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  1. I left around the same time as you, due to the weirdness that patch brought on...particularly the nerfs to Jason, and the exploiters being forgiven. Before that, I was a pretty dedicated player. I was hoping I'd be able to take a break for a couple of months, and everything would be back to normal. Browsing around here on the forums it seems as though everything is somehow even worse though This sucks.
  2. Sign of our times? A bit sick? No need to be so dramatic. Most people got over it a long time ago. There will always be new people that come in, discover him, and want him.
  3. I was hiding. Pass the salt.

    People like to complain about survival/hiding wins, but fuck 'em. It's part of the game, and some character's strong suit. Can't stand to wait 20 minutes for a match? Don't queue up, I say. Salty rats are the bane of hiders...a close second are people that are being chased by Jason and lead him right to you, hoping you'll help them. More often than not if you want to hide, you just avoid the other players altogether (in public games).
  4. haha is that sarcasm? I can't tell
  5. Hasn't been like that since the second or third patch. Scumbag Jasons and counselors would go back and forth farming points.
  6. Because that's all he does is shit post in an attempt to get forum likes.
  7. It hasn't much. When I first started, I didn't fully understand how everything worked, and the awesome private match groups hadn't formed up yet, so I didn't know many people. It was hard to rely on other counselors for anything, so my play style was very much a stamina and hide type of game, where I lone wolfed it most of the time. If I found a part, I would try to drop it off, or let people know, but for the most part I avoided large groups like the plague and used hiding spots a lot. I had a lot of "Survive 20 minutes" wins back then. Tiffany was my go-to. After a week or two though, I found a lot of people trying to work together and my default strategy shifted to what it is now. My Jason play has proved effective at getting 90-100% of the lobby killed, so I haven't changed it much. As people got better with the car though (Playing the backwards-forwards game, and going way off road) I had to adapt to that.
  8. He wouldn't have been in the lake for Tina to resurrect if Tommy wouldn't have dug him up
  9. I have found that there is a crowd of people turned off to the Jarvis house because of the fact that the key item spawning is a little off. They consider it "hard mode". I like the added difficulty, myself The Jarvis house is my new favorite map for sure. Especially when it rains.
  10. I go for rats first as well. I feel like it's what Jason would do.
  11. I clicked on this thread solely to see Jason's hidden thong. I know there has to have been a point in my life that I've been more disappointed. I just can't remember when that was.
  12. It's been a lazy weekend, and I've been rewatching the series. Just had a few things rolling around in my head: - The irony of Tommy having a dream in part 5 of two guys digging up Jason in the rain, him resurrecting, and him killing them can't be ignored. Maybe Tommy has a bit of psychic in him as well? In a way, Tommy is responsible for the deaths of everyone from part 6 onwards - The Roy/Tommy thing seemed to have this layer of "What if..." to it that I didnt catch when I was younger. And maybe I'm just imagining it now, but Roy almost seems like what coulda been had Tommy fully cracked from his encounters with Jason.
  13. It's fine how it is in my opinion. Before you had 3-5 people dropping to avoid giving Jason a kill EVERY SINGLE MATCH, you almost never saw someone using ALL chokes and head punches. I still take pride in mixing up my kills and giving everyone something entertaining to watch, and I think a lot of other Jason's do as well. I don't agree with forcing it on anyone though. I don't blame them, honestly. If I am certain someone's going to drop like a little bitch, I'll toss them out a window.
  14. This is most likely what is going on. I run AJ with the same perks, and I've never noticed it not working correctly, personally.