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  1. I'm 62 and only have 1 Pamela tape.
  2. Why Do You Play?

    Every game has those hanger-ons that love the game deep down, but who are also angry or frustrated with something about it. Instead of just walking away or trying to remain constructive, they lash out and try to spread their misery around. They aren't satisfied with the game, so why should anyone else be?
  3. Complete Loss of Objectivity

    Just some observations from a returning player: I took a break shortly after the exploiters were given a reprieve, and grab started getting funky. During that time, the majority of the player base was pretty damn good. Getting 8/8 with Jason felt like an accomplishment, but it still happened. Most people would communicate and everyone went for objectives. You really had to be on top of that phone and that car. Cops being called or boat escapes could happen within minutes. I've been playing pretty regularly again since the 13th, and it does indeed seem like the overall skill of the player base has fallen noticeably. I escape almost every game as a counselor, and a lot of times I am the only one, or I manage to take 1-2 with me. Not every game, but most of the time. A lot of the "basics" seem to have fallen to the wayside, like getting out of the phone cabin if you spawn there, or how to effectively string Jason along and dodge shifts. Everyone kind of runs around like a chicken with their head cut off without working together and nothing gets done. Again, not always, just often. With all that said, I HAVE been having a great time, and the state of the game feels pretty solid to me. Bugs still exit, but I notice them a lot less often as before. Jason feels pretty good. As "newb" as the player base may be, I have been meeting a lot of really cool people and having a lot of fun. And lobbys still fill up really fast, so that's a good sign.
  4. The most common place the sense-avoidance perk-users seem to hide is in the water, near a map edge, behind a piece of land like a hill. There is another sense avoidance that works in the water, so they go there to stack them up. Also, even in rage, Sense doesn't cover 100% of the map, correct? He could have been at the tippy-tip edge somewhere....sometimes they are hard to spot because the distance makes them so small. If you don't look right where he is and kind of just spin in circles you can miss 'em.
  5. Aren't the files in the PC version different than the console version? I'm wondering why these textures would be buried in our game files if they never intended to give people access to them. If they are NOT normally in our files, then this would be something only the user can see.
  6. This. I love when 4 counselors surround me, talking shit and trying to act tough with their melee weapons. The glorious tears start the second you start swinging instead of grabbing (I only swing when they brazenly walk up to me in groups and try to jump me like a buncha morons).
  7. Kind of annoying

    Ya, it can be annoying. The worst are the players that run straight towards the nearest circle on the map when Jason appears, and run up to your cabin and start saying things directly to you so he knows you're there. "Get out here and help me" "Why are you hiding?" etc. One guy ran into my cabin with Jason chasing him and was like "He knows you're under the bed". Jason said "I had no clue, but thanks" -.-
  8. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    I always use hiding spots to dodge Jason. And they almost always work (because I use them correctly).
  9. Gained about 10 levels and met some cool new people. Not a single damn tape though.
  10. Tactics for working with Jason

    People have been doing this since the game released, so idk if I would go so far as to say it's going to ruin the game, but it's annoying as hell when it happens for sure. It's pretty much impossible to stop though without having the devs review tons of game recordings which isn't going to happen. The best deterrents are players that don't do it working together and communicating. If you run into them again in the same sit-down session, or remember them later and warn the lobby before the game begins and either they will leave or half the lobby will. No one wants to put up with that crap.
  11. Car key baiting

    I'm not sure how giving you the keys "made" you leave the cabin or not notice a trap on your way out. If I think Jason is going to kill me, I'll throw down an important part if I plan to try to lead him in a different direction or buy time.
  12. Is he not out yet? I played with a guy last night that had the Jason X picture in the lobby for his Jason. Everyone was hoping it picked him, but unfortunately it didn't. I've been out of the loop for a bit so I wasn't sure if he had been released. Pretty sure I got a pic of it though.
  13. Ya I have to respectfully disagree. It's Jason's home turf, and normal human counselors would be at a disadvantage in the water. That's kind of always been one of his things, even in the NES game. The only thing I might consider myself is something like what Tommy did, but I think that is too involved and complicated to stick in the game.
  14. Whoa. Coming back from a long break myself, and catching up on everything. Even after all the crap we went through around launch time, this still floors me. It shouldn't, but it does. People even used to say that code guy was a Gun employee. Yikes. Way to shit on the loyal fans. I won't spend another dime on this company. Hope the 23k was worth it.
  15. I still lurk and watch for fixes....but I have pretty much lost hope at this point and moved on. Haven't launched the game in months :/