and game for a night, I put in about 3-4 hours or so. I find its challenging to gain a full level in that time. Everything has to go mostly right (no hosts leaving, I get to be Jason 50% of the time etc) otherwise I come in just short. I never leave matches and am pretty good at survivor and Jason.
  15. I like either one, honestly. I'm just of the opinion that the map should be used more for counselor navigation, and less for tracking Jason.
  16. Good luck. It's going to be a challenge for sure. I got super burned out just gaining 4-5 levels during the double XP event.
  17. Same. And to answer the original question: There have been lots of kids playing since it released. Most of them are totally cool to be honest. You only notice the bad ones.
  18. - Counselors that spend 5-10 minutes at the exit emote taunting Jason while 90% of the lobby is waiting for the game to end. It's not funny, and we don't think you're skilled. It's just annoying af and rude to be honest. -Players that blare loud, purposely annoying music into their mic/ players that still think racial/homophobic remarks from 1995 are funny. -Jason helpers -Players that purposely hold on to key items without helping Typing this out I've come to realize there aren't many troll-ish Jason players. Or maybe there just aren't many ways TO troll with Jason.
  19. It was a couple of factors, the main one being that people just weren't good yet, and didn't know the ins and outs of every single aspect of the game. You also NEVER saw the Jason gank squads that roll around in every other lobby. He didn't get stunned from every single melee attack.
  20. OP is right. Jason is boring af to play if you don't have at least 300 hours put into the game.
  21. Giving Jason the kill makes perfect sense, but giving that player "salt points" is a bad idea. Sometimes players HAVE to suicide to get around the many bugs in the game, not to mention I have accidentally killed myself climbing through a broken window before. I miscounted how many times I had been hit. No one deserves bad matchmaking just because they make a mistake or are bad at the game.
  22. There are more than a few people around here that think the devs themselves were responsible for those "stolen" codes.
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